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Welcome to Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions!

We are a non-profit organization and a registered charity. We are a small, Montreal-based animal rescue group devoted to finding homes for abandoned and homeless cats and dogs. Please check the About Us section to learn more. You can also download the PDF version of our pamphlet by clicking here.



Bienvenue aux Rescapés de Gerdy!

Nous sommes un petit groupe de personnes bénévoles, basé à Montréal, dont la mission est d’offrir une nouvelle vie, par l’adoption, à bon nombre de chats et de chiens perdus, abandonnés ou maltraités. Nous sommes un organisme à but non lucratif et une oeuvre de bienfaisance enregistrée. Pour savoir plus, consultez la section Qui sommes-nous? Ou téléchargez notre brochure en cliquant sur ce lien.




  New Arrivals / Nouveaux arrivés  

Please check the Adoptions section to learn more about the cats and dogs in need of a new home or click directly on the photo for the most recent arrivals.

Pour plus d'informations sur les chats et chiens qui ont besoin d'un foyer, veuillez vous référer à la section Adoptions ou cliquez sur la photo.

  Adopted / Ils ont été adoptés  

You can read about our most recent adoptions by clicking on the photos below. To view others who've been adopted since this site was created, please visit the Happy Endings section.

Vous pouvez lire à propos des autres animaux adoptés à la section Dénouements heureux ou cliquez sur la photo.

  Tales To Tell / Des histoires à raconter  

We like nothing better than to receive photos and updates on how our many adoptees are doing and share the news with you. You can read the most recent Tales to Tell by clicking on any of the the photos below or read them all by clicking here.

Il n'y a rien qui nous fait plus plaisir que lorsque vous partagez avec nous vos  nouvelles en nous envoyant des photos et des lettres des animaux adoptés. Vous pouvez les lire en cliquant sur ce lien.

Becks (aka Indy)
Sammy, Oliver & Jackson
Mattise (aka Maddix)
      FEATURED PET - Jade


Jade is a stunning, 5 year old, 70 lb. mixed breed (maybe shepherd, rottie, dobie). Her owner was evicted from her apartment and had nowhere to live with a large dog.

Jade is a sweet, smart, playful gentle giant who will do well in a home with experienced dog people who can give her the love, attention and exercise that she craves and needs. She adores her crate---door opened or closed and is quiet when left alone.

Since we put an easy walk harness on her, she walks beautifully on the leash. Jade loves car rides, she curls up and falls asleep. A fenced-in yard would be a bonus for her! She can live with another confident dog, who won’t be in her face. Ok with cats. Kids 10 plus.

If interested, please only send emails to

  News & Events / nouvelles et évènements    
  April 23, 2017   Gerdy's Rescues Spring Brunch Fundraiser!
  Partners!   Gerdy's Rescues joins with Donate a Car Canada!

You can turn your vehicle donation into generous dollars to support Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions! Working on our behalf, Donate a Car Canada will accept your vehicle for donation -- running, or not! Old or new!

There is no cost to you, and the process is incredibly Easy! Donate a Car Canada will facilitate all aspects of your car donation from the pick up to the final sale, ensuring that your vehicle will be sold for the highest sale outcome possible. They will then forward the net proceeds on to us here at Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions and we will send you a tax receipt!

To donate, please visit: Donate a Car Canada

  Canada Helps   Please Donate!

We've now added the extra convenience of making secure online donations via Please check the Donations Section to learn more.

Pour faciliter vos transactions de dons életroniques sécurisés en ligne nous vous offrons maintenant la possibilité de faire vos dons via Veuillez visiter notre section DONS pour en savoir plus.

  PayPal   Please Donate!

Gerdy wishes to thank everyone who's made use of our secure PayPal account to make a donation. The number of people who've contributed in such a short period of time has already made it a resounding success! Please check the Donations Section to learn more.

Gerdy aimerait remercier tous ceux et celles qui ont choisi d'utiliser notre compte électronique sécurisé Paypal pour faire un don. Ce fut un succès retentissant grâce au nombre de personnes qui ont contribué dans un si court lapse de temps. Veuillez visiter la section DONS pour en savoir plus.

      The Molly Iny Fund

A donation by the Iny family has been received by Gerdy’s Rescues in loving memory of MOLLY INY, a beloved white Portuguese water dog who passed away from cancer  just short of her 8th birthday.

We will be honouring their request  to  start an informal MOLLY INY FUND specifically intended to help our dogs who need surgeries other than sterilization. 

If you want to help such a dog, just specify on your donation  “for the Molly Iny Fund”  and it will be used for that purpose.  The family of Molly wish her memory to live on by her being able to inspire people to support Gerdy’s efforts to help the animals we take in who need surgeries because of injury, abuse, neglect, or abandonment. 

