"You will always live within our hearts."

If you would like to pay tribute to the memory of your late pet, or those of family, friends or colleagues, please provide a short message and/or photo suitable for posting on the website. Or if preferred, you may also arrange for a personal card to be mailed in a pet's memory. A small contribution to help offset associated expenses would be welcome. We retain the right to edit copy for length and content.

"Vous vivrez toujours dans nos coeurs."

Si vous souhaitez rendre un hommage à la mémoire de votre compagnon décédé, ou ceux de vos parents, amis ou collègues de travail, veuillez nous envoyer un court message et/ou un cliché qui pourra être affiché sur notre site Web. Ou si vous préférez, une carte personnelle peut être envoyée à la mémoire de l’animal. Une contribution pour couvrir les dépenses inhérentes serait appréciée. Nous nous réservons le droit de réviser votre texte et de l’abréger au besoin.

  A Very Special Thank You To Averil Robinson of PET FRIENDS  


Sometimes a dog or cat we try to save passes away before being able to be helped or it is too late to save him or her.  Averil very kindly and compassionately has the body cremated at her Pet Friends, and scatters the ashes respectfully and reverently on this lovely special piece of land on her property, for Gerdy as a voluntary favour.  

This is a special resting place for the Gerdy’s Rescues animals, a lovely peaceful lake of protected wetlands. Gerdy has never had the body of an unloved or unwanted  dog or cat disposed of.  Every life is sacred,  we at Gerdy’s see that no animal in our care leaves this world alone, unwanted, and unloved and without a friend at the end of life. 

And because of Averil, their dignity is preserved even in death, sometimes the only kind and decent  thing they have ever had done for them.  Our gratitude Averil and also that of the sweet angels you have memorialized for us.

From all of us at Gerdy's Rescues, we thank you.


Ben came to live with us from Gerdy in 2009. It was love at first site and he came home with us that day, a year before he embarked on an adventure, moving to Austria with us where he ran a mountain with me every day and grabbed rocks out of the streams…

He then moved with us to Munich, where he opened a Canadian Café and Poutinerie named after him (Joe & Ben - he was in the logo!). He became a Munich celebrity, known by many throughout the city and in all the beer gardens where all the staff would bring him unending supplies of Schweinshax’n (pork knuckles) to chew on.

Once, when my mother came to babysit him while we were away for a few days, she was stopped 3 times by strangers in the city asking who she was and what she was doing with Ben!!  He was the gentlest of giants (128 lbs and lean), hanging out at the café with his big, soft, yellow teddy bear eyes and helping numerous kids overcome their fear of dogs.

He was always so calm we wondered if he had fallen in to a cauldron af valium as a baby, much like Obelix fell into the potion… Living in Europe with him was great as he was able to always be with us, during the days at the café, going shopping, going to restaurants…

We moved back to Montreal a few years ago and Ben spent most summers down east with us and his cousins grabbing rocks out of the Bay of Fundy… (the bigger the rocks, the better…)

A few weeks before Christmas we found out he had adenocarcinoma and he never suffered, just was tired a lot and after breakfast on Christmas morning he got himself comfortable in his bed, closed his eyes and  went to Rainbow Bridge where we will see him one day and cross…

We miss him so…..

Jochen, Jill and Lauren


I met Brandy when she was five months old, helping Gerdy at an adoption day. She was lucky to be adopted by a family, but it didn't work out. I received a call from Kim telling me she came back and that there wasn't any room in the kennel could I take her in over the Christmas holidays.

I picked her up on December 17th 2007. She never left. She was such a sweet, beautiful old soul. I loved her to bits. She went everywhere with me, even to work sometimes. She loved her long walks in the woods(off leash). She loved to chase squirrels, and paddle in the water.

She was my best friend and my companion for 10yrs. She unfortunately died of cancer December 29, 2016. I was devastated to lose her too soon. I miss her every day.

Thank you Gerdy for letting me take her home, she gave me ten years of love and laughter. She was loved by so many of us.

Tina Bright


This beautiful girl nine year old came into our lives in July 2014. At the time we were looking for a somewhat younger dog but when we made eye contact with Shannon it was game over, she was ours for keeps. I remember how happy she was when we got her home and taking her for the first of many walks on the trails in Presqu’ile Park.

She was running and jumping through the long grass as though she didn’t have a care in the world, so different from when we first met her, it brought tears to our eyes. We walked those trails together just about every day for the whole time we had her, never on the leash, her tail always wagging and never straying more than a few feet away. She became my constant company, each of us deriving so much joy from each other.

Sadly, Shannon was diagnosed with kidney failure in July 2016 and given two months to live, we were absolutely devastated but she never complained. With a special diet, her daily walks in the park and lots of love and cuddles we kept her with us an extra nine precious months.

What a wonderful girl she was and how lucky we were to meet her when we did. Sadly, Shannon passed away 4th March 2017 and took a huge chunk of our hearts with her. We can never thank you enough Gerdy, this wonderful gift called Shannon that brought so much love and joy to our lives.

Thank you from Sheila & Tony Bright



My beautiful dog Willow (foreground), who you named, passed away on November 7th 2016. She was my best friend and loved by everyone who met her.

Thank you Gerdy for giving me the opportunity to have Willow in my life for almost 12 years. She was 2 years old when I adopted her from your rescue.



Over the Rainbow Bridge Hershey now resides. He loved his soccer ball, he loved to sleep in bed and cuddle. He loved cheese and he loved my socks, a lifelong passion.  Amongst chocolate labs, there were none more chocolatey than he.

He and Buddy our Westie were inseparable.  Like the Odd Couple of TV's yesteryear, they played and they grumped together.

They were inseparable and now only Buddy remains who accompanies me to the office at age 16, still going strong in spite of being almost blind and almost deaf.  Buddy misses his pal.

Hershey and I started our life together at Baker's animal hospital in 2005. He was a rescue dog from Gerdy's and was a ball of chocolate energy.

Profound gratitude for all that Hershey brought into our lives. You big chocolate bundle.

You're free Hershey! 
Fly high..  fly free...

I'll see you on the other side one day my boy. Soccer ball in hand. That will be me!

Until then, Thank you Hershey . Love you Hershey.

John Glenn and Family


Note from Gerdy’s Rescues:

Hershey (AKA Bailey) had the distinction of being Gerdy’s fastest adoption ever, when in 2005, he was adopted from Baker’s Animal Hospital within 15 minutes of his arrival for adoption! 

He lived joyfully and cherished until his passing  March 11, 2017, head on John’s lap like a child sleeps, at peace surrounded by love.


Rest In Peace My Gunther...

The house is so empty without my Gunther, we were attached at the hip.  

I rescued a cat recently and he spent all of yesterday looking for Gunther - behind doors, in cupboards, etc., and sat by the door crying waiting for him to come in.

They didn't get along, but I guess Kramer couldn't figure out where Gunther was. Just that the place was empty without Gunther. That is the effect Gunther had on other animals.

Yes, he was my angel. We bonded right away and stayed bonded until the end. As one of my friends posted on FB - our Walter was waiting for him on the
other side,  I hope so as they were so close.  He went everywhere with Walter. The A&W here now call their hamburger patties 'Puppy Patties" as Walter used to buy him one when he went for coffee and Gunther was waiting for him in the car.

We gave Gunther a wonderful life. He was the best dog - I often asked him "Who are You?" as he was so in tune with our feelings. He understood everything we said and always had a question mark over his head wondering what we were going to do next.  We walked about 2 kms. a day so he was well exercised, as I was.  I can't understand why he had to suffer with cancer after all the suffering he had endured at the beginning of his life. Only God knows.

My daughter Sandi had to take him for me to the final vet visit as I couldn't stop blithering.  I knew he would be upset to see me cry and know something was happening.  If I just said "ouch" he was there to see what was wrong.

He loved Sandi as well. He was so loved by everyone, even the Vet was crying.   I did sleep better with him on the end of my bed.  We did a lot to accommodate him - bought a king-size bed, a black leather couch JUST for him, and a house for us all to live in, as no one would rent to us with a dog!

Gunther was well loved and is missed so much.

Nola xxoo


---- THANK YOU ----

I would like to thank everyone who sent comforting words of condolences to me on the passing of my boy, Gunther.  It was so heartwarming to see the kindness that was being shared by so many who also love and have loved their furry friends.  

Although I have had many furry friends over the years, Gunther was a very special boy who came into my life after I had suffered loss of a loved one, and was with me through the loss of another, to whom Gunther had been very attached.  

We bonded even more after the loss of his "Grandpa" and went everywhere and did everything together.  It is a huge loss for me to lose Gunther.  I had hoped he would be with me for many more years to come.  He suffered terribly in his younger days being found in a ditch in the middle of winter near death naked with the Mange.  

Thank you to Gerdy's Rescue, who gave him a chance at life, he went on to live a wonderful life with my husband and I.  He was loved by everyone who met him and he loved everyone he met.  He loved to be a part of a group hug.  He didn't deserve to get the cancer that took him.

I have had some people tell me that dogs don't go to heaven.  If that is the case, then I want to go where they are.  

Thank you once again for your kindness.


Nola Race-Treherne


We had to say good bye to Mouse, this past November 2016. We adopted him in June 2007. He was a long time on your adoption list and that is because he was waiting for us.. we were the perfect fit.

He was the first member of our growing family and we truly could have not asked for a better companion for our children and ourselves. He was ever so patient with the ear tugging and tailing pulling of our children.

Loyal, waiting by the backyard fence door when I came home from work, he was my first greeter. Mischevious, always in the kitchen at supper time waiting for that scrap of meat or cheese.

He loved us and we loved him right back, heart to heart. We are ever so grateful to you for keeping him and letting him come home with us. We will truly miss him and we will always remember him.

With our sincerest gratitude,

the Hozjan family


C'est avec un immense regret que nous vous annonçons le décès de Blanco. Nous avons fait l'acquisition du vieux Blanco en juin 2014.

Il cherchais une maison de retraite et je crois que nous lui avons donner la meilleure maison de retraite possible. Il s'est adapté à ses nouveaux amies Nikki et Misha et il vécu heureux jusqu'au 15 décembre 2016.

Un gros merci pour tout le travail que vous faites pour ces animaux à la recherche d'un nouveau foyer.

Lyne et Luc


On October 28th, 2016, our best friend Krypto ended his journey on earth and crossed the rainbow bridge. Krypto was a loyal friend, affectionate and eager to please everyone. He always waited for us at the door holding a toy in his mouth ready to play.  He was gentle and kind with everyone, including his friends in our neighbourhood.  

Late in September we took him in to his Dr.  because he had collapsed. It turned out that his spleen was haemorrhaging. We had it removed and got a biopsy only to learn the bad news, that he had cancer. We decided that we would try chemo to buy him some more time. Before we started his treatments he collapsed again.  The cancer had metastasized. It was with a heavy heart that we had to put him to rest. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things we ever had to do.

Our last day together wasn’t long enough and even though he wasn't feeling well, he made sure to please us with his smile and affection. His last hours will never be forgotten.  We will miss cuddling up with him in bed, our walks that he loved so much, waking up to his smiling face waiting to start the day.  Life will never be the same without him.  He will be greatly missed.


Hello Gerdy and friends,

You may remember that we adopted a Golden Retriever named Buddy about 12+ years ago. Buddy filled our hearts with happiness for all those years until he passed a few weeks ago in October. We held him as he passed at Baker Animal Hospital, where our adventure began. I met Gerdy there and you said that we could try him out for a weekend, and he stayed.

Buddy was a gentle giant, at about 100 lbs and not at all overweight. He was just a big guy. He loved babies and children, and played ball hockey with our kids and later with the neighbourhood children. A few days before he passed, he was playing gently with two little children a few houses from us.

I’ve attached two photos of Buddy, one in his prime and another from this past September.

Thank you for bring Buddy into our lives – he was a special, special boy.

Peter & Beverley Kerr


Max (June 1, 2005 - October 3, 2016)

We adopted Max from Gerdy’s in March 2007 after we saw the photo of him on your website with his little orange bandana and looking so scared in the corner. Max had already been adopted twice before and ended up back at Gerdys, so we knew we had to make it work if we were to take him. With some dog obedience training and a lot of love and patience, he became a great companion to our family and his sister Kelly.

He was our proud watch dog sitting on the back deck and surveilling the property and protecting us from any squirrels that may dare to enter. He loved to play ball with Kelly and whenever she couldn’t find it, he would drop his and go and look for hers and point with his nose when he found it. After Kelly passed he loved being with other dogs whenever he could, thanks to Zoe, Jersey, Copper and especially Lola for keeping him company. He had a great life as part of our family and there is now a big hole now that he's gone and we truly miss our buddy.

The Read Family


Siméon du Paysage Forrestier, our Simi, headed off to the Rainbow Bridge at 3:05 pm ADT, Saturday October 1, 2016 ... he was 2 months shy of his 15th birthday.

Although we wanted to keep him with us forever, his time on this planet, mostly to take care of Richard & I, was over. We are very happy to see that he is no longer is pain, that he fought to the very end to defeat his cancer like a trooper.

We will always love & miss him and can't wait to play with him again in the sunlight with birds and bees and butterflies in the green grass surrounded by the most beautiful flowers up there in the sky.


Hi Gerdy,

It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that I announce that Oka crossed the rainbow bridge on September 22nd, 2016.

I adopted Oka from you on July 26th, 2010 when he was 10 years old. For two and a half years, Oka was the most loving and kind dog I have ever met. He was so special in so many ways. Even being blind, Oka never fell behind. He was dearly loved by his family as well as his 8 cat siblings and two dog siblings.

I will forever be grateful to Gerdy’s rescue for bringing us together. I believe he was brought to me for a reason. Oka developed a cancer two months ago and despite the efforts that were made to cure and save him, it had progressed too far. He went peacefully, and I was by his side the whole time.

I will miss that wagging tail and nudges to tell me to keep petting him. My dear Oka, my heart is broken, but the wonderful memories of you will make it whole again. RIP my sweet boy; I know you are in heaven now, surrounded by everything that makes you happy.

I will love you forever xoxox

Love always, Megan

  Benjamin Button  

From Benjamin Button aka Ben Yorkie

A shout out to all my earth friends,

First, to my Mom… please stop crying cause I’m fine…even more than fine, I’m great here. No more breathing problems or heart problems  AND I can pee wherever I want!

Second, I want to apologize to anyone I may have bitten over the years … really sorry about that but the expression on your face when you said “Hey, Ben just bit me!!” was priceless! And to all the people I fussed over with kisses and smiles..that was all real…It was my way of showing pure joy, pure exuberance and pure gratitude and LOVE!!! 

And third to all my four legged brothers and sisters, don’t be afraid of what comes next. If you think fire hydrants and Frisbees are fun, wait til you see what’s in store for you here! I’ve met up with Trusty and Buddy and Junior and Zepplin and so many other friends I can’t even count…and the cats …whoohooo even Suppy is here!

WE are having a ball and we all want you to know that we thank you for not letting us suffer even though it was super tough for you, it was the right choice for us!  And by the way, we plan on seeing you again someday and what an amazing day that will be!! Til then, we all send huge hugs and wet kisses and warm licks and maybe even a toot or two…. yup we haven’t changed just because we have doggie wings, we still have a little bit of the devil in us… just the way you love us!!! Posted 4 June 2016


By Kim, Daren, and Jaye

Gracie was on the website of Gerdy’s Rescues and caught our attention, there was something about her that somehow struck us as “special” and we wanted to meet her, it was as if she was meant for us, so after calling Gerdy we arranged to meet Gracie with Gerdy.

Our whole extended family came with us and Gracie connected with us all right away, she rolled onto her back for tummy rubs, and that was that, love at first sight for all of us including Gracie. So Gracie came home with us, and there she stayed, our adored little girl. We learned to appreciate her for the Gift she was, Gracie operated on her own innocent level, not a mean bone in her for any of God’s creatures.

Gracie’s Gift was that she enjoyed making the most of life and lived it to the full, she spread her love to all she met, and her joy in life was our daughter Jaye with whom she was a constant companion, ever sympathetic and supportive, truly the best friend a dog can be to a child. . Never sedate, Gracie had a mind of her own, and acted on her first whims which often got her into mischief but we could never be too upset with her. She kept us on our toes at times trying to think one step ahead of her actions.

She never realized there were dangers in life, to her, life was beautiful and to be lived to the full, she left the worry to us and enjoyed her life experiences every minute. As she aged, Gracie developed a kidney problem for which nothing could be done, with heavy hearts we realized we’d lose her. Even so, Gracie clung to life and still enjoyed it because that was the way she was, seeing the bright side always, and fun still to be had.

When the time came to say the last goodbye, her Spirit left her peacefully to be with her Creator, still trusting that all would be right. Of course it would, dogs KNOW. Now she has no pain, and has taught us the important things of life—to be a true friend, devoted to her family, given us memories that make us remember and laugh and sometimes cry. She taught us that life is to be lived with JOY, every minute brings a surprise, and to anticipate the goodness all around us. Sympathetic always, she knew how to comfort with her whole body and soul, there were no half measures, she gave us her all.

You are in our hearts forever, dear Gracie.


Nemo was rescued from a local pound where he was abandoned by his previous owners allegedly because he was crated for 8 hours a day while they were at work, and one of them was allergic (needless to say I was able to leave him out all day and he was fine). From the beginning it wasn't easy - he had many potty accidents, was scared of everything and would often start shaking for no apparent reason, often while sleeping.

When people walked by, he would often growl or bark, but I would pet him and tell him it was ok, and he stopped. I had the honour of being his guardian for only 3 short weeks; sadly as it turned out, he had lymphoma. By that time he was very sick, and I didn't feel that he deserved to be put through chemo, especially after everything he had already been through.

I have no doubt being abandoned broke his heart and caused his cancer to progress so much faster. I promised him I would love and protect him and that he would never be abandoned again - and I kept that promise until the end. Nemo, I only knew you for 3 weeks and 2 days, but my love for you felt like it spanned a lifetime. You'll always be my sweet baby boy. My heart breaks just thinking of all the sick, abandoned animals that don't have anyone to love and comfort them.

This was by far the hardest thing I've ever gone through, but I couldn't have done this without the help of Gerdy, and I am eternally grateful for all the help she's given me over the years.



Kitkat joined our family last fall because I fell in love with his beautiful face. His owner could no longer keep him and even though Kitkat was 19 years old, he didn't want to end his life prematurely. He was absolutely the most precious pet I could have wanted.

Within days he owned my soul. He could no longer jump up on anything so he would sit on the floor beside me and look up, knowing I would pick him up and hold him in my arms. In the evening, when I would be on the phone, he would ask to be put on the floor. He insisted on my full attention so my calls would end quickly. I understood why his family loved him so much, he had such a beautiful character.

In late February, I knew he would be leaving me soon and I had to make the decision that noone wants to make. Even though I only had him with me a few months, I felt as if we were together forever. I miss him more than I can say and that is a tribute to him. I am so lucky he came into my life! Love you always Kit!


  Sir James-Jamesey  

Sir James-Jamesey Feb 29 2012-Jan 24 2016

Proof that not all angels have wings. He graced this earth for too brief a time but left us with memories and love that will live on in our hearts. He died last night in his sleep.

Full of spirit he did not know he was sick until the very end. He gave up food on his last day - but he never gave up his favourite pastime - "playing ball".

Jamesey will be sadly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him. Especially his brothers Buddha & Yogi aka "The Dynamic Duo".

