A kind soul who was leaving Nunavik returning to her home in Montreal, made an on-the-spot decision to help out this 2 year-old, 57 lb beauty, who had an injured paw.

He needed veterinary attention and she knew that he would not receive it anytime soon up north. So, on the plane he came and was treated for an infection and fully vetted. The woman reached out to Gerdy to help him find his forever home, as she travels back and forth to the North and couldn’t consider adopting him.
Hendrix adapted quickly to Montreal and cushy living these past few weeks. He is sweet, smart, and learns quickly. He has met 2 little dogs and gets along well with them. He has just learned to walk with an “easy walk” harness and is doing amazingly well.

He has energy to burn so will need a very active family, a securely fenced in yard and someone home part of the time. He is neutered, housetrained and up to date on vaccines.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.