If you wish to have your donation go for this purpose, please mark your donations “For the MOLLY INY FUND”,  thank you!

  Please support us!   Gift baskets now available

For all occasions and special holidays, enjoy delicious human treats while supporting Gerdy's Rescues!

Proceeds go to the Molly Iny Fund at Gerdys to help animals in need of surgeries before adoption.

Each package contains a variety of chocolates and/or nuts

Small gift packages: $8.00

Medium gift packages: $15.00

Large gift packages: $20.00

CALL Marilyn at (514) 733-3625 or (514) 983-0118

Can also be purchased at BAKER'S VET. CLINIC at 8310 Mayrand, Montreal (514) 739-1935

  Hockey Fans!   Great Idea for Kitty to benefit Gerdy's Rescues

Is your cat a fan? Find out by buying an organic catnip filled mouse in Montreal sports fans' favourite colours, le bleu, blanc, et rouge.

Don’t find yourself in the Defensive Zone or Penalty Box for Misconduct.  Buy your cat one of these unique mousies.  Your cat will be hollering “He Shoots He Scores” along with you.

Each mouse is approximately 5 inches long, not including tail and bell. $10.00 each.

Why not order a whole team of mousies and you can have your own Playoffs.  Email or they also can be found at Baker Animal Hospital 8310 Mayrand; Animalerie Little Bear 4152 Ste Catherine Street, corner of Greene Avenue; and Veterinaire M. B. 3400 st. Antoine.

      The Tyler Fund

Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions Tyler Fund

This separate fund was founded in memory of our beloved dog Tyler and dear friend Cecily Davies in order to bring hope and comfort to both animals and people in their time of need.

– Tyler's family

Please click here to learn more.

Les Rescapés de Gerdy – le fonds Tyler

Ce fonds distinct a été créé à la mémoire de Tyler, notre chien bien-aimé et de notre très chère amie Cecily Davies; il vise à offrir espoir et réconfort, tant aux animaux et qu’aux personnes dans les moments difficiles.

– La famille de Tyler

Vous trouverez plus de détails en cliquant sur ce lien.


Hi, I am Daisy

I was very sick a while ago with a mass in my throat, I couldn’t breathe and bark and my people tried to help me but made a few wrong choices in my vet care. They love me very much, and I was getting worse. They didn’t want me to leave, so after praying for help, they found Gerdy’s Animal Rescue and pleaded for help to find a way to save me.

Now because Gerty found it in her heart to help me and because of donations from kind people to THE TYLER FUND, I had an operation by a wonderful Vet named Dr. Christine Carle at the Victoria Veterinary Hospital in St-Lambert also with the support of their Foundation. I can now breathe and I have my energy back. I even bark again after a year of silence!

Please people, do your research of Veterinarians before putting your pet’s lives in their hands or get a second opinion. Thank you Gerdy, THE TYLER FUND and Dr. Carle for giving me more time to be with the people I love.

Thanks Gerdy from Jeannette Ettinger

      The Kisha Fund supports Gerdy's Rescues!

We have been touched by the story of a brave dog who gave up her life to save her master.  The family misses Kisha greatly and is so grateful to her sacrifice, they want to do something in Kisha’s honour.  They and Averil Robinson of Pet Friends, are encouraging support for Gerdy’s Rescues so Kisha can save other animal lives as well. You can read about Kisha's sacrifice here.

      Announcing Goldens at Gerdys!

We are pleased to announce  GOLDENS AT GERDYS which will be a small umbrella group of specialty volunteers within Gerdy’s Rescues,  who support the rescue of Golden Retrievers.  They will raise funds so Goldens can be rescued, vetted, and kept  by Gerdy’s Rescues until adoption through Gerdy’s Rescues in the usual manner.  Thus we can help Goldens without financial detriment to our usual rescues of dogs and cats, which will be unaffected.

Donations will be accepted within our general fund designation on CanadaHelps and PayPal. Please note ”For Goldens” when donating.

  For Your Info/Pour Votre Information    
  2015 Fall/Winter Newsletter   Online version of our Newletter now available

We are happy to announce that the French & English versions of the 2015 Fall/Winter Newsletter have arrived! Please click here to view them!

See what we have done in 2015. We thank all who supported us this past year and enabled us to continue in our work.  You are deeply appreciated because without your support, we could not do the effort we do to save lives, end misery by helping the sick and injured, find homes, do needed vet care, and provide safe lodging for animals in our care. You make us what we are. You are saving lives along with us. Thank you for your financial and moral support.    


  Warning: Essential Oils are deadly to pets!  

A devastated cat owner emailed us about her experience after their pet licked off a small amount of pure basil essential oil that had accidently been spilt on his fur.