Special thanks to Alan Gilmour and the team at The Animal Healthcare Clinic and Dr. Lyanne Fifle of D.V.M. Lachine.

We will always love you Sweet James.



Our old boy Murphy passed away in December 2015 at the ripe old age of 14 years, leaving behind our broken hearts. But we are grateful for all the time he had with us. He left us with cherished memories that will never be forgotten.

Murphy came to us as a young turk of a Basset Hound meant JUST for us to foster for Gerdy’s. He was a bag of bones when he alighted from Gerdy’s van, tail wagging and an eager, friendly face-- he was a heartbreaking sight to behold. He had been nearly starved to death by a previous owner. Our job as fosters was to get him back to a healthy weight so he could go on to adoption. That was The Plan.

In REALITY, one look at that sweet and innocent face in that dreadful state of showing every bone in his body while looking so innocent and optimistically wagging his tail, we knew he was never going to leave our home but we’d adopt him instead. So Murphy was adopted by us officially and it took 4 months to get his weight back on properly. Murphy also had deformities in his bone structure but luckily not bad enough to affect his ability to enjoy life. He never complained.
Murphy, much as we loved every dog we had, was that one exception, The Perfect Dog! And by that we mean not a mean or ungenerous bone in his body.

He shared everything he had with other animals, treats, toys, or his own body. Any of our cats could curl up into his sleeping curled up body, he was one big heating pad! Friendly with all animals, he loved to meet dogs and people on his walks and was just fine at the vets. He was an ambassador of the Basset breed!

Murphy was not a complainer. All his life he had the most wonderful personality and loving nature. There is no dog like a Basset! A true lover of children, he would tolerate little grandkids and visitors, human or animal. In his latter years he slept in the bed with Roger and me, in the middle and covered with a blanket, as since puppyhood he had always felt he was cold, even in summer. A vestige of earlier starvation he never recovered from, he LOVED heat!

Deeply missed by his “sister” Josephine (“Jojo”), and cat sister Blossom, who snuggled with him, he was treasured by them and they miss him so.
We were deeply Blessed to have had the privilege of being caretakers and dog parents for his long lifetime, we never thought Murphy would live so long. While we mourn our loss of dear Murphy it is with gratitude we celebrate his rich life experience with us.

Til we meet again, Sweet Boy, we will always treasure the memories.

Mama Judy and Daddy Roger


Beautiful and sweet Phoebe is an Olde English Bulldog who was abandoned by her owners. She is vet estimated to be 2-3 years old, and is 48 pounds.  She is HOUSETRAINED!

A nice calm girl, she LOVES affection, and is so friendly! Spayed, vaccinated Max 5, Rabies, Bordatella, heartworm tested negative, dewormed.  Vet says she is in good shape and good health.

This is a fine dog who just wants to love and be loved.  Her sweet face will win your heart.



Our family is sad to write you with an update on our beloved Phoebe whom we adopted from you several years ago. Phoebe was a beautiful English Bulldog, with a beautiful bully smile.

She loved everyone in her family and proudly walked both our children, ages 5 and 9 to their first days of school. When she wasn't enjoying a nap on her
favourite chair, she loved a game of fetch or a belly rub.

She passed away at home early on December 14th, wrapped in her favourite blanket, with her best buddy, Percy the cat at her side.

We loved and will miss our beautiful girl, but are forever grateful that Gerdy's brought her into our lives.

Christie, Colin, Robbie, and Aurora



  Doogan (formerly Banjo)  

I am a purebred BEAGLE young boy, about 7 to 8 months old and 30 pounds.  I was abandoned by my person and I sought refuge in a store, all on my own!  They called Gerdy and here I am now looking for my forever home. 

I have a WONDERFUL personality, very trustworthy with young children, not a mean bone in my body—I LOVE people!!  Very pleasant personality and affectionate—I have no issues!  I will be neutered shortly and have all my shots, heartworm test and prevention, Bordatella vaccine, defleaed & dewormed, just in case. 

I follow my nose so I need a Beagle-proof fenced in yard to play.  I am a very handsome boy!  We can make beautiful music together if you give me a chance!


  HAPPY HOLIDAYS GERDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s no place like HOME!  

Hi Gerdy and Judy,

We hope that you are both well.

We adopted the beagle “Banjo” from you, with Averil’s help, about 7 years ago who we named Doogan . Before adopting him we visited you and Banjo on the South Shore with our other dog Chance whom I had myself rescued off the highway years prior.

Doogan was our true sweetheart. He was full of personality, playful, affectionate, loving beyond imagine and happy go lucky without a mean bone in his body and a clown all in one !!! A true pleaser. He immediately took such a strong place in our family and got along so well with Chance who is now 15 and all of his fur bud cousins. Doogan used to play hard with Chance when she was younger but as she grew older and weaker, Doogan continued to play with her while respecting her limitations. Other times, he would snuggle and cuddle her and/or us….in bed, on the couch wherever just as long as he was touching us or Chance. He always wanted to be close. A real snuggle bunny. We have been so lucky to have rescued Doogan from you and have loved him like no other. Our real fur baby.

Doogan was also the neighbourhood sweetheart. People with and without children would stop us when we were out for a walk just to have a quick snuggle that he gave so freely to anyone who would have it. WE could not have asked for anything more . Truly. !

Up to a month ago, Doogan was in awesome health, power walking with me , playing and running and then one day just over a month ago, he became ill we thought with the gastro. Took him to the Vet to find out that he had acute end stage kidney disease as a result of an immuune mediated unknown illness such as Ameloiydsis. It was not a toxic event. For a full month ( we took time off work) 24/7 we cared for him. He had 3 hospitalizations, tons of medications were tried , diet changes including homemade ones and we learned how to do sub q fluids at home. We spent $12000.00 in the hopes of saving his precious life. The Internal medicine Vet at DMV said that his situation was very grave but we never gave up hope . We fought until the very end. Between Sherwood animal hospital and DMV we tried everything. Over the month, Doogan became weaker and lost a lot of weight and muscle mass and last week, he started having seizures they believe as a result of strokes which he could not recover from. He passed away peacefully at home, last Wednesday, with Dr. Enid Stiles’s assistance and he is now with Petfriends.

Our hearts are truly broken. I never thought I had so many tears in me. He had such an unbelievable presence and was truly a real heart dog…our fur baby. OMG we miss him more than words can say.

We want another beagle as we LOVE the breed and really always have. I grew up with beagles. I am checking your website a few times a day but wanted you to know that we are here should another come into your rescue. I see that you have Goliath but that he requires not to be left alone too much. …

Anyways, Thank you for all you do and please keep us in mind…


Nancy, Steve, Chance and Doogan’s spirit


Darling Bella died in my arms at the vets in August at the age of 15.

She was always active, full of fun and loved her walks. She was lovely.

We miss her she was part of the family.


Seamus was adopted in 2011; we met at an adopt-a-dog event and could not believe he did not have a home.  It was a bit of a funny story for us as we had went to the pet food store looking for a new birdfeeder and brought home a big black dog. 

Initially we agreed to foster him for three weeks since we already had two Labradors, but he captured our hearts and we decided to keep him.  You can imagine with 3 dogs, we had dog pillows in almost every corner.  He was such a great dog in the house and loved to join us on walks and runs in our nearby forests. 

Seamus’ favorite things were food, fun and chipmunks – he was always up for play time and if a chipmunk dared to peep he was after it with tail wagging as fast as any can go.  Good thing too as that helped us find him when going for walks on our family farm visits. At home his favorite place was sleeping in my home office on his own pillow where he would snore while I worked. 

Seamus is missed greatly; thanks for loving us and being my office dog.

Evan and Hope


A kind woman rescued me from a traffic jam that I caused myself, trying to cross a busy thoroughfare against the lights.  I might not have made it through another day had she not picked me up on Easter Sunday.  That's why they named me Pascha.  

I am a SIMPLY WONDERFUL young family dog - my vet estimates me at about 8 months, a sweet little medium-sized Lab-mix boy of about 50 pounds. I am very well-behaved in my foster home.  No messes, no chewing - even though they have to leave me alone for the better part of the day.  I was a dog on a chain by my manner, and I am SO grateful for changing to life indoors with her family.  I like my time outside though, and I love to exercise!

Hey—I LIKE CATS!!  I love people, horses and kids, although I’d be better off with older children as I still get scared sometimes.  I’d love to go to a home where somebody’s there all day, although it’s not a must if I get my proper exercise. 

Neutered, shots, heartworm tested negative, defleaed & dewormed, just in case.   I just want someone to love all my life.  I had an injured tail and a bad ear infection, but everything’s OK now!  I make everyone who sees me smile - you can’t be in a bad mood with ME around!"


"Hi there!

I see from your website that you are busier than ever, finding forever homes for lost companions.  I am so grateful that you helped us to foster Pascha, and that we finally took the right decision to let him adopt us.  

Our three rescue cats absolutely adore him, and he is SUCH a good boy.  Wise beyond his years, he has become a part of our family and is (finally) beginning to act as if he has been here all of his life.  I have to tell you, his road has been long and his obvious grief absolutely monumental.  

Animals have such long memories, and we have worked hard to make him understand that everything is "all right" and that he will never have to live whatever it is that he lived in his pup days.  I wish that he could tell us what he went through before we found him, but more importantly, I can say that he is really beginning to enjoy life.  We are so happy for him!

I am attaching a cute picture of him that I took last Spring.  He is such a funny dog; full of beans and so inquisitive.  I think this photo does that description justice!

Take care, say "hi" to Gerdy, and above all keep up the good work!





Our Pascha's Story:

I spotted Pascha in the middle of the main drag in Valleyfield on Easter Sunday in 2008. He had been running for days and was half beside himself. We stopped the truck, I got out, and he RAN to me. He checked both ways for traffic first, though.

I loaded him up into the Ford, across the laps of the three kids, and we brought him home. He was sporting a filthy collar, and he was so dirty that we didn't realize that he had a white blaze on his chest. No one claimed him, so I called Gerdy and told her I'd sponsor him until we could find somebody to adopt him. Gerdy came through with flying colours, as usual.

Of course we fell in love, and of course when a suitable person was found who could care for him, we just couldn't give him up. No deal.

Pascha spent many a day running the fields at the farm where our horses were boarded. He went on the lam more than once, and everybody in the neighbourhood knew who he was and loved him. He was never far from my side and wouldn't eat when I had to leave on a business trip. He was quirky, he was funny, and he was an uncomplaining soul. He loved unconditionally.

I have never, EVER had the privilege of caring for a dog as special as Pascha, and I am absolutely devastated to tell you that he had a heart attack a few hours ago. His eyes told me this morning that it was 'time to go, Mom'. And because of Dr. Bart's kindness, my son Gabriel and I were able to send him on his way with all of the love and dignity that he deserved.

Gerdy, Dr. Bart, and Averil, thank you so much. He was such a special soul, and he is already dearly missed. God is definitely holding him in the sweetest corner of His mind. I'm grateful for the seven beautiful years we were able to spend with one of the wisest dogs I've ever known.




This is Austina - Pascha's Best Friend


I didn't get Austina from Gerdy, but she became Pascha's best friend. Austina the cat left us 12 days after his own passing, because she missed him so terribly.





It is with great great sorrow and pain that I write my goodbyes to one of the kindest most beautiful souls in my life, Wyatt my basset hound.

He crossed the rainbow bridge last night after finally losing the battle of will between his hind quarters and his love for us.

Thank you to everyone who had a chance to know his beautiful soul and share his love, especially of course Jeremy and Ali who took such wonderful care of him when I wasn't around like all the people at Gerdys who brought you to us.

The kindness, love and zest for life were a true inspiration to me and the void in my heart will never heal. Thank God I will see you again across the rainbow bridge. I love you Wyatt and there will never be a day that you won't find yourself in my heart. Rest peacefully old friend, you deserve it. I can't wait to hold you.


Hi. I’m Buzzy, female mix of Black Lab and grey Schnauzer—I am a combination of grey and black. I look like a very artistic designer dog! But I am humble and very loving. I am kind of easy to leash walk even though not trained in obedience. I can follow a few commands too! I am pretty laid back, and LOVE belly scratches! 

At 7 years old I get around VERY WELL, and LOVE my walks! I am about 58 pounds, heartworm tested negative and on Revolution heartworm monthly preventative, dewormed, no fleas, recently vaccinated Bordatella, Max 5, Rabies. Being spayed June 7. I like people, and have been around older kids. I like cats too! Web feet, I like to swim! No separation anxiety, I can be left alone in the house. HOUSETRAINED! What more could you ask! 

My people were moving and could not take me with them as pets were not allowed in the new place. Good in the car too! I was also very good at the vets for my checkup and was well behaved. Ever so slightly overweight, nice regular walks can have me trim in no time (you too!) I have the most DEVOTED eyes and facial expression, I will melt hearts every time! 

Dignified and polite, I also give kisses, but with restraint. I DO have my dignity, after all. Very intelligent, and perceptive, your secrets are safe with me!


Two and a half years ago, I was going to buy my shep dog food. Gerdy was having a Dog Adoption Day there, I went over to give a donation.

I saw a little older mix black dog whose eyes melted me! I asked “How much Gerdy?” She told me she was 8 years old. I said “I don’t care about age” I again said “How much?” We talked and Gerdy told me if I adopt her because she could see Buzzy liked me, it would be a Compassionate adoption if I gave her a loving home. I said “She’s mine!”

From the first minute we bonded. The first night she slept on my pillow and gave me a Goodnight kiss. Then it was two and a half years of sharing my pillow, and Good Night! And Good Morning! kisses.

Last week when it was really cold and damp it was the first time she ever whined. I took her to Janet who was a friend of my vet. We took an xray and found out the top of her leg and shoulder was full of cancer.

Today the 28th of January 2015, I put Buzzy to sleep.

She loved children and met a lot of my friends who in turn loved her. She was the first non-shep I’ve had in 31 years, she was only 69 lbs, BUT she had the heart as big as my big shep who weighed 143 lbs.
I only had her 2 ½ years but she gave me a lifetime of love. I miss her and my big guy, he is looking for her and you could swear he is crying for her. She is no longer in any pain.

I will always remember those eyes that melted my heart.





We adopted Snoopie when she was 3 months old from the SPCA in Montreal. They said that they had found her in a vacant apartment. The people had just moved and left her there.

She turned out to be my BEST friend and I will miss her terribly...She passed after 10 wonderful years of age with us on January 5, 2015. She is now with my mum (who taught us to love all animals) and the rest of our menagerie we had growing up, over Rainbow Bridge.

Will see you again, my friend!

Love always

Heather, Barbara and Dasher


This delightful little mix of ShihTsu and Lhasa Apso is a girl of about 2 years, very sweet.  A bit apprehensive of new people right now, she warms up quickly once she gets to know you.  She was a neglected little dog, sent to a shelter when she was no longer wanted. 

She has the loveliest little soul, and appreciates being held and loved.  Spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and flea free, she is heartworm tested negative.  Kiwi gets along with cats, other nice dogs, and gentle people.


"Hi Gerdy,

Here is a little prince. Kiwi is doing really well, very happy and loves to walk around the garden and rolling in the snow.

Thank you for trusting me with him. He is a cheeky little fellow but lots of fun to have around.

Hope you have a great day.

Kiwi and Sandra"




Kiwi happy to be home after a busy day in the country.

I adopted him in 2005. He is now 14 years old, diabetic and blind for the past five years. He still gets around but mostly likes to snuggle in his bed and sleep unless he hears me rattling pots and pans.
"Oho!!! she's cooking better check out what's to eat. " .
Other than the diabetes he is in good health.

Happy New Year

Sandra and Kiwi




This is the best way I remember Kiwi. He loved the snow up until the last two winters, but this one was really hard for him. I got Kiwi in 2005 at the age of 5. He was a bright little fellow who learned very quickly. He was very obliging got along fine with my cats. Loved to be with my grandsons and they adored him.

He was diagnosed with diabetes about five years ago and was such a brave little soldier when it came to his insulin shots. Never heard a peep out him he was always ready for his shot, of course I gave him a treat afterwards. He unfortunately lost his sight because of the diabetes and he had a hard time adjusting in the beginning but he soon learned to get around the house and the yard. I encouraged him to get around always keeping my eye on him so that he was always in visual range.

I watched him start to go downhill this past year and I knew it was time to think about setting him free. The decision was made easy on Monday morning when he had an epileptic seiizure so he was realeased to the arms of his heavenly family where I know he is with my mom and she will look after hiim for me.

I miss the little fellow and there will never be another Kiwi. I have been fortunate enough to have had two very special dogs, Zorro a big airdale/standard poodle mis and Kiwi. Two things he really didn't like was riding in the car which he did a lot of and having his face and feet fussed with.

Thank you Gerdy for trusting me with him. I loved him dearly.

Sandra (picture was winter of 2011)




  Tout Le Monde (Ralph)  


Passed quietly December 19, 2014

He came to Gerdy’s Rescues a few years ago, dumped at the door of one of our Volunteers by a neighbour, scrawny, moth-eaten, unwanted and starving.
Thought to be about 4 years old then, he was vetted, and went to our dear volunteer Betty Cowan (passed recently) for foster care.  He didn’t seem to quite fit into his name, so Betty called him instead RALPH.  The years went by but Ralph never got chosen for adoption because something happened to his spirit.

In his sad life, so he never adjusted to becoming  a cat that most people want to adopt.  Ralph was a loner, suspicious of human motives and ever mindful of bad memories in his past that haunted him.  

Betty accepted Ralph as he was, allowing him full run in her finished basement where she every day went to read in his presence or watch tv to keep him company.  Later 2 other strays joined him in foster, and the motley crew enjoyed each other’s company, each respecting the other’s personal space.

But they all came to look forward to Betty keeping them company and finally she was able to play with all 3 with the toy stick with a feather bobbing at the end.  Betty kept their bowls full and their water and litter boxes clean, and always had fresh bedding down for them.  She was a devoted caretaker for a good 3 years.  

Then Timmy was adopted, leaving just Checkers and Ralph.  Betty passed from cancer in September, and while she was in her last illness devoted friends came over to help her and care for the cats she would not hear of leaving.  After Betty passed the cats went into boarding where they got the very best of care but if you ask us, Ralph died suddenly today of a broken heart.  He had missed Betty terribly after her passing.  We had hopes that someday he would find a home but it was not to be,-- Ralph suffered a fatal heart attack and went quickly. 

If you ask us, we will tell you that Betty took him with her in Spirit to be ever loved by her in a much better Place.  So, in the end, Ralph did get his Home after all.


Hello Judy,

It is with a broken heart that I am writing to you tonight... My beloved son Toby passed away yesterday morning at the age of twelve, exactly 6 years after his adoption. We didn't see it coming... For a week he had ,what we and the vet thougt, a gastro and we treated him for it and then one of his legs gave up on him. For four days I had to help him to get out of the house and carry him back inside. Things got worse, he didn't care much for food for the first time probably in his life and he wept during the night.

I'll spare you the rest just to say that the only loving thing that was left for us to do was to put him out of his miseries. My 75 year old vet came to our home yesterday morning and relieved Toby from his suffering.

I want to thank you and Gerdy for giving us the extraordinary chance of adopting this wonderful dog not to say person. He was the king of the household, the king of the neighborhood and never took advantage of it! I never even had to raise my voice once on him for this or that!

He had a wonderful second life with us: love, care, space, toys, three beds, affection, human friends, animal friends, car rides, the best food you can get and he deserved all of it!!! We were almost always together, except when I went to work and even then, we took turns to have lunch with him, my wife and I.

Now, I have to take care of his sister Betsy who bounded with him so perfectly and who appears to be very sad. And thank God and you, Judy, for those two kittens we adopted on the second of November when we saw them on your website. I just had to write you, Judy.

It all started with you guys and as hard as I am grieving, as hard I am gratefull for Toby, the best friend I have ever had!



Casey came to me as a scrawny, frighted young cat. Once in the house, he escaped from my arms and fled to the basement! It took three of us more than an hour to find him. My daughter always said how silky and handsome he was and called him Simba.

He was immediately adopted by my two other cats and I frequently found him wrapped in a ball with them or under the blankets. He always seemed so vulnerable but he was not! He did what he wanted to do, when he wanted and where he wanted! He was very delicate so I doubted he would have a long life. I was wrong!

When he passed this week he was about nineteen years old. The medication he was taking no longer made a difference and I could see he was failing. His brothers and sister miss him. They are uncommonly quiet and one has taken to lying in his favorite spot........my pillow.

We will miss you little guy.

  Earl (aka Cesar)  

This 9 year old Shih Tzu male is neutered, has his shots and is vaccinated, and ready to go.  This jolly, friendly, and still nicely active boy loves life and is attentive and in good health.  He was abandoned by his family who no longer had time for him and his simple doggy needs to be a part of the family, and  no time to exercise him. 

Cesar looks for a forever home where he will be a part of the family dynamic. This black and white handsome boy likely would accept cats and another friendly dog. Good with people, Cesar would like to be the ruler of your heart. Dogs need to feel loved and wanted, can YOU make way for Cesar??


"Hi Gerdy,

I am writing this note to thank you for finding me my new home. When Mom came to see at Sandra's last week, I showed her my smiling eyes! I felt so good after being groomed, the groomer kept telling Mom how good I was. In the afternoon we came home.

Then I met ALL my brothers and sisters and guess what Gerdy.....they are all cats! Most of them are bigger than I am!! One of them keeps wanting to wash my face...don't they know guys don't like to get washed?

Anyway, I want you to know how appreciative Mom and I are, she says she has been looking for me for a long time and she is thrilled she found me. She said she LOVES me!

Bye for now.

Love Earl and Mom"


"Hi Gerdy, Judy and Roger,

Thought I would send you an update on my life since I left your excellent care. As I told you in my last note, I have several brothers and a sister who just happen to be cats! And....life is good with them.

The only problem I have encountered is that the person who adopted me wants me to be clean... and insists on having me groomed every month or two. She just doesn't get it... guys just don't care how they smell!

My best buddy here is Kitty and we are the same size exactly. He even lets me carry his favorite mouse around with swatting me. Can you see it in the pic I have sent you?

Have to leave you now, Mom just bought me a new puffy winter coat and wants me to wear it on our walk. Love and hugs to all the Gerdy crew!

Earl (Cesar)"


"Dear Gerdy and Judy,

Do you recognize me?  It's Earl the ShihTsu telling you that REAL MEN LIKE THEIR COMFORT!  Here I am in bed, enjoying my comfort on a cold spring day, best place to be. 

Thank you for placing me here because I am the head of the cat household  and get to sleep in while they are being fed by Signa.

She won't tell you but I think she likes me the best! Thank you for the day you adopted me out to Signa because she's the best momma EVER!

Love, EARL"


"Dear Gerdy & Judy,

My granddaughter found him like this!  Dec 5 and he is patiently waiting for Santa already!  He has his spot under the tree so he cannot be missed, and is a very PATIENT boy!






Above all he was a CHARACTER. He was a senior with a Napoleon complex when he adopted me. He came from an uncertain background but figured out pretty
quickly who was the boss. He was! Not happy with the homemade meal of the day, he would look at me and then sit with his back to me until I found something more pleasing to him. If there was an interloper in his bed of choice he let me know.

From his first moments in the house he became one of the guys....or should I say one of the cats! One in particular, a feral cat named Tommy truly loved
Earl. To this day I truly believe I was able to catch Tommy because he wanted to be with this tough little shih tzu. Just a few days ago I saw Tommy washing his face! I suspect he sensed there was something wrong with his best friend. Earl was almost blind and no longer enjoyed our little walks and his appetite was dwindling. This morning he was in trouble so I knew I couldn't let him suffer. By the way, I had no intention of adopting him, Gerdy just told me I should take a look at him at Sandra's. One look and that was it. I will miss the little guy who was so loved by all my
family and friends. Till we meet again. I loved you so much!

- Signa




Chester came to me thru Gerdy and I thanked her in my head so many times for saving him. He was the love of my life and a true character at only seven and a half pounds.

There was nothing he liked better than a party. If there was an empty chair at the table, he would hop on up and sit there politely surveying the table and looking at the people next to him as if to say, “so, you’re enjoying yourself?”

He was extremely confident in that he knew he was loved so much that he could get away with anything. In the country we would be packed and ready to leave, and conveniently he often found something at the edge of the woods more interesting and even though we would threaten to leave without him – starting the engine – he would just glance at us as if to say, “Yeah, yeah, I can take my time. There’s no way you’re leaving without me.” And just when I would put on my angry voice and start to threaten him, he would turn and run towards me bouncing through the grass, his blonde hair flying in the breeze, looking as cute as could be and I would melt.

He was neutered but still had a macho streak in him and if he saw a big dog coming, he would walk on his back legs to try and get eye to eye. Once we had two female Dalmatians visiting. They were too tall and wouldn’t stay still long enough for him to get a sniff, but when he noticed one of them standing next to a kitchen chair, he jumped up and found himself right at bum level.

We nicknamed him Guy Lafleur because before bed I would slide him a cookie along the wooden floor and he would leap in the air and twirl and jump and knock the cookie around like a puck before pouncing on it.

He’s sorely missed by all of us, Abe, me and his ‘sister’ Bonnie dog. What I wouldn’t give to kiss that little face again.

Patricia Bourque


In 2004 I adopted the appropriately named Happy, a 3 year old Shih Tzu from Gerdy. He was the love of my life. Sadly he passed away on Sep 11. He was the most wonderful sweet and good dog.

He was loved by everyone that knew him, even those who were not animal lovers; by all my friends and even the shopkeepers who saw him when he came shopping with me in his doggy carriage.

He will be sadly missed by all, but especially by me. He was my special little boy and he will live in my heart forever.
Thank you


  Betty Cowan - a very special lady  

ELIZABETH (BETTY) COWAN - Was met at the Rainbow Bridge September 3, 2014 by all the animals she helped over the years
Betty was Gerdy’s Rescues very first VOLUNTEER. Betty also made cards, dog cookies, & baked to help Bayview special events, as well as brought her little dog Barney to see the patients there. Betty also volunteered for years helping the cats at Animal Rescue Network as well as doing fundraising for them selling the things she made at craft sales, paying vet bills directly with her profits. Betty did the same for SPCA Monteregie, donating to them as well as donations made personally. She always put her pets photos in the SPCA Monteregie annual calendar very proudly. Her only failure was at Gerdy’s Rescues with fostering animals, she fostered several dogs then adopted them over the years! She fostered 3 cats for Gerdy’s as a lifetime foster, in case any stood a chance to be adopted. One was but the other 2 were not and are now back at Gerdy’s Rescues, safe. Betty’s love of her life was always her pets, over the years taken from rescues, she nursed them all until their deaths, devotedly. Their little urns will be opened and their ashes scattered over her gravesite at a later date in the presence of friends who loved her.
Our Betty was a bright, caring, independent woman who was never afraid of rolling up her sleeves to get the tough work done. She enjoyed a wicked sense of humor and a terrible sense of direction … and we all laughed about both! She often entertained her friends with stories of her driving, where she would end up far from her originally planned destination … like while heading to a SPCA dog walk, she ended up in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu ... we all shared a huge chuckle!

Although Betty worked tirelessly for the animals whom she loved so dearly, she never claimed the spotlight. Knowing that her work behind the scenes helped fundraise to rescue abused and neglected animals, was enough for Betty. She wanted to make a difference and she DID make a huge difference! Betty was kind and honest and loving and sincere ... and she was truly loyal to her friends.
Dear Betty, ALL of your friends ... two footed and four pawed ... will miss you terribly. We are comforted knowing that your sense of direction has led you safely across to the other side where you will enjoy the eternal loving spotlight that you so deserve. We love you. God Bless.  We will never forget the Blessing of your presence in our lives.

Colleen Paterson - Betty was a wonderful lady and always had us in stitches at numerous garage sales through the years talking about different situations that arose in her nursing days.  She was a “little” ball of fire and so passionate about life.

Amanda Sturch - An independant woman, she even mowed her own lawn, generous sharing her dog books with me, and so interested in making her cards to fundraise for Gerdy’s. Fun to talk with and was young at heart, a treat to be her friend.

Heather Proud - Betty was very kind, she loved her dogs Barney & Willy, and told me about all the dogs she had in her life. They were there to meet her, I’m sure!

Beverley Auerbach - How an important role she played in animal welfare, so sad to lose good people & good friends. After her long fight, she is at peace.

Marta Baker (adopted Betty’s dog SHEBA) - Sheba & I had a long walk this morning, it’s a great feeling at the end of a life to know that those you love are taken care of.

Louise Makovsky - Another Angel is now watching over us all. Peace to you Betty.

Marilyn Hicks - I just met her once, a great lady, very kind.

Jamie Cameron - I always enjoyed chatting with Betty, it was obvious that she had a heart of gold.

Anne Saulnier (son shared Betty’s hospital room) - Such a sweet lady, she loved you guys and told me so! Am so glad to have been able to help Betty, she is at peace now.

Gerdy Gouron - I will miss my old friend, Betty you climbing the fence at the train station will be ever with me, your well-meant backseat driving when you didn’t have a clue how to get there, every mouthful we got into you at the hospital, our drives to oncology and the wonderful people we met there, your egg salad sandwiches, and your devotion to your pets and Gerdy’s Rescues dogs & cats. Your dry sense of humor and bravery as you faced your final challenge.  Helen and I hold you in the highest regard and we will never forget you.

Judy & Roger Cameron - Treasured memories of meeting you at that first garage sale that led to many years of plant sales every spring to raise money for the animals, you grew the BEST tomatoes ever from seed, we overplanted and had dozens of plants to sell, that was your specialty under those plant lights. The wacky but profitable things we thought of to sell at school fairs, the laughter as we sold almost everything, great fellowship. Your beautiful cards, created so carefully for Gerdy’s. Your beautiful blue eyes and smile, our closeness as your time came nearer, our long conversations, and just being with you. We will look after BARNEY & WILLY and Gerdy will get the cats Ralph & Checkers (Sylvester) a good home. We will miss you dear friend. Thank you for the years of friendship. We love you. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Joy Ephraim - Betty was a True-Blue. Always courteous, humorous and never had a bad thing to say. Lovely human being who will be missed dearly. May she rest easy.

Kimberley Race - Rest well Betty...you were a wonderful woman.

Lori Keenan - Rest in peace Betty, God bless.

Kilby Gordon - So sorry to hear. Betty was an integral part to Gerdy's Rescue mission and I know you stood by her struggles to fight valiantly to the end. RIP-she will be missed!

Carol Waterman - Our deepest condolences to Gerdy’s Rescue family & friends. R.I.P. dearest Betty. Until we meet again some day, treasured in our hearts you'll stay.

Yvette Tuppert - I will always remember Betty as a kind, witty, and down to earth lady. She was very devoted to the rescue of animals helping in any way she could, she fostered for years and saved numerous lives. We shared many a joke with her, I miss her laugh already. Betty will be sorely missed.

Sandy Goulet - Dear Betty, I'll miss your smile, your compassion and your incrediblely dry wit. Heaven is in for a real treat as they welcome you as their newest angel. God Speed Betty and God Bless.

Bonnie Hitchen - So sad to hear this. Betty was a loyal sponsor for the SPCA Monteregie Sponsor Program. Rest in peace, sweet lady.

  Koda (aka Jingles)  

Jingles was picked up as a stray and was thought to be about 7 years old as he has a heart murmur on examination and likely would have been euthanized as unadoptable.  Gerdy instinctively felt there was more to this so had a heartworm test done as she has done on all our dogs.  HEARTWORM POSITIVE!   THE VET BELIEVES HIM TO BE NO MORE THAN 3 YEARS OLD!  In fact, the heart murmur likely is because of the worms in the heart.  Luckily, a blood test revealed no baby worms in the bloodstream, so he can start on his heartworm treatments very shortly.  But something else was found—he has Lyme Disease.  He is now getting the antibiotics to treat that successfully. 

This dear boy—with scars of what we think were porcupine quills stuck in his muzzle at one time, was found on the South Shore.  We REPEATEDLY TELL PEOPLE—HEARTWORM IS HERE IN QUEBEC, so is LYME DISEASE.  GET YOUR DOGS TESTED AND USE YEARLY PREVENTATIVE FROM YOUR VET!!   So this dog will go through the somewhat dangerous treatments to rid him of this parasite.  THIS IS ONE SPECIAL DOG! 

He has a marvelous personality and charms everyone he meets—he is a Velcro dog with people who are kind to him, clearly this dog was loved at some point in his sad life.  His matted coat needs loving brushing.  He will be neutered and vaccinated by Gerdy’s when he is finished his treatments.  HE WILL NEED QUIET CARE TIME AFTER HIS HEARTWORM TREATMENTS. 

We are looking for a very special family who will foster him through this rough period in his life and ideally would adopt him after.  No other family pets—just because he needs to be quiet and rest during this time.  He just LOVES people and can shake a paw as well!  Can you be Jingles' very own angel?


"Hi Gerdy & Judy,
The summer goes by so fast, and I am sorry that it has taken so long to write; my hands have been too busy with 4 hour long petting marathons and trips to "camp Grandma & Grandpa" where Koda loves loves loves to swim and look for minnows and roll in the grass; but I wanted to send you an update on how your "Velcro dog" is doing, another example of a Gerdys Rescue success story ...
Jingles has now been named Koda which means friend, a perfectly fitting name since all Koda wants to do is make friends, with everyone! Not the best guard dog I must say and surprisingly not too interested in other dogs, it's the affection from people he craves, and any person will do, he does not discriminate. He just gently places himself at a strangers side, lifts his head and speaks to them with those soulful eyes and they're hooked. He now has his favourite spots on our walks; the houses where the neighbours give him treats! And he makes a point to stop back again every day.
Koda and Jax (my "spca special" cat) are now inseparable as you can see from the pictures, Koda enjoys the daily washings he receives. Who ever coined the phase "fighting like cats and dogs" surely never met a pair like this.

Maybe it is because they were both strays and can relate. A world of difference from when I first brought Koda home and for the first few sleepless nights, wondered if dogs actually ate cats! After every walk, and I mean every walk, Koda runs into the house frantic until he finds Jax and once he knows he's there, he's ok, cause that's his pussycat friend. Other neighbourhood cats on the other hand ... watch out! oh, and squirrels, but hey - he's a dog, what can you do.
Koda has put on some good weight and is now at 80 lbs, a far cry from the skinny boy I first brought home, and for a stray that was found fending for himself, he does not have any food aggression or food issues what so ever, unless you leave a frozen pizza on the counter then he is Houdini Koda!
His Lyme disease check up is in September but so far all blood work looks great, much to the great surprise of the vet since he was a stray with Lyme AND Heartworm! But he is as healthy and as happy as a boy could be, minus a couple of teeth and an age that ranges from 5 years to 10, depending on who you ask, but he is a big baby at heart and the kindest and gentlest dog I have ever met.
Koda is the poster boy in the neighbour hood for adoption (people always walk away thinking very differently about adoption once they meet Koda) and proof that no matter how old a dog, their health, situation or background, with enough love and kindness, (and of course a warm doggie bed for them to call their own) anything is possible.
ps: Koda will be heading over to an assisted living facility in a few weeks to visit some of the senior residents since he obviously missed his calling as a service dog. A far cry from the straggly stray huh Gerdy. He'll make you proud. Thank you for all of the work you do, and from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift. There's a spot for you and your "crew" in heaven that's for sure.  

Koda, Jax & Stephanie"

"Hi Gerdy,

I hope that this message finds you well.

I just wanted to send you an update on your Velcro Dog Koda (formally known as Jingles), I know it's been a while!

I can't believe 3 years have passed already since this gentle soul has come into my life. He reminds me every day that it's important to just love and be loved, and a good life will surely follow.

I have resigned myself to a few facts over the past three years:

1. Koda is making up for a very hard past life and must be petted for many hours in the day. If you stop, his new trick is to give you his paw to let you know "hey - what gives, you're not done yet!"

2. Both his internal alarm clock and food clock are very precise ... as you can see from the photo, both he and Jax know when it's food time and let me know if I'm 5 minutes late.


3. There must be no less than 5 stuffed animals at his disposal at any given time (we're currently at 10)

4. Forgetting to give him cookies after a walk is NOT an option.

5. He and he alone will tell me when it's time for him to come in from laying out in the grass.

6. The house belongs to Koda and Jax and I just live here with them.

This year, after deciding that the city wasn't the best place to raise a dog .. (wait, I think that's supposed to be children), we moved back to Hudson, not the best place to be considering I still work in the South Shore .. but when people ask, I tell them "I bought the dog a house". Koda couldn't be happier as he now has a very large back yard in which he never wants to come in from. He still doesn't bark, barely ever makes a sound, but what he lacks in voice he makes up for with those big brown eyes.

Koda has become a little better with other dogs, but I've come to figure out he's rather afraid of them, so we keep it to a minimum and he always has his cousins in PEI in the summer and his buddy Georgia (my brother Jesse's Basset who came from Gerdys) to play with. Cats on the other hand; I swear I think he sees a steak when they walk by! But not his buddy Jax, perhaps he thinks he's a dog .. Jax sure thinks he is.

I've included some photos from last summer in PEI with Koda's cousins Murphy and Molly where Koda decidedly loved the ocean, sometimes walking miles out refusing to come back when I called him, just sneaking glances my way every so often to make sure his ride home hadn't left! .. What a site to see him chasing the Jelly Fish in the water!

Thank you for everything you and your crew do, and for helping Koda to find his forever home.

Lots of love from Koda, Jax and Stephanie"




HI Gerdy/Judy,
It with a heavy heart and through so many tears that I have to let you know that Koda passed on Wednesday. He started having Seizures in December, his heart was enlarged and a brain tumor was suspected. Although we tried many medications to stave off the inevitable, in the end he was unable to stand on his own and no longer had the good quality of life that he deserved. We spent the last 6 months side by side, enjoying all the things that Koda loved; rolling in the grass, laying out on the deck, ice cream and 2 hour petting marathons.