In phoning a vet’s office about her cat, the message was relayed to the vet by the phone person, the vet assured the phone person to tell the client that the cat would be okay. The vet did not take the call, instead the phone person had put her own interpretation to the call when talking to the vet, and obviously missed some vital details, and the cat died after the client was told it would be ok without treatment.

This cat would likely be alive today if the vet had taken up the phone and had not gone through an intermediary where detail was lost. Even a simple “bring the cat right in” would have sufficed to bring immediate action to get the cat cared for. People who answer the phone are not vets. Direction to an emergency vet could have been done if the vet was too busy—ANYTHING to get the cat seen. A diagnosis was made without talking to the client and a beloved animal died just two and a half days later as a result.

To be consumed with grief and guilt—yes, guilt—because realizing now they should have not listened to the advice given by a vet when he never spoke to them about what happened and therefore did not have the essential details to indicate a true emergency—they play this in their minds constantly. They were so relieved to hear what they wanted to hear, that he would be ok as is, they never thought to question what the vet said and have him seen elsewhere right away.



  Warning: Your cat may be at risk!  

Missing outdoor roaming cats are increasingly more likely to have become prey for an ever–increasing number of predators.  In the last few years, the Fisher (member of the Weasel family) and Coyote populations are increasing and when food gets scarce, especially in the colder months, cats can make an easy meal.  The risk is even greater at night for cats outside.  Small dogs are also targeted as prey, and are more endangered in neighbourhoods surrounded by woods.

People seem to be spotting more of these wild animals each year.  Bobcat numbers are up in some areas, along with Fishers, Coyotes, and in some areas, Great-Horned Owls.  The population of these animals is greatest in the spring when the animals are giving birth and in the fall, when they have a lot of young to feed and take foods they wouldn’t ordinarily seek, such as cats.  In the last 10 years, Fishers have expanded their range.  Fishers have been spotted in Laval and Hudson areas of Quebec in particular.  In fact we hear stories of them being spotted around  both on and off-island in the Montreal region.  A good reason to convert beloved cats into indoor inhabitants only!

Providing a window with a cat tree to look out over a bird feeder in the yard provides them with safe entertainment and helps the bird population as well.  Everyone wins — most of all the cats who will be saved.

  Good News from Research   FIV Positive & Negative Cats CAN happily live together

As It Turns Out, FIV Positive and Negative Cats Can Happily Live Together

FIV positive cats can live long, healthy and relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all, yet there is so much misinformation circling about this disease that some veterinarians still recommend euthanizing cats who test positive.

A new study in The Veterinary Journal written by Annette L. Litster of Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences presents Lister’s conclusions about FIV positive and negative cats living together based on research of the cohabitation of cats living in separate rescues.

In the one rescue, Litster discovered that FIV was not passed between infected and non-infected cats during normal day to day interaction in a shared living environment. In the second rescue, Lister’s studies also showed that FIV was not transmitted to kittens when their mothers were already infected prior to birth.

The Truth About FIV

FIV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, is a cat-only disease which cannot be transferred to humans or other animals. It is a slow virus that affects the cat’s immune system over a period of years. The infected cat can fight off the infection and become totally immune, can become a carrier that never gets sick, or worst, end up with a compromised immune system.

FIV Transmisson

FIV is not easily passed between cats as it cannot be spread casually through litter boxes, food and water bowls, or snuggling and playing. This disease is transferred when an infected cat bites another cat and breaks the other cat’s skin. This means that a neutered cat in a home is highly unlikely to infect any other cats as long as they are properly introduced or are not particularly aggressive in nature. FIV is much more difficultly transmitted than people are led to believe, and there is often confusion between FIV and FeLV.

FIV Positive & Negative Cats Living Harmoniously

Litster’s studies document FIV positive and negative cats living together harmoniously without the disease being transmitted among the group members, despite sharing all the same bowls, litter boxes, bedding and engaging in mutual grooming and even episodes of mild aggression.
These studies coupled with the further understanding of exactly how FIV is spread demonstrates why it is not valid to assume that FIV positive cats can’t live together with their fellow uninfected feline friends. The vast majority of cats, once neutered, have no desire to bite the other cats they live with. They may play fight, but this rarely leads to a serious bite which is what would be required to inject the virus.
Read stories from real cat owners sharing their experiences of cohabiting households here.

FIV Should Not Mean a Death Sentence

FIV is shrouded in rumour and prejudice, and as a result too many cats are deemed unadoptable and end up being euthanized. These groundbreaking studies by Litster provide evidence that FIV positive kitties are not the great danger to their brethren as we may have once thought them to be.

Hopefully this new research can help veterinarians and shelter staff to advise cat owners and adopters to make better informed decisions and in turn help put an end to FIV positive cats being needlessly killed due to a completely controllable and non threatening illness.

Check out FOHA for more information about FIV positive cats and FIV negative cats living together in peace.

Read more at:

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