He was such a dignified dog, and old soul, and his eyes said it was time, even if my heart wasn’t ready to hear it. I cannot thank you enough for saving my friend, and allowing him to choose me to spend the last 5 years with, I will be eternally grateful, as I’m sure he was.  Sending all of my love, and the following for your “In Memoriam page”, if you would be so kind as to post.  
KODA – Adopted May 3, 2009 – Passed Away July 9, 2014

My dear Koda, I still remember that first day I saw you at Chez Sandra. Gerdy had named you JINGLES but KODA seemed more fitting as I read somewhere that Koda is Native American for friend, and seeing as you were found as a stray on an Indian reserve, and tried to make friends with everyone you met, it stuck. It had only been a year since suffering the devastating loss of my Golden best friend Zeke. My head told me “no, you’re not ready yet”, but my heart said you needed a home. Your age was unknown (somewhere between 3-7 years old), Lyme and Heartworm positive, missing half of your teeth and had a heart murmur to boot, but Gerdy saw something in you; your spirit, and I thank God every day that she did. Gerdy was right in calling you her Velcro dog, always stuck to the side of anyone who showed you kindness and love, and a cookie in the pocket didn’t hurt. 

I could tell right away that your past life was unkind and that trust would need to be earned, but your big brown eyes told me you were ready for a new life, and you choose me to live it with, and I will be forever humbled that you did. I knew in our final weeks together that I had managed to earn that trust; you let me move you when you were in pain, let me carry you when your legs no longer could, and when it was time for you to go, you trusted me to do right by you, and help you on your way. Our 5 years together was too short my friend, but every minute was filled with love, the kind of love that comes with second chances; yours and mine. You showed me what it was to love that way Koda, and although I know you are in a better place, my heart is broken and I can’t believe you’re gone.  I would give anything for one more nuzzle in the soft fur on your neck, or watching you roll in the fresh cut grass in the sun. We fought the good fight together, and tried so hard, but in the end it was time to say goodbye. I am lost without you here, and the void you left is so very large but if I learned one thing from you it is that life is best when you open your heart and let love in, no matter the fear or the pain.

I hope you find our cat buddy Jax on the other side and you’re both chasing squirrels together. I miss you in all the minutes in the days without you.  When it is our time to meet again, and “they ask me what I liked best, I will tell them that it was you”. xo 



Oct 3rd 2003 - June 8th 2014

"My buddy, my friend, my child
when I think of you, I can only smile
I had the best life with you
Now, God gets to enjoy you too

I donated your toys, cause I know, you hated to share
now many dogs will enjoy them, that are in Gerdy's care.

We brought home a new dog today, his name is Winston. I promise I'll take good care of him, and love him TONS

R.I.P Rukus Doherty"


In Memory of Cooper

Cooper came into our lives Feb.18th 2005,as a year old puppy. He was left on the side of a road. It was love at first sight. He tested us and pooped in the house. We just said he'll be fine, but that was a no-no.

He became the king of our house and we loved him for it. He was our SPECIAL BABY. He didn't like to have his picture taken, he always looked sad, but call his name the tail was wagging and he came running. He loved other dogs, but people were his specialty. He was a great friend and we loved him more than words could say.

In Oct. 2012 he was losing weight and always thirsty. He had diabetes so twice a day he had insulin shots. Everyone at the Veterinary loved him too. Then he developed cataracts and we wanted to get our puppy's sight back, but it was to late as his sight had gone beyond help. He adjusted so well. He was a pleaser and we thanked him for loving us so much.

On June 9th our little trooper gave us a sign that he was tired, and was ready to go to "Rainbow Bridge" so we let him go with heavy hearts and many tears. We were so lucky to have had him, thanks to Gerdy and her team.

Love you forever "Coop"

Mommy & Daddy


1999 - May 23rd, 2014

Tonight we put our beloved Savaii to rest. He was an amazing cat that we rescued in 2003.

We would shuttle him with us, up North, every weekend and he was the real "pack leader" with all four dogs that he lived with over his years. He was a real trooper and he never strayed far from us.

We loved him very much and we will miss him dearly.

Katya & François


Bogey: June 18 2007 – April 19 2014

To my beloved Bogey,

You were literally my emotional touchstone: the first thing I did each morning was to reach out and give you a quick pat or hug, and the last thing I did each evening as you snuggled between us, was to touch you and tell you I loved you.

It is literally inconceivable to me that you are no longer here. December 6th 2009 was a sunny day as I walked into the Hudson Community Centre to take you home from Judy & Gerdy’s loving care. You were so happy to be liberated from your crate, from 20 months of languishing, from the noisy centre – you had what I later came to call your “determined” walk: ears back, eyes forward, on a mission. (As we walked to my car, one of Gerdy’s staff members called out: “Is that Bogey??? You’re so lucky to have him!”)

And so we began our life together: twice daily walks in the woods (cross country skiing in the winter and cutting us off on the hills so that you could beat us), fearlessly staring down dogs four times your size into submission, coming to the office with me each day and charming everyone, pulling your toys out of the basket one at a time when company came, glued to my side for three weeks when I came home from the hospital, jumping halfway up the doors or windows to greet visitors and squirrels, loving to ride in the car (but protesting when we took a route you didn’t know), turning to look both ways at stop signs – just like me.

And when Ezio came into my life, you took an instant shine – I always knew you were a “guy’s guy” and he came to love you as much as I did – especially your tough guy personality – you were so aptly named!
But it is the pure joy and comfort you gave me that I cherish and miss the most: whenever I’d be in a bad mood, all I had to do was watch your bow-legged meanderings, without a care in the world and I would feel instantly better. You taught me everything I know about staying in the present.

Another sunny day – but this one with a very different outcome. As you leapt from our arms and ran straight into danger, my heart stopped. When the vet came in to tell us you were gone, my heart broke. I will never understand why someone so loved and so loving had to leave us but I must try – despite the pain and tears that come often and easily.

Rest my love – as the poem goes, you are the winds that blow, the diamond glints on snow, the gentle autumn rain, the quiet birds in flight. You are everywhere – and nothing can hurt you now.


Clare & Ezio


My beloved Dozer,

The day I found you you looked so sad, you had been neglected, abused and forgotten Someone thought you belonged chained to a tree with a chain embedded in your neck, that took a year for the rust and blood to disappear.

You were so thin, so dirty and sad, when we washed and groomed you we found burdocks infected in your skin. Although it hurt like hell, you patiently let us help you never even raising and eyebrow when the fur pulled.

I remember that first day, I told your daddy that I needed to have you because I was facing surgery and needed a friend You never forgot what I said because for the next 10 yrs, you never left my side.

You loved to bark at snowmachines and sometimes sneak away to get a good chase you hated the meter man, tried to eat him a few times, and when I was flat on my back and someone came in the house, you made sure they didn't get any closer to me than what you allowed.

You were great to cuddle, no matter how hot you were you stayed and made Carla happy. You gave more love to us all than any person in the world could ever do.

Your name fit you well when you would plow your face through the snow. In the springtime you would find the last patch to lay your furry self down on.

I know you are in heaven now you stayed as long as you could you would have stayed longer if we didn’t set you free.

I will be ok my Deedle Dog, my heart will never heal and I will always miss you but the memories I have will last me the rest of my life until the day we can run together again.

Thank you for all your love!!


You were a good boy, Frodo. There is really no other way to describe you. The first time we met you, we knew right away what a kind and gentle soul you were. Little did we know just how much joy you would bring into our lives.

The moment you walked into our door, you lay down in the doggy bed we had laid out for you as if you knew it was yours. You knew you were finally home and that this was where you were meant to be.

Unfortunately your time with us was cut short, only 6 months did you spend in our home. In that time you stole our hearts with your smile and your sweet personality. We never understood how anybody could ever let your sweet face go but we are so thankful that they did.

You loved fetching sticks and tennis balls, chewing on squeaky toys and lying half hidden under our bed. You were so silly sometimes! And what you wouldn’t do for food – no matter where you were in the house, as soon as the fridge door opened, no matter how quiet we tried to be, sure enough you would come running!

We are now left with a home that feels empty without you. Thank you for being such a wonderful loving dog. We wish you could’ve stayed with us forever and although your body may be gone, we know you will always be by our side and in our hearts.

We miss you dearly,

Jen & Andrew



Adopted: July 22, 2005

Passed Away: February 12, 2014

I found Cosmo on line using Petfinder.com searching under the name "Cosmo".  You might ask why "Cosmo", well I am from New Jersey and I am a big Seinfeld fan. I found it funny that the website had this option, so I thought I would give it a try.  

I had just lost my beloved black Lab (8 yrs old) three months earlier, who had epilepsy and diabetes.  I was absolutely miserable and after begging my husband for another dog, I started my search for a rescue dog.  

When I saw Cosmo on Gerdy's site, something got to me.  I would check for days to see if he was still available, and finally got the courage to call and ask to see him.  From the moment I met him, I felt a sense of calm and completeness.  He was a bit cautious, and understandably so, as he was found wondering the streets of NDG.  I had to take him home.  

When I brought Cosmo home, he seemed content, and was very happy.  It was a long day and I fell asleep watching TV with him and when I awoke a hour later, there was Cosmo, on the floor next to me. He was my shadow from then on.  

There was not a day that went by that didn't tell him how much I loved him.  He was my smile every day.  He was such a great dog with all of my four children.  He has been a source of love, companionship and a lot of laughter for all of us throughout the years.  

He was diagnosed with an enlarged heart in September 2013 after he suffered what seemed to be a faiting spell.  Since his diagnosis, we did everything we could to make him as happy and healthy as we could, knowing that we only had 3 - 6 months left with him.   You would never know he was sick to look at him, as he was just the same loving and caring dog as he always was, but I knew he was slowing down.

Although he was not in any pain, he could not run and play or take long walks as he liked, because it would tax his sick heart.  He had 4 heart related episodes , with the last one taking him from me last week.  

I can not believe how much he has meant to me, and although some think he was just a dog, he was my baby and I am so thankful he was in my life.  Without shelters like Gerdy's Rescue, who knows where these loving animals would be.  Thank you again for saving my Cosmo and letting me adopt him.  I will be forever grateful.

The christmas tree picture is from this past Christmas, and the second picture is how I would like to remember him, happy and riding next to me as my co-pilot.


Lisa Gagnon


Moka Waterman

July 24, 1998 - January 28, 2014

My fur angel Moka, my loving loyal friend has gone to a place of everlasting peace & joy, where nothing can ever hurt her beautiful body and spirit again.

Moka was a Gerdy’s dog, WHO ADOPTED ME in October 2006.  Her soulful eyes captured my heart from the moment I first saw her.  She was and will always be my special Angel!! 

In June 2013, Moka was diagnosed with two types of cancer, had oral surgery and was under palliative care at home until January 28, 2014.  For close to eight months, she continued to enjoy a “good quality of life” with her dog buddy Koda, her 3 cats and her human parents.

I am very sad that she is no longer here with me, but I knew it was time to set her free. We all miss her very much!!  She will always be by my side and remain a heart-beat at my feet.

She is now reunited with her dog buddy Nikita, free to run and frolic through fields of great beauty and splendor.

Forever in our hearts you will stay, until we meet again someday.  R.I.P. my sweet girl.

Moka was cremated with loving respect and dignity by Pet Friends and her cremains are contained in a beautiful Dog Angel urn. 

Special thanks to Dr. Lacoste, Dr. Planté and wonderful staff at DMV, Lachine for their professional care & compassion.   

Heartfelt thanks to Gerdy, Judy and Roger of Gerdy’s Rescues & Adoptions, Montreal for their support & love throughout this difficult time.


In memory of a poor, beautiful stray dog

You deserve a name and it will be Valiant, for you fought so long to survive, alone.

You ran away from us when we tried to help, and now it is too late. We didn’t know you, but here we are, tears running down our faces, so sad that you could not allow yourself be saved.  

What happened in your life that made you scared of people trying to help you?  We will never know.  We tried so hard to get you some help, but it was too late. 

When we were later told you had been on the run since December 2013, we realized that you somehow kept yourself alive through the cruel frigid record breaking weather, but by the time you chose to live on our deck you'd run away when we tried to help, your body was shutting down. 

We know you took some of the food we put out for you, but you did not always eat it all.  When we tried to open the door, you ran away.

We are glad that you found safe haven on the deck of our backyard during your last week. We know you are in doggie Heaven, at peace, no longer running…And we will never forget you, Valliant.
Pam & Dan


June 01, 1995 - February 02, 2014

You were so small when you came home. As a 10 year old, it was impossible to contain my joy as I held you. We grew up together, you and I. You took care of me and I of you.

You watched me stumble and fall and were always there to purr away my tears. You even watched me fall in love, fully accepting this new human as yours and we became a little family.

You were loved.

You were sick, hurting and having trouble breathing. The medication to solve one problem would have exacerbated another. The pills would have to have been forced and would only have given us a couple months at best.

You were calm, comfortable and purring. You told me it was time to go. 18 years, 8 months and 2 days. It wasn't enough.

You are our baby girl. Sweet dreams.

Amanda and Mark

R.I.P. Donovan

September 30, 2001  --  November 08, 2013

Dear Donovan,

As I sit here with a heavy heart and a “lost” soul, I find it very difficult to go on daily without you.

From the moment I saw you as a young puppy I loved you with all my heart.  You had beautiful eyes and your white pinch always reminded me of a Captain.  Well... every Captain must “anchor” his ship at some point. 

YOU, Donovan, were my “anchor”.  You always kept me going in the right direction.  You made me happy in my saddest moments.  You forced me “to rise and shine” and kept us laughing with all your antics.

You indeed were “a British gentleman”.  Your favourite poses with cushions and pillows made everyone laugh.  I could often picture you with a “Sherlock Holmes” hat.  Your sweet disposition made everyone stop and admire you.

Your unconditional love brought joy to our family for so many years.  Yet to me, those years were short lived.  I never wanted you to leave us but I did not want you to suffer any more.  I tried my best, Donovan, and loved you with all my heart.

Donovan, the hole you left in my heart will NEVER be filled but I hope you are peacefully watching over us as we continue to mourn your deep loss.

Forever loving and missing you,

Lionel & Family

  Ralph Moka  

Ralph Moka (2007 - 2013)

Ralph Moka, our wonderful Saint Bernard has left us.

Thursday December 12, our Moka started to refuse his food and then started to drink and eat snow constantly. 

We took him to the vet for urine and blood test which revealed a very abnormal calcium level. In the meanwhile Dr. Murray took a chance with antibiotics but our Moka was loosing a lot of weight (+/- 15 pounds in the past week).  Wednesday night we got the final results: Cancer.

Our Moka wasn’t eating at all anymore, was loosing strength and Dr. Murray told us that we had a decision to make!!!!  For the love of our baby, we let him go.

I am writing with my eyes full of tears.  It was a terrible decision we had to take but just couldn’t let him suffer anymore.  I've heard that to love is also to let go!!!! (we are so heartbroken)

We did everything possible and stayed with him to his last heartbeat.

Our Moka will be missed, we will never forget this big Ben which has brought us so much joy.

Johanne and Daniel Leduc and his brother Thunder


Our Sweet Boy

Peacefully at home on January 28, 2014. At Rainbow Bridge he has joined his brother Henry (January 11, 2014).

Forever missed by his canine sister Bella and his guardians Harry and Averil, who will never forget such a special senior rescue.



Our Prince

Age 14.5 years passed away peacefully at home on Saturday, January 11, 2014. He will be sadly missed by his canine siblings Neil and Belle.

Also left to mourn are his guardians Harry and Averil.



Max Baxter

April 28, 2000 – Jan. 24, 2014 (Designated Birthday)

You weren’t much more than a ball of fur that day we met. It was the despicable actions of a most cold-hearted individual that brought us together. I have no idea why they threw you out of their van. I will never know why and I don’t care because no reason would ever make sense anyways.

All that matters is that you and I were together. Finally. As if this is how it was always supposed to be and we just never knew it up until that moment. Do you remember the promise we made each other right there and then? That we would have each other’s back forever? And we did, didn’t we? For almost 14 years, we did. Thank you, Max. You were amazing at keeping up your end of the deal.

Age and illness set too deep into your bones, and I couldn’t let you suffer anymore. I know you wanted to be here, for me and the boys, forever. That’s what we wanted too, Max. I would have done anything to make that possible, and it broke my heart to watch you slip away. Did you hear me tell you that I love you? That you are the best dog ever? Did you feel my arms around you, stroking your belly as my tears fell on your velvety ears? As you slipped away, I felt you leave. In the pit of my stomach, suddenly there was an emptiness. A piece of me went with you because you and me; we were always one. The boys and I miss you terribly. We always will.

It’s only been five days since you went away and I can still feel you with me, by my side. I sometimes look down, and I can see you right there, looking up at me...walking with me by my side. You are there and I am here, but one day we will be together again. Wait for me, Max, and until we meet again, walk with me by my side forever.  

Love always,

Sara, Declan, Owen and Séamus


In Memory of Maddy

Maddy was part basset hound, part beagle and all heart.  She passed away peacefully at home on December 20, 2013. 

She was a sweet girl with a unique personality.  She had many, many endearing qualities and just funny ways that made you smile – the amount of effort she put into plumping her pillow on the couch to just the right shape, waiting for me to turn her dish around once she had eaten the food on one side, blowing the horn in the car, her keen desire to keep the yard squirrel-free and finally, peering sideways through the backyard fence and barking at the neighbours in their own living room. 

Though she was fearful of things such as fireworks and thunderstorms, her look of absolute trust in me to save her always touched me deeply. 

As she aged her face became completely white – even her eye lashes.  She was very resilient her last year as we managed a degenerative back problem but when it was time, she laid down and quietly passed away.  I miss her very much but am so glad she shared her life with me and enriched mine.



In memory of our sweet angel SIMON
Simon was the sweetest, most adorable dog that I have ever had in my life. He filled our home with pure joy EVERY DAY, and was loved by everyone who met him. Simon was quiet, docile, and could melt your heart with his big sad eyes.

We lost him on January 2nd due to a brain tumour which took him suddenly, yet thankfully painlessly. His big brother BRINKLEY, our 15 year old shih tzu, was with him when he passed, and is missing him very much. Simon and Brinkley were the best of friends, they loved each other's company and were great companions to each other.

Everything Simon did was adorable, he was a gentle little soul that touched our hearts and will be forever missed. We are so sad to have to say goodbye to our little love.

Thank you so much to Gerdy's Rescues for giving him a second chance at life....he was definitely loved to pieces, and I believe he rescued us as much as we rescued him! Little did we know how easily he would become a part of our lives in such a big way. The loss of our little friend is palpable...our sadness is immeasurable.

Thank you again for all that you do, and for sending us our angel from heaven, we were so lucky to have him in our lives. For as long as we did.

Forever in our hearts,

Kathleen, Terry, Nicholas, Sarah and Brinkley Julien

In Memory of GG

Gerdy Gouron rescued Mittens II, this gorgeous, large, grey and white Maine Coon cat more than once.  We renamed her GG, in honour of Gerdy, October 7,
2003 at about two and a half years old.

GG acquired and trained three stray dogs, traveled in a motor home through Mexico and multiple crossings of North America, settled in Victoria facing the sea, and died of lymphosarcoma, October 4, 2013.

We are grateful to Gerdy for the ten years of love, pets and purrs we shared with GG. 

Eric & Lee Adler


We're so blessed that we adopted Cooper, Charlie misses his big brother :( cooper loved bananas that was his favourite snack.

Cooper loved his walks in the trails :) and also loved car rides and his jowls flying everywhere: p when he stuck his head out the sunroof.

Cooper was more than a dog he was very much part of the family and went everywhere with us.  We miss him so much :(.

We had him a very short time but loved every minute he was around. He had such huge paws and a beautiful, loving face with the kindest 'golden' eyes. He was an 85 lb. lap dog. 

We never had a dull moment!  We are so happy he was in good hands with Janet Lalonde and then later at the St. Lawrence vet in Cornwall when he took sick. 

They took so very good care of him but unfortunately he deteriorated. We did get to say goodbye before he went over the rainbow bridge. Thank you for waiting 'Coop'. 

We all appreciated our last moments with you, even 'Charlie'. We love you 'Coop'. I'm sure you are up there with our Boswell and his friend Sam enjoying your bananas.


In Memory of our Sammy

In March 2004, we went to a Rosie's Adoption clinic in search of a new edition to our family. Within seconds, we were instantly drawn to a 4-year-old Golden Retriever named Sammy, who had been locked in a garage for four years by his previous owners. We knew right away that he was the perfect dog for us, and brought him into our home 2 weeks later.

Although we only had nine years with Sammy, he has brought nothing but love to anyone he met. He was truly a member of our family and had a huge impact on us all. There are no words to describe the love we gave to him, and the love he gave back in return. We were devastated to have to say goodbye to our precious Sammy on Wednesday, October 2nd, but we know that he is finally out of his suffering.

We will forever miss our Sammy and cherish the memories with him, as he has changed all of our lives.

The Eisenberg Family


Passed peacefully away with the kindness of her vet: September 16, 2013

Lilly was our treasure girl.  We had so hoped to treat her starvation etc. and find her a good home but it was not to be.

Lilly came to us in terrible shape, badly neglected, a dumped dog tied to a tree and found by a wonderful and caring person who brought her to us for help.
A medical exam revealed that she suffered from a cancer of the vagina, and tests showed it was advanced and incurable.  We were all broken hearted. 

This poor girl obviously had never known a kind day in her life, but she left this world with FRIENDS to mourn her absence.  She may have had no one to love her before, but at her end she had prayers, tears, and the support of all who met her and looked after her.  Lilly is unforgettable and will be in our hearts forever.

Lilly was a real LADY dog, so gentle and kind, once given liver treats she acquired a taste for them, and had a good snack of them near her end, never greedy, but always a nudge of her paw for one more piece. It never ceases to amaze us the spirit of these dogs, to be abused by mankind and still look with trust at other humans.

To cry for one dog such as this is not as a lost cause, for with Lilly we feel for ALL dogs people hurt, abandon, and mistreat.  Lily triumphed in life because she found her FAMILY in the people around her caring for her.  And the outpouring of love she attracted.

We gave her 2 GOOD months of quality life, fresh air, being fussed over.  Therefore, she had people to miss and mourn her loss.  Lilly will be cremated at Petfriends and go back to the lady who found her.  One could not meet Lilly and not call her FRIEND. 

Lilly had that quality of a Saint, an old soul, forgiving and kind.  Now she is in God’s care and keeping, her suffering at the hands of man over.  Lilly has found peace at last.  Dearly loved and missed  by Gerdy’s Rescues and all who came to know her sweet heart.


In loving memory of our dog, Hatley

We will always have Hatley in our heart, this treasure that we came to know and love in only 2 years. Hatley brought us so much love into our family. How someone could have given her up is beyond me!

We were blessed to have her for this short while; she was a fantastic little girl with so much love to give. There was something so special about our “mama dog”.

Felix our 5-year-old rescue from Gerdy’s will also miss here dearly. So will her friends Harley and Dexter. Bless you my sweetie!!! We will always love our “mama dog” !!!

Lea and Fabio


Hatley was like a second mother and a sister that I could never have. Since my mom leaves for work early in the morning and comes home at 5:00, she never gets to eat breakfast with us or watch us leave for school or welcome us when we get home.

But Hatley would have breakfast with us, come on our beds when we get ready, watch us leave for school and she would be the first one to come and say hi when we came home. Hatley was a sister to me because she would watch TV with me and play with me and once in a while sleep with me. Hatley was very playfull and would make Felix our other Bernese from Gerdy’s surrender for the chew toy, it was hilarious. I really miss Hatley.

Love, Carina


Hatley was a fun dog to play with and hang with. But unfortunately she had to go see our other pets Bronx, Zeus, and peetree. The 22nd of July 2013 Hatley passed away it was a very sad day.

Things Hatley likes: 1. To play 2. Watch TV 3. Sleep with family. Her favorite football team would be the New England Patriots. Hatley would always come in my room or my sister’s room and hop on the beds.  I really miss her too!!!

Love, Luca


Sweet CASSIE came to us a lonely, neglected dog and left this world knowing true love, compassion, kindness, and JOY.  Cassie was fostered by Pierre and Carolyne, knowing she had cancer.  They took her into their home and hearts, doing everything to make her happy while Cassie had her chemo treatments to shrink the cancer found in her bladder. 

We had thought Cassie was well when we first got her and hoped to adopt her out but it was not to be.  So they took her to her treatments and gave her a wonderful gift of a loved dog’s life, until the end.  Cassie learned that she could play with unbridled joy, running about with their dogs; Miss Molly and Kayla, and feeling the snow under her feet as the family walked all together along the river’s edge.

Running about, playing outside with Miss Molly, like a much younger dog, she learned to sniff the air outside for all the wondrous scents dogs love.  She curled up indoors to nap cosily with them on a couch.  She ate well and had a good appetite, enjoying the morning ritual of toast with Pierre. She was brushed to a shine.  She changed from a sad-eyed dog to one with eyes full of content.  These people gave of themselves unstintingly, inviting heartbreak, but only caring to give her a whole loving lifetime in a few months.  They accomplished that purpose, over 6 months of a WONDERFUL life.

It takes brave people to do this, knowing what lies ahead all too soon.  But dogs live in the present, and Cassie had everything other loved dogs knew before she passed.  Pierre and Carolyne are truly Earth Angel heroes to us, and we are sure Cassie was regarded as one of the family.

To these extraordinary people—THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.  And Cassie, you had so many friends who prayed for you.  We hope you were met by Charlie and that he took you HOME to romp and play to your heart’s content.


My Beloved Daisy – Always in my heart

I gave my beloved Daisy the last gift and the most meaningful.  I helped her one last time with the help of Gerdy’s Rescue and Adoptions; we said goodbye to her and let Daisy go over Rainbow Bridge to join the many beloved pets who have already passed. I held her and I kissed her forehead as she fell asleep, she closed her eyes one last time. Her fight against cancer, finally over.

My hope is that her death can serve as an lesson on why it is beneficial for  your animals to be spayed/neutered so to help keep them healthy as long as possible. Daisy had breast cancer and that can be avoided in most cases by spaying/neutering them.
I will keep my beloved pet in my heart forever and I will not let her death be for nothing.

Remember Daisy and neuter/spay your pets and keep them for all their life because they depend on us for everything. They love us and we must do everything we can to keep them healthy and safe.

Thank you Gerdy.



She was only with us for ONE year, but in that one year she lived her entire 12 years over again in sunshine, feeling grass under her feet, had the joy of feeling crackling leaves under her feet in autumn, saw and felt the seasons change, enjoyed her walks and meeting the good humans of this Earth and their dogs. Serena felt the breezes ruffle her fur, and smelled the delicious scents carried upon the wind that only a dog could truly appreciate and love. Serena LIVED that one precious year with us, it was her lifetime.

You see. Serena was a puppymill dog who spend 11 years in a cage, never seeing anything but the misery around her and the only scent in the air was that of rotting ammonia and feces. Serena never enjoyed the exhilaration of a bath, and a playtime after, racing around the yard drying under the sun’s rays. Serena never knew grooming, because she was a breeder mother, never was she intended to look pretty like her pups, taken from her too soon and regarded simply as restocking the store inventor. She was never a living creature of God to anyone.

Then she was saved, met me and my husband Roger who foster old dogs for rescue and we adopted her. We had only a year with our Serena but it was a joyous year to us, watching her discover life that other dogs took for granted, the wonder in her eyes and seeing her sniff with interest all that was so new to her. We wanted to show her so much more that she had missed but it was not to be.

Our Serena knew love, belonging, hugs and kisses, cuddles, good food, and every hallmark of LOVE we could give her and in return she gave us her heart. She never had puppies to nurture and love because they were always taken from her. She only had her heart that was her own to give and she saved it for US all those years until we came into her life. To have the opportunity to adopt or foster an old dog or a dog in need is the most rewarding experience in the world. We would not have traded that one year together as she was one of the lucky ones who made it out alive. She was OURS, heart and soul and we were HERS totally. She knew LOVE before she passed.

We miss you Serena and know you will visit us in Spirit, still our girl. Much missed by Maira, Roger , and Baba her new brother who is crying for her.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

RIP Serena, I love you



Lucky passed away peacefully May 5th, 2013 while still listed as a compassionate placement. Lucky never did find his Earth Angel to give him his forever home but he was loved by those who cared for him and will not be forgotten.

Moments like this affect us deeply at Gerdy’s Rescues. JOANNA, who found Lucky abandoned on a roadside, rescued and kept him until we took Lucky into our rescue had this to say about Lucky before he passed. We feel her words best describe how loveable Lucky was:

“At first, when I found Lucky, he was unsure towards me and was growling at me. However, after a few hours of observing me, he slowly started to trust me. I think I broke his doubts in me after I showed him a leash.

He immediately came up to me without having to force him. He seemed so happy to go on a walk. After that time, the same night, he kept on following me around the house. He would jump on me when I'd be sitting on the couch so I would pet him. He loved it!

He was still unsure of Fabio the same night we found him, so Fabio let Lucky approach him slowly. The day after, he would jump on Fabio just as he would jump on me.

Oh, and he absolutely LOVED car rides. He would run and jump inside my car even without telling him to do so. And he'd be such a good boy in the car! He would lie down on the passenger seat and just stare at me. Very calm! When we'd leave him alone in the house, he'd sleep and didn't chew on anything!

On walks, he didn't bark at people nor other animals. Oh and he'd follow me around the house outside without a leash. He was very obedient! Possibly because he was still unsure of his environment. He also didn't have a routine, meaning that anybody that adopts him doesn't need to get up at 7 am on the weekend and walk him.

He also loved to take pictures, that's why it was sad to see him the way he was last time.. He really is a sweetheart.  I think he's very sad because he was abandoned by his past owners.”

  Fritz Durocher  


June 17, 1999 - February 6, 2013

…if I thought you would forget me, I could never leave...  (From WINNIE the POOH)

Fritz LOVED being a dog, delighting in his friends (human and animal), enjoying his toys, treats, parks... So sturdy, with a large spirit and lots of vitality, he sometimes showed NO signs of the health conditions which began to develop (age 3), prompting one veterinary professional to say, ‘Your dog hasn’t read the text on his condition”, and leading us to think that Fritz was the “love child” of two very good looking Schnauzers.  Modern veterinary medicine gave Fritz a normal life span.

Like others of his species, he gave... and gave companionship, love, loyalty, amusement... in ways that astonished us all!

“Nanny’s Treasure” is reunited with one of his greatest soul mates.

In Memory of KEYA

Keya came into our lives when a friend asked me to accompany her to the local dog pound in Cold Lake, Alberta to inquire about her son volunteering there, and as a joke I replied, "Don't let me come home with a dog!" You can see the result was meant to be.

Coming into our lives at 18 months old, Keya proved to be the car ride puking wonder from day one. I soon became very adept at driving with one hand while holding a bucket under her head, for the short dives to obedience and agility training!

Over the years she became a very great car and air traveller and brought endless love, laughter and joy into our lives. The admitted favourite of all family dogs by her human grandparents, she will be sadly missed and leaves a huge hole in our hearts and lives.

At age 15 Keya was so compassionately and gently helped on her journey to peace by PetFriends. Thank you so much Averil and Melanie, as you are both very special people.

Doreen and Jim Anderson



May her death be a reason for others to live


All our lives we need to love and be loved back. When I picked up our Daisy we loved her right away and knew it was what we wanted and she seemed to accept us as her new parents and loved us as much as we loved her.

Today I wished we had been given better information on how we could have taken steps to help prevent her illness. I will tell her story to as many pet owners as I can so they can be more informed.

Daisy would not have died before her time if she had been spayed/neutered.

She was a wonderful companion and she had helped me through some terrible times. She was always there to let me cry in her furry neck or jump with joy when we came home. We loved her dearly.

I am grateful to have had her for the 13 years we shared together. Daisy became sick quickly and due to her age and past health issues it was apparent we were going to lose our dear friend so we made sure she enjoyed what time she had left.

When she showed us she was too tired to go on and she needed help I called Gerdy and gave her our last gift to take away her suffering, thanks to the Tyler Foundation and Gerdy's Rescues.

Daisy was loved. This is all I can do to honour her memory. I will urge people to spay/neuter and give their pets a longer life and to help stop over population of pets.

Ms Jeannette Ettinger


This photo was taken in Lafontaine Park by a complete stranger.  It was a windy day and he caught her ears flying, and the enigmatic, almost reflective expression that was so typical of Tess.  It was tough to "read her".  And she chose when, and to whom to show emotion. 

She had her favourites like my nephew Joseph and she showered him with kisses and joy.  But if you weren't one of the few on her favourite list, you would get the cold shoulder and that hard-to-read expression.  She was a loving, playful dog and I miss her terribly.

Ever missed,

Annie Tobias

  Michael Cordato  

In memory of Michael Cordato

Mike's love of animals was well known to all of his close friends and family and he would have certainly been proud in knowing that his passing will benefit the lives of cats and dogs in need. 

Mike's family would like to thank all of those who make a donation in Mike's memory and we all will certainly feel comfort in your generosity to this cause.

Please click here for information on how you can donate to Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions. Thank you.


It is with much grief and sadness that Sylvia and I wish to advise you of the sudden death of our dear little Barney who passed away quietly in his sleep last evening after a very short illness.

We will deeply miss this little guy, who was a rescued dog, but we will take fond memories of knowing that we gave him a good and loving forever home with us, over the past 5 and a half years.

Our hardest loss will be when we arrive home after being out and will not have this energetic little guy meet us at the door.

He is at peace and he did not suffer too much.

Sylvia & Gerry

A note on behalf of Gerdys:

Gerdy’s Rescues extends to Sylvia and Gerry our deepest sympathy. Little Barney was a Gerdy dog that they adopted from us and never was there anyone prouder to show him off, Barney in arms proudly displayed to collect any and all compliments of which there were many.

Barney could not have been loved more and he returned it tenfold to this wonderful couple. Gerry carrying Barney to visit us on several occasions where we were at, face beaming with pride, will never be forgotten by us.

Barney had his Heaven on Earth and asked for no more, he had all he needed or wanted in the devotion of this couple who loved him and cared for him all his time with them.


Saku will be missed by many

In 1997 we cared for Saku, a new pup belonging to my neighbor below, while the young owner went out to work nights. She would play with my Husky-mix, Marmalade, a wonderful dog I'd adopted and was now 2-1/2 years old. Marmalade let Saku jump all over her, and really took her under her wing.

When Saku's owner announced that he was giving her up, that he couldn't afford her and care for her, I took her in... I had no choice, the two furry girls had bonded so well.

Saku was easy to train, in fact, I didn't train her; Marmalade did! She knew not to put her head over the coffee table, even when there was food. Marmalade must have given her a talking to! When our first child was born, Sarah, in 2005, Saku followed her everywhere; she would sometimes sleep under her crib.

Until Saku died, at 14-1/2 years old this October, she would sleep in Sarah's room if Sarah was in bed. They were like soul mates. Sarah misses her terribly, but understands that Saku is just a memory now, but will accompany her in her dreams.

A year after Marmalade had died, we adopted Lucy from Gerdy's Rescues, a 4 year old Basset who loved to tease old Saku. When they were in the yard together, Lucy would run past Saku and yank her tail! This would get Saku in a real huff, but I think it was a good stress for her!

Now Lucy is visibly distraught, and we will not wait too long before adopting another lovely soul... We know that Gerdy will help us fill this spot in our home.


Suyeung came into my life as an immigrant Chinese ShihTzu who was brought to Canada at age 6 years. I adopted her through the Animal Health Clinic after she was abandoned by her owners.

Suyeung died at 19 years of age on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in the evening at DMV. She was in my arms and, when she was gone, she went into the arms of Rodney McLean of the K911 Pet Ambulance service to be kept safe and cremated.

Suyeung had incredible courage and resolve. On Saturday morning, I held her as she walked around the Olivier Street park with my neighbor Caroline and her two teckels. Suyeung was happy to see the other dogs and she walked proudly back and forth with my assistance. When I brought her in, she wanted to walk again and I held her as she walked in the diningroom around the diningroom table a few times, with great resolve and great interest.

On Saturday, Suyeung went into doggy daycare at the Hopital Général de Montréal with Emma Rose and Xena. She slept in her soft bed with the vet techs and didn’t move much. When I picked her up at the end of the day, she cried out constantly and I knew that our time had come. I brought her home one last time and then we left for DMV.

Please have a thought for our Suyeung today, our brave and loving little immigrant Chinese shitzhu who loved life. She is now with her beloved Athena and Gator, in puppy heaven. I know she is running around, with her head held high. I have many people to thank for their support in these last few weeks, all I can do is cry.

In loving memory of Suyeung,

Lysanne, Laura, and our dog through Gerdy, Emma Rose

** The picture was drawn by my daughter Laura of me, Lysanne, with Suyeung, and Emma Rose in 2010


In Loving Memory of our "Choupie"

Brave Choupette,

We met you at 5 years of age, in August of 2008 and have had the priviledge of having you as a member of our family until today, October 30th 2012. During those years you came to know what living in a loving home with people who deeply cared for you was, after having suffered a really tough start to life.

You were not the only recipient in this relationship, you provided Leo a much needed and appreciated companion when the rest of our pack was out, which he and the neighbors greatly appreciated as well as us. Always the first to let us know if someone was near the door, even while cuddled up on the bed.

In recognition of your undying desire to catch frogs at the lake, we will honor you by placing you for evermore next to the very creek  where you practiced your art.

From all of us in the "Robitaille pack" Thank You so much for being our Brave Little Girl, right up until the last minute.

We will never stop loving, or forget you Choupie.


Louie (August 2012 - October 5th 2012)

I found Louie, sickly and desperate for food and love five weeks ago in the alley behind my house. He was by far the sweetest cat I have ever met, and quickly became a well-loved member of our family.

Despite our efforts, Louie became too sick to live a happy life and we had no choice but to put him down. My heart is absolutely broken, and and doubly so because I know there are so many other feral or abandoned kittens in this city who will not be lucky enough to enjoy a comfortable and dignified end like Louie did.

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” - Immanuel Kant



Frankie   (1995 – September 17, 2012)

We celebrate the life of of Franchesca.  We always called her Frankie, because she was a down to earth, no nonsense girl—Frankie fit her more.  Our dear tortie girl, with the big thumbs, and the ability to close her eyes when sitting and dream of past glories. 

Kicked in the face as a stray, her little pink tongue was always sticking out, giving her a very kittenish look all her life.

Frankie was a rescue cat, saved from a building about to be demolished in Chinatown, at age 5, along with her 2 kittens.  In her new home, Frankie soon took over as head cat in charge.  She got along great with the dogs in the household, commanding their respect, or a cuff was in order.   

She had the dogs very well trained – one glance from her and they would give her a wide berth.  The other cats knew better than to take over Frankie’s best spots in the house.  Frankie gravitated quickly to Judy’s mother, living with us. She became Mum’s confidant until the day Mum left our home for hospital care. 

Then Frankie took on a new duty, that of Editor in Chief of Gerdy’s Rescues.  She was a dedicated volunteer!  Frankie dutifully jumped up ON the keyboard and erased or screwed up anything she did not approve of.  Many’s the time an emergency call went to our webmaster son to rescue lost documents or fix a grand screw-up with the computer, as a result of Frankie’s zeal to supervise! 

She took her job seriously as a Gerdy Volunteer and was always a Gerdy’s Girl in the background,  determined to erase all signs of DOGS from the computer.  She helped Judy burn the midnight oil answering emails there was no time to do during a busy day.  She’d sit between the keyboard and the monitor, necessitating 8 years of Judy typing with one hand, the other hand holding back Frankie from laying on the keyboard or trying to push it off the desk.  Frankie could be very opinionated about what was good copy and what was disposable!  She was a tough editor! 

Now Frankie has a place of honour, her little urn sits real close to Judy on that same desk.  Who wonders, did I make a typing error or is Frankie still on the job?   We’d like to think so. 

A huge THANK YOU to all who knew & loved her all her life—Gerdy and our friends, Averil of PetFriends for her tender care of our girl after her passing, Dr. Auger for her final kindness.

“A meow massages the heart”

In loving memory

Judy and Roger Cameron, Jamie and Nina, and our dear family who knew and loved Frankie
  Toro "Toto"  

This big boy came to me from Gerdy's after a very rough start to his life; but that all changed the minute he set paw into his new home.... Toro ruled.

I was never sure if his "attitude" came from his rough start or if that was just who he was. It didn't matter though, because he was truly a part of my life within days of coming home.

8 years later, I had to say goodbye to my big boy. He was loud, proud and very present. Not a fan of many, he had his "people" and he let us know daily, just how special WE were to him. I miss his meow, his intense and up-close cuddles and his purr; which rivaled motorcycles.

I was not ready to say good-bye and try to take solace that despite your unfair start in this world Toto; you lived a life of pleasure, love and safety.

I wish I could kiss the top of your head one more time, see you look at me with your eyes so full of love and listen to you "talk".

Rest in peace my Toto, you'll always be in my heart.

xoxo Tracey


Roxy “Rooks”

You came to me looking for love, yet you’re the one
who gave it to me. Your friendly charms changed many who believed the stereotyped ideas of what a Rottweiler is.

Rest in peace My Beloved Sweetheart.


Roxy’s Story:

She was destined for death row because of her illness: Addison’s disease. I took one look at her and adopted her as my dog.

Roxy was wary and unsure at first and she gave me that look she has in the picture often, but we settled in after 2 weeks. She was always at my side, during work or play.

How she loved to talk, especially when she was frustrated or irritated! She loved people and other animals, always ready to make new friends.

Then one day, on a very hot Sunday July 8th, 2012, her disease got the best of her and she looked at me and let me know she was too tired. She passed away peacefully, next to me, that night, and left a very big whole in my heart.

I miss you so much my Rooksie girl.


Our Dear Becky

Passed Suddenly - July 10, 2012

Becky had lost her home when her beloved owner got very ill and couldn't keep her any longer. Becky had been transferred to the SPCA in Montreal, where we first saw her.

She was depressed so we offered to take her on, which WAS granted. We looked forward to getting her a loving home but it was not to be. Becky passed over at DMV after a sudden illness in spite of emergency treatment to try to save her.

Becky's kidneys were shutting down, in spite of all efforts, so it was decided to end her suffering with the final kindness of euthanasia. We were there with her so Becky was not alone.

What can we say about Becky? We had her for so short a time. Still, she made her mark on our hearts and the hearts of all who met her and loved her. She just had that special "something" that glowed from within.

We took an instant attraction to Becky in her stall at the SPCA and Gerdy affectionately referred to her as her "cow dog" due to Becky's black and white pattern.

Becky had a way of speaking with her beautiful blue eyes. Far from being cold as some might imagine, her bright blue intelligent, old-soul eyes spoke volumes.

She was depressed as was natural at such changes in her life, but she had resigned herself to accept what was in store for her no matter what. Becky was a private dog, stoic as is the husky in her, and was quietly dignified.

Becky was a private-unto-herself dog, who kept her troubles inside but showed loving patience and calm serenity in the presence of others, even other dogs she met.

She was the sort of dog to grow old with together, Becky just had that intense loyalty glow as part of her very being. Her beautiful, sweet face and kind heart will never be forgotten.

She was loved and we will not forget her. A bright star glowing in the Heavens. Becky is there now, she has gone HOME.

Lovingly remembered by Gerdy, Judy, Roger, Marilyn, Debbie and all who cared for her needs in our joint care.


Chance - Our Wonder Dog

April 24, 1999 to June 24, 2012

Griffon (Wire Hair Pointing, Korthal) female- 13 ½ yrs.

Canada Day, thirteen years ago, you came to our home, and you added your soul to our family. Your honesty, kind heart, intuitiveness, your happy howl, your way of getting the nearest toy to greet everyone with your grace-these will all be with us in our souls forever. You made us a better family.

You will always be with us…

Cathy, Andy, Amy and Cory.

  Lily Gelfand-Robins  

Lily Gelfand-Robins    R.I.P.

On June 21, 2012 our sweet Lily left this world, peacefully. An amazing friend and loyal companion to us, as well as to her canine and feline siblings.

We were truly blessed to have this angel in our lives.

So long Lily-Buns, we miss you so much.


Oliver (The Am-basset-or) 2000/01 – May 25, 2012

He came to us at 83 pounds, and spent most of 6 years with us at a lean, robust 65 pounds. He was helped over the rainbow bridge, surrounded by his people, after experiencing a herniated disc.

We liked to call him our superhero dog; his superpower being that he was impervious to discipline. Ahh yes, that was our Oliver: stubborn, resentful of other dogs, Olympic-calibre drooler and fur-shedder, food thief, counter surfer, eater of anything that resembled food (fertilizer, cat & rabbit poop), and eater of things that did not resemble food (soiled Kleenex, yum?).

But there were many things he was extraordinarily good at: being lovable and always being happy (he wagged his tail until the very end!), loving his feline friends (he soooo wanted Lola, the longhaired tabby living next door, to have his puppies), being a loyal companion to his people, making people smile (he was a rock star on his walks!), and bringing much laughter to those lives he touched.

We will never forget him, and we will always miss him.

See you at the bridge, Little Buddy,

Rosi & David

  Ella Fitzgerald  

November 16, 1995 - April 16, 2012

I adopted her from the Laval SPCA in March 1996. She was born deaf but she really thought everyone was deaf. She was quite a challenge on good days. She had a mind of her own and would take off and go on little jaunts unaware of any danger.

How many times did I have to wave my arms and pantomime ways to get her to come home. Most people thought I had lost my mind. She loved to swim, run and she would leap like a deer over any fence.

She loved to play with light. One day Robin and I searched for her all day on a cold winter day only to find her digging a tunnel because the sun was reflecting on her medal. All we could see was her tail wagging that is how deep she a hole she dug.

She loved her food. She never forgot who would feed her even if it was a total stranger she would go back and try to find the person who gave her a treat. My neighbors were not always impressed.

Her greeting was a growl. Scared most people but that was her way of saying hello. There will never be another Ella I am going to miss her so much.

I could not let her suffer. She gave me 17 long years which in itself is amazing. Her love was unconditional and she has been with me through some very hard times, always at my side.

Say a little payer for her.



In memory of Ace

We adopted a dog named Ace (golden husky cross) from Gerdy 11 years ago at the age of 9 months. He had been at Bakers Animal hospital for a few months and had been adopted by a couple of people who returned him because he was too hyper.  As an active family he was perfect for us, so eager to please he was easily trainable and would impress all with his repertoire of tricks.  

He had slowed down this past year and was diagnosed with canine cushings in December.  He still enjoyed his daily walks up until one afternoon  his breathing became labored and he did not have the strength to walk.  I immediately rushed him to the emergency vet clinic and he was bleeding internally from a tumor on his spleen.  Sadly it was time to say goodbye. Ace was an amazing dog and we miss him terribly! 

Our children are now university students and as a stay at home mom he was my companion.  Ace left us with wonderful memories, he was loved. 

Rita and family

May 1996 - February 28, 2012

My dear friend OLIVIER. I miss you deeply but I'm grateful you are no longer in pain.

Thank you for your friendship and your Siamese wisdom ("Slow down, Julia! Sit in the sun, meditate and enjoy the moment with me!").

You loved to play.I could wear you like a hat, a scarf, you even sang like a bagpipe, danced, and you loved it. You so made me laugh.

You were always an in-your-face, so affectionate soul and you won everyone's attention and affection.

A true nurse, you wrapped yourself around my head when I was in tooth agony and your purring and warmth took the pain away.

I miss you, dear friend. Now Rest in Peace and in my heart and memory.

Ever remembered,

Your Julia


Bobby - Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 08 Mar 2012

I adopted Bobby  from Gerdy’s Rescues at the ripe age of 8 years, when his owner due to illness could no longer care for him.  I was particularly touched that he had a little medallion on his collar in the shape of a heart “Bebe D’Amour”.  He had obviously been loved and cherished and only severe hardship would have separated him and his loving owner. 

He was Bobby to me, and I carried on in her footsteps for another 7 1/2 years, loving and cherishing MY little adopted  Bobby.  Between us, Bobby enjoyed nearly 16 years  of loving companionship.  He left me with some wonderful memories that I will always treasure and recall fondly.

Dear Bobby - Sorely missed, ever loved,



Artic - Passed 22 Mar 2012

“There are no ordinary cats.” - Colette

Due to lack of affection in her early years and a rather difficult life, Artic was never a lap cat—she kept her own counsel—but  later on in life when she expressed herself, it was with brief  but intense affection, rubbing her head against me or patting me with her little paw to reassure me she was indeed appreciative of my kindness to her and was happy. 

When she first arrived to me,  homeless and needing care,  it took her a long time to settle in to where she could truly believe she was part of a real household. 

Even so, she had her likes and dislikes, but all in all, I think she was very satisfied that she was allowed to be herself, in a peace she never knew outside our home. 

Age unknown when she arrived, she passed a senior lady cradled by me as she left this world, and not alone.  And for that I am comforted. You will be missed, Artic. 


  Brad Pitt  

Our sweet BRAD PITT - 27 Mar 2012 - Age 9 years

His 7 months as part of our family was filled with joy and fun with his Golden brothers Henry and Neil.

A constant shadow and devoted companion, he was a very special rescue.

Forever we will miss our Brad.

Averil & family


Remembering CHAD

Gentleman of Leisure in residence 2004 - 2011

"CHADWICK" aka CHAD adopted 2004 age six and a half years, arrived at the opportune time to fill the need of companion and guardian for seven more years.

I heard various tales of his previous life and came to the conclusion that while it may have left much to be desired, he held his own council. I felt he trained himself given the dignity and composure he displayed.

In a short while he was responding to the whistle when off leash on our long walks. Chad could be comical -- he was one huge dog with the attitude of "just one, but let me know where you are, as I don't go for the mushy stuff".

It was hard to let him go when he was ready to say goodbye. I shall treasure our time together. Thank you Gerdy et al.


Note from Gerdy's Rescues: It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Bernice Ross, who gave Chad such a wonderful life. Not only was Bernice a supporter of the work of Gerdy's Rescues, Bernice had a deep love for her Chad, and was much admired by Gerdy as a woman who did everything she could to make Chad's life with her one of joy and trust.

Chad did not know love until he met Bernice. Thanks to Bernice, Chad learned what it was like to be truly loved and treasured, and to Bernice, Chad in turn gave the gift of loyal companionship and the gratitude that only a rescue dog feels and shows for his second chance in life—a forever home with his own treasured human companion.

Gerdy and her volunteers send sincerest condolences to her daughters Janet and Katherine and their families. Bernice Ross set us all a wonderful example of kindness, caring, and love. She will be remembered with affection by all of us at Gerdy's Rescues.


Passed away December 14, 2009

To my dearest MITSOU who was not only my cherished companion but a dear member of my family for almost 14 years.  I saw you struggle to the bitter end and knew I had to let you go, for you deserved to be an angel guarding my parents in Heaven. 

I miss you so very much and think about you often.  I know that I will love you FOREVER and I saw your love for me in your huge, fading eyes.  Sweet dreams, my little one.

Arlene Krupp


Dear Charlie,

Its been almost a Year since you asked us to let go.
You taught me that there is hope;
You taught me to challenge;
You taught me about forever love;
Your spirit follows me;
You are always in my heart, my mind, my soul.
You are always in my thoughts day after day.
You were a gift of love to us from the Angels above,
Its been almost a Year since you asked us for peace,
Its been almost a Year since you asked us to let you go;
A gift of love to the Angels above
From my heart to yours, may you rest in peace.

A best friend forever.


Mom xxx


Tubby, you were my buddy, my Big Guy, and my best friend. I will miss your warmth, your love, and your cuddles.

I will miss you waiting at the front door from me to come home, and miss waking up to find you curled into my chest, purring, and shedding the first ray of sunshine on my day.

I love you eternally.


  Carbone (aka Roger)  

Carbone (Unknown – July 20, 2010)

Words are not sufficient to express what you brought me during your short life.

When I saw you for the first time, I thought you were a kitten of 8 months. In fact you were an adult cat with FIV and Gerdy told me about all the problems you went through courageously.  Also, Gerdy said that you would not do any harm to my other cats and she was right. Then, you became part of our big family. Your story had touched my heart and I never regretted my decision.

Since you left for cat’s Heaven on July 20, 2010, I like to remember all the good moments that we shared together.

Last fall, my tenant/friend Lina has found an injured kitten (approx. 3 months) which was crying for food. The following day, he was brought to the vet to be checked and he had surgery on his back leg.  As she could not keep him, I decided to adopt him.

Today, he has fully recovered.  I have also discovered that he likes shrimps, beef, egg yolk etc. In fact, he did steal from my plate a full sized shrimp. I like to think that Carbone (Roger) is now re-incarnated in Piwi and with no FIV.

You will be not be forgotten,



He was an injured young puppy, flown down from up north, with pelvic injuries.  In spite of the best care possible, it became necessary to do the ultimate kindness to spare him further suffering with problems that couldn’t be fixed.

We had so looked forward to him being eventually adopted by some wonderful family but it was not to be, not this time. RIP little one. 

A leash that is USED can prevent a tragedy of this kind.  If you love your dog, USE THE LEASH, do not allow to run free.  Protect your dog, he doesn’t know any better, but YOU do!

Gerdy’s Rescues & Adoptions


It is with the deepest sadness that we announce the passing of Butsko, taken suddenly from us due to necrotic pancreatitis and peritonitis after 8 years of love and attention in our home. 

He was a champion table and couch surfer, lover of long naps and an endlessly affectionate male orange tabby. Soulmate to his people, loved by neighbours, especially the ones upstairs and the people in the apartment next door. Loved by his catsitters. Not so much loved by the beautiful and sultry black feline from across the alley, Mademoiselle, who repeatedly snubbed his advances year after year, although Butsko never let it get him down, as he continued gazing at her through the window with longing.

Butsko came to us by way of the Westmount Cat Lady, after having difficulty finding a home. We took him in, and within a few minutes it became obvious that Butsko was an ideal companion whose affection and beauty was endless.  

Those who could ever doubt the power of animals to provide love, emotional and physical well-being to their human friends should know that Butsko was like a natural anti-depressant when his people had the blues, snuggling up especially close during the hard times.  

Butsko, we love you. You will never be forgotten.

Cain, you brought so much joy and happiness into my life.

You were the sweetest, happiest, most beautiful creature I’ve ever known.

You will be in my heart forever my sweet little girl, my baby, my angel.  I love you forever.



Dear Friends,

Sorry that it took me so long to respond but I felt overcome with emotions when I read your e-mail. To think that little Orlando, or as Gerdy introduced him to me, affectionately, dear  "Litl'Bastard", started his life abused in Montreal, was rescued by you and ended upin beautiful San Francisco with me.

Quite an amazing life he had... Gosh, I miss him so much. He was my little guard dog and protected me to no end. I will never forget that he attacked an intruder in my apt at Le Plateau... scared the crap out of the guy, wouldn't let go of his arm. My hero. 

I released his spirit in the San Francisco Bay where he will always be free of pain and sorrow and only know love and be close to me.

He LOVED the ocean and the beach...

With much love,



Ane—We are sorry to read about Orlando’s passing, you gave him such a good life, you really did, the little monkey was not the easiest dog in the world but you were the BEST mum to that loveable brat (at times) and we remember him so affectionately, he was quite the guy.  

Again, we will remember Orlando and you, all you put up with in him and you did make him so much happier, he loved you and the love was mutual.  Orlando left big footprints on our hearts for such a small dog!   

Big hugs for all you did for him,  Gerdy, Judy, Roger, Sandra & Ed


I'm very grateful to Gerdy  for introducing me to AMBER. I met Gerdy  several years ago when I adopted my dog from the SPCA Monteregie. 

Gerdy  was always very helpful with Amber who was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Sadly, Amber passed away at home this past Monday at 14 years of age.  Just proof again, that shelter or rescue dogs make the best friends.

Amber sure was my best friend for the past 14 years! 



Jackie was one lucky dog - found wandering as a stray and saved the day before she was set to be euthanized. From the day I brought her home she fit in like she had always been a part of the family - I never had to crate her, she never barked, tore anything apart or got into trouble.

I could bring her with me anywhere; she was just one of those dogs who loved everyone and was loved by everyone in return. She was aggressive towards other dogs but mellowed out later in life, and even had a handful of doggy friends. 3 years later, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia but still got on pretty well.

Her good days outnumbered her bad days, but in the end her hips got the best of her one day and she could no longer walk. She had her family and friends with her during her last moments on this earth - and surely she had lots of friends waiting for her on the other side.

She was only with me for 4 years, but words cannot express the void in my life since she's been gone, she was truly an old soul and a treasure of a dog and will be sadly missed but joyfully remembered. Until the day we meet again, I'll miss you most of all. 

Love, your earth mom,


  Jericho Braveheart  

Our beloved Jericho Braveheart, who used his handicap to bring love, affection and reassurance to those who needed him most.

There was never a day that we didn't learn something important in Jericho's company.

Within us, you are home, darling boy.

Abigail Anderson, James Goodman & his pals Kali, Ghizmo, Piper, Minn and BenBlack


ZACK (Nov 01, 1999 to Aug 17, 2011)

To call him a dog hardly seems to do him justice, though in as much as he had four legs, a tail and barked, I admit he was, to all outward appearances. But to those who knew him well, he was a perfect gentleman.

Zack was the most loving soul one could ever be fortunate enough to meet. We were truly blessed to have shared almost 12 years of his life. Although our heart are broken, we can smile when we think of all the wonderful moments together. He filled our hearts with love and joy! And all of our days with happiness.

He will forever be missed....

Your Mom, Dad, Charlie, Minou, Balou, Peanut and Lea


This photo was taken a couple of days before you passed away at only 4 years of age.  We tried to keep you with us longer with chemotherapy treatments that did not affect your quality of life but they were not successful, only serving to give us time to adapt to the fact you would not be with us much longer, to prepare you for your passing and to kiss you just one more time.

Always in my heart, your Debbie


In memory of Hank

We believe that if our Hanky-Panky could talk, he would have wanted us to advise all the friends of The Doggy Guest Room that he passed away from a sudden and brief illness on Monday, June 13th.

Our valued friends, John and Casey, referred to The Doggy Guest Room as Hank’s Place, and we now know they were most certainly correct.  Hanky always greeted his guests with enthusiasm and never neglected his duties while showing our doggy guests the rules of the house, while at the same time keeping them company and playing with them.  We are certain he will be missed by all, human and animal friends alike.

Hank was given his name by Gerdy’s Rescues when he was found on a busy downtown Montreal street, suffering from Heartworm disease.  Once recovered, he found his way to our home and we have been grateful for the love and devotion he has provided us with over the past 4 ½ years.  In memory of Hanky-Panky, we are asking those who can, to offer some assistance to the shelter of their choosing so that other dogs like Hank will be afforded the opportunity to live healthy, loving lives and be provided the opportunity to share their wonderful gifts with caring human beings.



C'est avec regrets que nous vous annonçons le décès de Socrates le 18 avril dernier. Socrates a été un chien magnifique, un compagnon de vie qu'on n'oubliera jamais. Il nous a donné 3 années remplies de bonheur et de fou rire. La maison est vide sans lui.

Nous tenons à remercier toute l'équipe de Gerdy's rescue pour son dévouement et son support.

Marie-Edith, Bertrand, Loryane et Mini xxxx

  Dorothy Elizabeth Bond  

Dorothy Elizabeth Bond 

December 18, 1930—April 2, 2011

“Gone but not forgotten”

Gerdy’s Rescues and Adoptions are very grateful for all the help for spay/neuter provided to us by Dorothy over the years through her foundation,  The Bond Foundation For Animal Welfare.

Dorothy did so much for abandoned cats and dogs through spay/neuter, and over the course of time Dorothy helped with the sterilization of THOUSANDS of cats and dogs in rescues and shelters as well as spay/neuter/release of homeless cats. 

Dorothy was a tireless worker who dedicated her life to the well-being of abandoned animals.  Dorothy will always be remembered by Helen, Gerdy, Judy and Roger, all Gerdy’s Rescues Volunteers, and her dear friend, Michelle.

  Percy Greiche  

Percy Greiche 

September 5th, 1998 - February 22nd, 2011

(photographed on his 12th birthday, Vermont 2010)

Dearly beloved constant companion and soulmate to Sarah and beloved family member to Raouf, Emlyn, Leila and Georges. Also very loved by young Audrey and her mother Jessica.

Percy leaves a very big hole in all of our hearts for all the love and devotion he brought to all of us for all those years.

We all shared such wonderful times with him – snowshoeing in Vermont, the stroller on the quiet path, trendy fashion in the best places – both canine and human; his favourite toy the cigar smoking boston terrier he shared with Raouf. He let Oscar into his life when he was 5 and shared everything with him generously and with sacrifice.

Percy loved his gourmet food and was always elegant, warm and gentle. He also was a very sociable dog and loved to tour and to meet people along the way – at the hairdresser, on Greene Avenue, at Mona Moore; other dogs at the Summit in his earlier days…. Percy loved lived very fully and gave so much. He has touched all of our lives with his spirit so profoundly, We all love you forever, dear Percy.

Sarah and family


Percy was valiant and proud soul and endured his difficulties with great aplomb as testified by Diana Browne who took wonderful care of him during his last year on many occasions:

"Your dear Percy was truly special. I know so many dogs, few as good hearted, as generous of spirit or as downright feisty. I really don't think he knew he was small! And didn't he make us laugh, swelling our hearts with his kindness and affection. So many memories...

Even when his health was deteriorating Percy met each day with enthusiasm, sharing this spirit of adventure with those around him. I believe it was a lesson he was meant to teach us. Perhaps you can take some small comfort from the knowledge that, thanks to your diligent care, he lived a long and very full life."

Diana Browne, Montreal


PIXEL - Passed away February 7, 2011

The summer of 2009 I had dyed my bangs bright pink and given Spencer a bright pink mohawk. (Okay, so it turned out more like a pink head than a mohawk and some people never forgave me but I digress.) When we met Pixel at an adoption event someone had kissed her on the head and left a bright pink lipstick splotch on her bangs. Clearly it was meant to be from the very beginning.

It took her about 3 months to recover from her past and regain her strength and confidence but once she did she was a force to be reckoned with; a tiny bundle of attitude.

She never learned to play with other dogs but learned to be tolerant of them – gave them a good 20 to 30 second threshold to sniff her before snarling at them. It didn't matter if it was a chihuahua or a mastiff; it was the same to her. In the dog park we witnessed many a large dog run from her in fear.

She learned to trust and love Spencer and learned a lot from him about how to be a dog. She also stole everything she could from him but in return he was "You want it? No problem. It's all good." (Peace, love and all that. Spencer - my hippy-dippy 60's dog.) My heart warmed whenever they would snuggle up with each other for a nap.

She loved food but particularly LOVED cheese. She hated walking when it was away from home, loved walking when it was towards home. She didn't mind the cold of winter, hated the heat of summer. She liked to be brushed but disliked getting a bath. Her favorite toy was a pink mouse.

She would be the first one to any door and would turn around in little circles while waiting for Spence and me to get there. Turn, check mum's progress, turn, check progress, etc. Sometimes I would stop just to see how long she would go on doing it.

She loved to lie on my tummy when I was watching TV or reading. She would put her tiny little head between my breasts or stick it in my armpit (?!) and go to sleep. I could feel her tiny little heartbeat on mine and I know that some of you won't understand this but it was the closest feeling I will ever have to understanding what it is to be a mother.

Some of her nicknames were "baby-doll" and "doll-face" but most often she was my little "Doodlebug."

My friend's husband Eric said it best. Spencer and Pixel were frequent visitors at their house and last weekend he said he didn't like seeing her so quiet. He said it wasn't right, that she had always had a presence, someone whose statement was "I AM HERE."

Well, she WAS here. And she will ALWAYS be remembered.

Thank-you Gerdie for choosing me.

My love to all.


  Jake & Winnie  

Both were rescues; in both cases from good people who could no longer look after them. Our beloved Jake lived fifteen years with us and died after long palliative care so well deserved.

Winnie joined him after Jake had been with us for a few years. From day one, they played together, swam together and slept on the same cushion when it was cold.

They were totally devoted to each other becoming over the years, a lovely old couple. When Jake died, Winnie lost her will to live. And, around his grave in the garden – I could hear her say: "Wait for me, I'm coming".

She died two months later, of a broken heart. And now, side by side, they rest, together in death as they were in life. I hope they are together, wherever it is that good dogs go.


We first met this wonderful and gentle big Husky before Gerdy’s Rescues was formed, he was a 5 year old who was brought to SPCA Monteregie, a no-kill shelter, and dumped there as a wee  a pup.  No one ever wanted him, he was passed by for 5 years. 

Eventually he became a greeter dog, meeting people outside who came to adopt the dog of their dreams, but sadly, no one ever chose HIM.  So he continued to greet, get a pat, and walked away before he could be bypassed again—he knew the drill. 

Then one day, a lady named Ruth who had a shop called the Trading Post, told us that her beloved old dog had passed and she’d like another similar dog but not a pup as she was getting on in age.  Shown Bo’s picture, she instantly said “I want BO!” 

We took Ruth to meet him and he sniffed her hand and walked away—as usual.  “Bo, I’ve come to take you home with me!”  she called out to him.  He did not believe he was indeed leaving until a leash was snapped onto his collar.  So he lay over the doorsill until his adoption papers were signed, and drove home, licking her hand. 

Bo had Ruth for a wonderful 5 years more, until Ruth passed away from cancer.  Before the end, as she lay dying in hospital, the family requested Bo be brought to her to say goodbye, and the request was allowed.  Her hand was placed on his neck, then she passed. 

Bo attended the funeral, as he was given over to Gerdy’s Rescues by then, and we took him to honour Ruth’s wishes he be at her funeral.  He behaved with dignity and stoic manner even though he knew his beloved Ruth was gone.  He spent his last 6 years at the home of Danielle, in permanent foster care, for which we sincerely thank her.    

Bo lived to see 15 years and we have no doubt that Ruth was there to bring him Home, together again at last.

  Zoey Miller-Ralph  

"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are." - Unknown

Our dearest Zoey,

We miss your energy for life, passion for tennis balls, caring nature and gentle heart. We will never forget the unconditional love that you have given us over the short lifespan that you lived. You will forever be in our memories as the most wonderful friend any woman or man could have. Until we meet again!

Trish and James


She came to us on a cold winter day in 2003....a tiny wisp of fur weighing 3 pounds with icicles on her chin. We set about pampering her and making her a part of our family and fattened her up to a cuddly 10 pounds. Puppy, as she was named because she followed me around like a little dog, was a beautiful little cat....very fuzzy and always proud to show off her teddy bear haircut that Nicole the groomer would give her.

Puppy was always underfoot and would howl miserably when walked into, but would never consider actually moving out of the way! Goodness forbid it was ever her fault to be in the way....clumsy humans! At the end of each day she would gladly cuddle on or near her people to soak up the love and adoration!

Unfortunately though Puppy's life was not a long one, she had a significant heart murmur and recently had become ill and lost half her body weight...after 2 months of trying to mend her  we made the very hard decision to let Puppy go into the misty underbrush in search of little birdies and mice where there would be no more suffering.

She is greatly missed by Emmett, Rachel and Elisa

Hero was a 4 month old puppy. Likely a Lab mix, he had come into the SPCA after being hit by a car. He was sent by the SPCA vet on arrival there to the DMV vet clinic for x-rays which determined he was suffering from a pelvic bone fracture. He was then taken back to the SPCA -- for 5 days he was not treated by the vet there other than being on pain medication, and after 5 days had past, the vet decided he needed further medical treatment. But there was no money to treat further by the SPCA, then Gerdy's Rescues were called and asked to help.

Gerdy's Rescues took over the pup's expensive and extensive care at DMV emergency vet immediately, without thought to cost, figuring that we could go public and cover it, the point being to get him medical help immediately and worry about cost later. His name was Hugo, but thanks to Colleen and Bob, our volunteers suggestion, it was changed to HERO—and Gerdy's Rescues became the wind beneath HIS wings!

In spite of all the tests done at DMV--, all the blood cultures taken, and supportive treatment—Hero continued to fail and no definite location was found for the massive infection that ravaged his little body. Treated with antibiotics, his raging temperature came down, but his body was failing the huge heart's desire by Hero to stay alive. He fought with every ounce of strength he had left, to LIVE. We visited him, his beautiful chocolate eyes would open and look at us, we'd take one of his paws in ours, and he would move his other front paw and put it too in our hand. "Thank you for helping me," was what he communicated. We had such hope that he would make it. But his wee body started to betray his great determination, -- lungs filled with fluid and other happenings. 

We HAD to let him go, the DMV emergency vet we spoke to told us it could go to $10,000 and beyond, and that they had no idea what as he was suffering from and nothing was helping and he likely would not survive, but it was not the cost that made us quit, it was Hero starting to suffer that made us quit. He was quietly and lovingly put to sleep, Judy holding him in her arms and Gerdy soothing his brow.

Life goes so quickly when the body is young, Hero passed, and we were devastated. We felt we failed him. In the end the DMV doctors decided that Hero was in such a state of starvation when he arrived at the SPCA, he would have needed immediate emergency care for it, instead of 5 days later. The irony of all this is that he would not have needed surgery after all, but have recovered from the break on his own, such was the injury. Hero has been cremated by PetFriends, and his ashes will be scattered on the beautiful and restful grounds of Averil Robinson. Our thanks to PetFriends for these kindnesses to Hero.

A gentle reminder to those taking in a starving dog—this is an emergency situation, and requires immediate vet attention. A starving dog cannot process food intake, it is not a matter of just feeding good food. The body is in starvation mode and that NEEDS vet care right away for supportive treatment.

Hero, we were the wind beneath your wings, but now you are our inspiration—the wind beneath OUR wings, a Blessing to us, because you in your short life had such a big heart despite being starved by someone,-- a dog forgives, a dog loves with all his heart, and a dog never forgets a true friend. If only all humanity lived accordingly, there would be no need for rescue organizations. Now in your new World, there is no cruelty, no hunger, and all is love and beauty. Truly a dog's life. You are Home at last. Rest on peace, dear Hero. You were loved dearly by us all.

Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions



I never met Hero, but I know I would have loved him anyway.  He had come to be known only as the “injured puppy”.  As I could not accept that this was to be his legacy, I named him Hero - a name befitting this brave soldier.

Hero was robbed of his youth at only 4 months when hit by a car.  He never got the chance to know all his new friends who loved and tried to comfort him during his last few days.  When all attempts to mend his broken body had failed, Hero was released from his pain and suffering.

Hero, you have made a special place in the hearts of all who knew you.

Sleep well my friend!

Colleen & Bob - Gerdy’s Rescues Volunteers


August 2, 1996 - April 30, 2010

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies, it comes from the love in my dogs eyes." Anonymous

Sammy was our Sunshine!

She was 13 1/2 years old and in such beautiful physical appearance. People who met her were shocked that she was that old; they would say she looks like she is so young. She had that aura about her.

Then three weeks ago after discovering a large tumor in her chest near her heart which caused her to breath with difficulty. We made the emotionally difficult, yet humainly right decision to no longer let her suffer.

With the compassionate care and support of our amazing Vet. Dr. Elkin Sito we chose to say goodbye to our beautiful girl. We are very sad and heartbroken to have lost such an amazing companion.

She was so sweet, beautiful, and completely loyal; the best kind of friend a human can ask for.

In spirit I feel her all around us. She will always be in our hearts. She will forever be remembered.


Real name: UNKNOWN - Sheltie of age: UNKNOWN - Time spent trying to survive: UNKNOWN.

UNKNOWN  except to Jill who rescued him, Averil who got him to a vet, and Gerdy’s Rescues who took on the expense of his care in vain hopes of a miracle saving him. UNKNOWN but for his caregivers.

It all started at a cottage when Jill was horrified to see a  bare resemblance to a dog trying to climb her front steps as best he could, his once beautiful long fur gone, he was almost naked.  He was just looking for shelter from his suffering, he had obviously been outside wandering for a long time and just collapsed at her feet.  Dreadfully upset at his appearance, Jill called Gerdy who had helped her before, she still had her number.  Averil was contacted and took on the effort of getting him to a vet when most vets were closed.  Everything was done to save him, but we learned he had too many problems to survive and was suffering.  We had to have done the kindness of relief from all his suffering, with broken hearts that it was too late—all too late for this dog who licked the hands of his saviours in gratitude. 

SOMEONE had cruelly and without a heart, dumped this dear boy far from his home.  That person HAD to know his loyal little dog would die of exposure, the elements, predators, starvation.  HE DIDN’T CARE!  He just didn’t have the decency to take him to a shelter, a rescue, or even tie him in a safe public place where he’d be seen.  No, this inhuman being just released him in a cottage- country setting and let him fend for himself for a time we can only imagine.  What did he eat?  He was skin and bones.  He didn’t find much, that was apparent.

At the vets, he was wrapped up in blankets-- as with no coat left he was cold-- he was tenderly treated.  Everyone hoped for a miracle as time passed and determination of his condition and prognosis was done.  Everyone had come to love this little dog who was like a baby. 

When it was not to be, Averil Robinson of PetFriends was with him at the last, here is what she has to say:

“Our poor wee soul. He passed away in my arms tonight wrapped in his Lambykins blanket.  He was so sweet, gentle, trusting and so ill. He had testicular cancer that had gone to his prostate, blocking his bladder so it could not function. He had been out on his own for a long time. Severely dehydrated and almost starved to death. He was cared for by the Hawkesbury Animal Hospital who gave him excellent medical care ,warmth and love in the 5 days he was there. There was nothing to be done that could save him. Tomorrow he will be cremated wrapped in his own Lambykins  blanket, and I will spread his ashes on protected land. You can forward this update to anyone who has been concerned . Gerdy’s  Rescue will cover the vet bill, any donations in Jackson's memory would be greatly appreciated by Gerdy. She never hesitated to give him the best care and never questioned the cost. It has been a very sad day for everyone.


Well, Jackson, you ended up with a wonderful STRONG name, many friends you never had the chance to meet as well as the ones who were there for you.  You will never be UNKNOWN again, because none of us will ever forget you. You are in our hearts forever.

You can finally truly Rest In Peace.


Our dear and beloved BEAR passed today April 18, 2010, released from his suffering after suddenly developing the auto immune disease, Masticatory Muscle Myositis. His system had betrayed him, attacking his ability to be able to  chew or open his mouth.  We did everything possible to save him but it was not to be. 

Bear had been adopted, we were so happy for him, — he had a few days with his new family before being returned for treatment at our vet.  We thank the dedicated staff at St Lazare Veterinary Hospital for their devoted and expert care of dear Bear.  He was loved wherever he went by anyone who ever met him.  He had true charisma!   Very loved by former owner Jennifer.  Bear enjoyed 2 recent events very much—participating in the Hudson Pet Fair in March, and walking with other Gerdy dogs in the first St Patrick’s Day Parade in Hudson.  How he enjoyed himself—feeling very important and proud, being cheered and getting nice remarks as he met people he walked by—a wonderful good will ambassador for Gerdy’s Rescues. 

Ed, of Chez Sandra Chalet et SPA , was with him at the end to comfort him, and Sandy from Gerdy’s Rescues.  Big dogs often  have even bigger hearts, the Gentle Giants of this world, who leave something of themselves which is never forgotten.  Bear was one of these special guys—who got along well with other friendly dogs be tiny or big, cats, kids, and adults alike—all were welcome in Bear’s big space of a world.  Bear, you left awfully big pawprints on all our hearts.  You left this world being truly missed by all who knew you—you lived a good life to have had so many love you. 

We miss you, Big Guy


November 26, 2002 - March 26, 2010

I Only Wanted You

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.
A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly,
in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

Love Mommy, Daddy and Eric


Cookie passed away after a short  bout of pneumonia after she came to us.  It  had  started as kennel cough (Bordatella) when we got her.    We had taken her into our rescue with the hopes of finding a Compassionate Placement for this dear 10 year old girl who still had so much to offer in love and devotion despite being given up by her family.  We had taken her picture all ready to be on our ADOPTIONS.  Sadly, this was not to be, and her picture is here instead. Her death was swift.  Let’s make dear  Cookie’s life count for something!

PLEASE have YOUR dog vaccinated YEARLY for Bordatella, (kennel cough) ESPECIALLY if you frequent DOG PARKS or other events where dogs congregate.  It is HIGHLY contagious amongst dogs and can be a killer—don’t take Bordatella for granted! 

Bordatella can quickly  move to pneumonia, especially if it is the newer more virulent strain that is now becoming common in shelters and pounds.    It can move  very fast to a critical stage.   For those of you who feel it is just a little “dog cold” and don’t bother, you may end up with your beloved  dog paying the ultimate price.  Think of Cookie-- vaccinate for Bordatella, and hug your dog!

Cookie—you will live in our hearts and memory, dear brave girl.  All of us at Gerdy’s Rescues and Adoptions  March 22, 2010

  The Little Daisy  

The Little Daisy

Sweet, and precious Daisy, though you suffered in the hands of apathy for the first eight years of your life, you went silently, and courageously over the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by love and compassion. You will never be alone anymore. Rest in peace my girl.

Hugs, Nicole


Our NESSIE passed over to the Rainbow Bridge early morning of March 7, 2010.

Nessie was born on Dec. 10, 1998 and spent her first 6 years with a family in Ontario.  They loved her as much as we did but due to a new baby in their lives, they had to find a new home for Nessie.

That's where our luck came in and she adopted us as her two new daddies.  She was so wonderful.  We felt very very privileged to be a part of her life.  She was our very own Loch ness Monster whom she was named after.

She went on her own terms, being a stubborn Scotty!  She just layed on her side in her favorite chair and just asked us to be with her in her last moments on earth.  Nessie was surrounded by all her family, Richard, Duane, Siméon, Missy & Ginger-ale.  She was 11 years young.

We CHERISHED and LOVED her immensely and will miss her dearly.  We always will laugh thinking of the time she chased a porcupine up a tree.

Duane & Richard, Siméon, Missy & Ginger-ale

Bandite [June 13, 1986 to April 26, 2004] was a gentle soul who blessed our family with his unconditional love and companionship, and with many lessons of a fine character and good nature.



My little LeRoy.  He was shot at when he was a pup, leaving him with three legs for the rest of his life.  He started his life with a man that adored him and when he died, Dave left a trust fund for LeRoy.  Thats when he came to our house and quickly found his way into our hearts.  Always full of love and wanting to ride in the car.  As he got older, he preferred to follow Dozer around, guess he felt safe.  LeRoy, the first one in bed at night and the last one to get up in the morning.  You're nickname was Scoobie and I loved you with all my heart.  Please find Merlin and wait for me on the other side.  We miss you.  Peg, Jeremy, Dozer, Spartacus, Chloe, Wyatt, Isabelle, Lucy, Minny Me and Kosmo.

Gerdy’s Rescues would like to add that Peg adopted all our 3 AMIGOS BASSET HOUNDS together. People have read about this on our website and newsletter.    She and Jeremy have given abandoned and neglected dogs a wonderful adoptive home from their area, and have also adopted our dear CHLOE basset hound, who is currently undergoing her heartworm treatment there.  When no one wanted the 3 Amigos nor Chloe, Peg came through for them, she and Jeremy are truly ANGELS on EARTH.  When we get heartsick over the needless suffering we see, we look to people like Peg & Jeremy and others to get the heart to keep ondoing what we do. LeRoy had the BEST in them, and no doubt has found Merlin for a joyful reunion.

  Ms. Velvet  

This beautiful girl was the light of my life.  I first saw her at my son's home when she was a year old in Chicago.  She had been left alone in their apartment lobby and they took her in.  She grabbed my heart from that day.  My son moved to San Diego (he was in the U.S.A. Navy) and they had their first child there. 

I flew out and helped them move across the country to Virginia and fell in love with Velvet again.  Shortly after Baby Ben was born my children felt Ben was allergic to cats so I had Velvet flown to me, to be mine from that day forward.  She was nervous and frightened when she first came to me, but with love and patience she turned into the beauty you see. 

She gave me years of joy and comfort and now that she has gone to Rainbow Bridge, my heart aches for her.  Everywhere I look I see her happily curled up in a favourite chair or basking in a sunny spot or waking me with her purrs or jumping on my computer desk just for a hug.  The void she has left is deep and I will love and miss her forever.  Rest in Peace my precious girl. 

I love you,



Roxy my dear, sweet angel

On March 2008 she found her way into my home and directly to my heart. From day 1 coming into my home she was living her own battle, that battle was cancer. You would have never known, she was a fighter, fighting every step of the way to stay with us, and to bless us.

Finally on Oct 27th 2009 at the young age of 6 her body could no longer keep up with her spirit. On this day, I said my sweet good byes, and looked into her eyes. You are a fighter, but you no longer have to fight, be free my angel. She may be gone, but she will never be forgotten, she has helped me in more ways than I could ever repay her for.

I miss you Roxy, Your spirit will live on in my next rescue.

In this photo you can see her spirit to live, till the day we said good bye she wanted her cookies.

Sadly missed by Karen

  Wendy Gale Claxton  

In loving memory of my dear friend, WENDY GALE CLAXTON, who passed away from melanoma cancer September 18  2009 -- I will miss you and your bright smile, I will always remember your activities in animal rescue and all that you did for them, the good times we had, the laughs we shared, the support you gave me when I lost my mother. 

You were the Best, Wendy!

Love Gerdy

And thanks to Galileo the Golden Retriever  for representing all the animals in Wendy’s compassionate life, at her funeral service September 26, 2009, South West United Church, Verdun, Quebec.


Dear Patchie, we loved you so much.  You were the most wonderful little companion we could have asked for.  Although you were so tiny, your gentle good-nature and unconditional love took up such a huge place in our lives. 

You were adored by extended family.  Despite your small size, you shared every aspect of our lives and we never felt that your tiny size precluded you from being an active member of our family.  We remember all the fun we had with you during our many camping trips, canoe rides, fall hikes, and even winter outings.

You joined us literally everywhere we went and were the most well-behaved, gentle, quiet little girl.  We were so proud of you.  We will see you again in paradise, sweetie, and our love for you will never end.


The cutest dog ever made such a huge impression on us on July 4th 2009.  His name was Jack and he was so handsome that we just had to take him home that very same day.  He was incredibly nervous and afraid of almost everything.  Lots of people said he would take a few months to settle in. 

Well, that was not the case at all.  Jack bonded with us after only a couple of weeks, letting us play with his paws while on his back.  He could run so fast and change directions in a flash.  He was extremely playful and loved his long walks.  He just had to stop and meet everyone that was out.  We only had Jack for just over 2 months but this loveable dog quickly became part of our family. 

When we discovered he had cancer, we were devastated but we knew we had to see him through it.  He did not have a very long life, only 2 short years.  We hope we made him happy for the short time we had him. Thanks to Gerdy, Sandy, and Sandra for their dedication to these animals in need.  Although we will miss Jack tremendously, we are grateful that we had the opportunity to give Jack the chance to experience a whole lot of love.

We just wanted to let you know that we love you so much, even when you nipped our ankles when you would play with us. We wanted you to have the best life possible, because it's what you deserve. We hope that you're lying down in some nice cool grass with thousands of jars of peanut butter for you to lick all you want and tons of space for you to run. We love you Jack-O.


Rookie died at age 5 years of advanced untreatable HEARTWORM that so enlarged his heart with masses of worms that any hope of treating him was of no use. This noble, sweet natured German Shepherd was put to sleep by a compassionate  vet in the presence of Gerdy,  Judy, and Roger—his only friends.  Rookie went into a household as a pup, and at some point a child developed an allergy to him.  So how did they handle that?  They simply removed the dog from inside the home to the outdoors where he lived, never seeing the inside of the home again.  He was never taken to the vet—EVER!

Even when his eyes showed obvious signs of encroaching blindness, never did he see a vet.  They would have found out he had Panis, a congenital gradual blindness often seen in German Shepherds—but with treatment can be much delayed in progressing if caught early.  They could not have missed seeing his sight failing.  So left outside bitten by mosquitoes, in an area known already for outbreaks of heartworm in Quebec, this poor dog didn’t have a chance as he had no heartworm preventative given to him, ever, in all those 5 years.   

We were told when we were  asked to take him, they had a chance to sell to a puppy mill and a back yard breeder (apparently neither of who cared if he passed his blindness  or heartworm on to puppies and other dogs).   They wanted him to have a “good, loving home” so they asked Gerdy’s to take him on, which we did.  At the time, we noticed his eyes looked strange and we were concerned with possible blindness.  We would not have euthanized for blindness.  Blind dogs can get around just fine, and Gerdy’s has the most compassionate of adopters, our human angels.  But it was the heartworm, incurable. 

This beautiful, graceful, wise and intelligent boy—how hard it was to say a final goodbye, when we had been so full of hope in finding him a loving family so he’d be an indoor boy after all for the rest of his life.  Because of sheer neglect his life was cruelly cut short. Goodbye Rookie—run through the fields of Heaven, strong of heart and swift of foot, your suffering over, -- we loved you so! 

Our deepest appreciation to Averil Robinson of PetFriends for compassionately  having  Rookie cremated, and placing lovingly his ashes in a beautiful and restful site where Gerdy’s Rescues animals- without- homes rest, at last, in true peace and dignity.    Averil has always done this without cost to Gerdy’s for which we are very grateful.


To My Master

I explained to St. Peter,
I'd rather stay here,
Outside the Pearly Gate.
I won't be a nuisance,
I won't even bark,
I'll be very patient and wait.
I'll be here chewing on a celestial bone,
No matter how long you may be.
I'd miss you so much, if I went in alone,
It wouldn't be Heaven for me...

My Randy passed away quietly on Sunday last, I miss him so much. I hope to meet him again one day. Rest in peace my best friend. 



Our Beautiful Atticus

In rescue our main objective is to help animals that are in distress, broken, abandoned and discarded.  Atticus was one of those unique souls that needed us so desperately to give him hope, attention and much needed love.  Atticus was a regal young man that was found and never claimed for reasons initially unknown.  His appearance was impressive but his disposition and character was as soft and delicate as a dove.  He was trusting, loving and yearned for affection filled with gentle caresses and kisses.  With us he received everything that he required and more. 

Our wonderful vet did everything that she possibly could to save Atticus but his troubled body could not be mended.  His organs failed however his spirit remained in tact.  He was a warrior, he was brave and in the end, he is very much loved by all those that met him.

Atticus was with us for only a short time but his presence will last with each and every one of us for an eternity.  He is one of those souls that remind us in rescue why we do what we do.  He gives us the strength to continue when we tire or question our place in this world.  Atticus and many like him deserve to be remembered and honored.

We wish to thank all those at the clinic and of course our vet who took special care of Atticus.  We also wish to thank Pet Friends for ensuring that Atticus will be respectfully remembered where his ashes will be set free by the lake, in tranquility.

Run pain free and wild dear Atticus.  You will always be remembered by Gerdy and her volunteers.  Bless you dear friend and thank you for being such a wonderful companion.


To commemorate the passing of my mighty bull, BOSCO, who was rescued at the age of 6 weeks. He lived a wonderful life at Teja’s Animal Refuge, and on January 19 2009, Bosco was helped peacefully over Rainbow Bridge. 

Nicole Joncas


Remember me always, but do not grieve for me too long.

I have tried always to comfort you in times of sorrow, and have made every effort to add joy to your life.

I never wanted to cause you pain.

Peace for me is certain now, and I suspect I will have eternal sleep in the earth I have loved so well.

Please, after your period of grieving for me, make room in your heart for another.

You are the kind of human being that should always have a friend like me to love.

Your kind and gentle heart should not be wasted on my memory for too long.

Give your love to another.

I know your new friend will never take my place, because we had something very special.

It may not be quite the same, but a new devoted and loving companion will, in time, become special in their own way.

You loved me very much, and I loved you.

My spirit will always be with you, and no matter how deep my sleep, my grateful heart will always remember you.

(Author unknown)


“Please remember Oscar next time you are tempted to buy a cute pup in a pet store” — Gerdy

We mourn the needless passing of a parent dog from a puppy mill—a nameless dog, unwanted, unloved, used for breeding only, in one of over 2000 such places in the province of Quebec.

There are many Oscars still out there suffering from untreated medical conditions such as the one that finally took Oscar’s life, uremia. Had he been seen by a vet in time, he would still be alive—but millers do not take dogs to vets in the first place, they get rid of them. Sometimes they “allow” a rescue organization to come and take the old ones, the ones worn out from breeding—with their rotted teeth and numerous ailments. Pet stores should be made to show the pictures of these enslaved parent along with the cute clean offspring on display.

We don’t know much about Oscar really. He was a Yorkie of about 5 pounds, and was “older”—no one knows or cared. He did not want to die, he wanted to live and tried very hard to with the help of the emergency team of DMV. He was blocked with crystals and was never treated. He was allowed to display symptoms that should have been an emergency visit to a vet—but he was denied that. In indescribable pain, he was allowed to suffer until he could no longer move, and whimpered for relief. In the end, his wee body could not stand the massive infection, and we had him humanely put to sleep, with his friends at DMV to hold him. Averil Robinson, of Pet Friends, took his wee body for cremation and spiritual scattering of his ashes.

Wee Oscar in the end, had a name, had friends who loved him and mourn his passing, and we will miss him. We knew him only for a day, yet he is a part of Gerdy’s Rescues little ones we shall never forget. Please join us in the fight to get rid of puppy mills in the name of Oscar and the countless victims like him who have died after years of suffering as did wee Oscar. 2000 puppy mills!! We have a long way to go, and can’t afford to rest.

Peace at last, Oscar, our “Little Toughie”. May you not have died in vain but serve as an inspiration for others to see no dog suffers like you ever again, someday soon.

–All of us at Gerdy’s Rescues


My little buddy Whiley died suddenly October 27, 2008 after nine great years together. Playmate to canine friends Kermit, Bear, Little Foot, Skidder, Catherine and Buddy, and feline pals Cally, Toby Master General,  Nana, Cricket, Hobo and Cheese.

Where to begin? If I am truly honest I’ll say Whiley is the reason that little dogs often get a bad rap. He was that annoying little ankle biter who barked at everything that moved simply because he could. Most people referred to him as ‘bad’ but I prefer uncompromising. He was a big dog stuck in a little dogs body and he let everyone know it. The only dog I know to have been banned from two pet grooming salons, unwelcome at dog walks, dog parks and any social event that required some show of obedience on his part. In his younger years he was the dog that would literally eat your homework, he even devoured my passport before an oversees trip.

Whiley was original and didn’t conform in the least. He taught me to take people as they are and accept what we cannot change. There was certainly no changing Whiley, and he foiled all attempts at any form of training. He was a deep dog and had a way of staring into your eyes with so much emotion. You just knew if he could speak he would have so much to say.

Whiley was full of life and was curious about all that was around him. He was constantly exploring the world, all senses in use. Whiley was always by my side and slept snuggled up with me every night. He was such a great friend and I miss him tremendously.

Always loved and missed,

Tracy Batchelor


In memory of Bertha, the Pekinese who passed being loved at last

The following is a very difficult memorial for us at Gerdy’s Rescue.  We want to honour a little 10 year old Pekinese that was nameless and in desperate need of rescue.  Bertha was found alone, cold and lost.  She did not run away as she could barely walk 10 steps.  She was badly matted and her nails were curled and piercing her little pads. Gerdy was contacted to help this little soul which we eagerly agreed to find her a home where she could retire without worry, without pain, without ever being abandoned again.

Bertha deserved a forever home that would show her the love and commitment that she never received.  Upon arrival that day, Bertha was welcoming and gentle.  Her clouded eyes full of promise and her willingness to walk, heartwarming.  We spent time with Bertha as she would curl up in our laps enjoying our gentle touches and kisses. 

While in our arms, Bertha’s little body gave in.  She took a turn which we did not expect.  With heavy hearts we knew that Bertha was tired and that she could go no further.

We want to thank our good friend Debbie Groves who gently helped Bertha over the bridge as she went with compassion and dignity.  Bertha was a Gerdy’s Girl and Bertha has a name.  May God Bless you.


Dear Gerdy,

We lost our beloved Tamba on October 23rd, 2008 to cancer and internal bleeding.

I still have the adoption paper your Watchdog Committee gave us dated May 7th, 2000. On the paper under instructions, you wrote "Lots of love, she's got lots to give." Tamba certainly did that and so much more.

She will always be a treasured memory for us for all the love and joy she brought into our family. Tamba loved people despite what we think was a terrible existance during the first year of her life. She got along well with other dogs and through her, we have met people like you and many other dog lovers, and for this I thank Tamba.

Keep up the good work Gerdy, so dogs like Tamba get a second chance. These dogs have so much to give for just a little love in return.


Brian and Susan Howard

Note from Gerdy: 

Tamba went from a life of misery to the life that all dogs deserve—security, love, and respect. We shall miss seeing her pass by on a walk, and visiting us at garage sale fundraisers—to cheer us on for the sake of others like her who need a family. Tamba always waited patiently as we “talked dog” before her walks continued. Because of this wonderful family, Tamba enjoyed a good life. 

You will be missed by all your friends, Tamba, we were all Blessed by your presence in our lives. Run free, run fast, without cares or pain, age or infirmity, in that Place where we will meet again someday. You will be missed.


Hector, beloved Bassethound of Roger and Judy Cameron, on September 17 2008, was gently helped from his pain at age 8 years.

Hector was a rescue dog from SPCA Monteregie who came into our life at age 1 ½ years old. Hector was a noble boy, and did a tv commercial on railway safety—donating his earned fee to the SPCA Monteregie who had taken him in, so they could help other dogs. Hector loved his comfort and took up our space on the sofa—keeping his eyes shut so he wouldn’t have to see us staring at him expectantly to move over for us. Hector was a very loving boy but was quite vocal if he didn’t want to do something, a real grump, he could doggy-swear very well! But eventually gave way. He loved his family, and liked nothing better than to be close to us, whether watching tv or going for his beloved walks—but never in the rain, he hated to get his feet wet! The highlight of Hector’s walks was to be fussed over by children and their parents, he loved his fan club, especially Dan.

Grudgingly tolerant of foster animals coming in and out of our home for Gerdy’s Rescues, Hector was always glad to bid them adieu as they were adopted. A master food thief, he specialized in snatching pizza, toast, and sandwiches in a split second off plates of distracted guests and us. 

His buddies Murphy and Josephine will miss him sharing our home. Was a buddy to our cats Frankie, Blossom, Joy, and Little Red. A loving cousin to cats Spike and Teddy. He was met and helped across The Rainbow Bridge by our dear Meg and Charlie. He will be ever remembered by Roger and Judy Cameron and family

“I could have missed the pain, but I’d of had to miss the dance.”

Thank you Hector for the time we had with you. We were Blessed.

Mummy and Daddy


In memory of Sammy

Thank you for finding us in the park that day so many years ago. We will always love and think of you."

Kelly, Bruce, Bea and Cowboy




After having been blessed with having Duke in my life for four years and nine months, he passed away peacefully in my arms at 12:34 this afternoon. I feel completely lost without him. 

He was my constant faithful support through oh so many changes... Words cannot express the loss - I just want him back. But, he has gone to a better place.

Maybe one day If I am worthy enough, we could be together again for eternity... I will miss and love my friend Dukie until the end of time.

Brian & Punky


Our hearts go out to Bassethound Rescue of Quebec on the loss of their CHARLOT, a rescued Bassethound who had been assigned a job as a guard dog on a property, and consequently spent his time all seasons, not in the joyful company of a family, but alone, cold, and without love. He was saved by the rescue group and found a happy place to recuperate and learn just to be a dog again, in the company of other dogs, at Chez Sandra Chalet et SPA. 

Charlot slowly learned to trust people again and enjoyed the company of fellow dogs. His horrible heavy coat began to look better and better. Sadly, his years of outside living took their toll on his health, and he was in a pain that could not be helped, his life shortened by a purpose totally unsuited to his short hair and tender heart.

At the end of his life, he found friends who cared for him who did their best to make up for the terrible neglect he had suffered, and it was a pleasure to go over to speak to Charlot, who stood expectantly waiting for his words of praise which were music to his ears. We will never forget how happy he became knowing people cared about him beyond belief. 

His life was a hard one but he reveled in the time he had at the end. Charlot is a reminder to us all that no animal should be living like this in Quebec in this day and age, to suffer alone year around, in a job he was not born to do. Dogs are not a replacement for electronic security systems, and a cold doghouse is not a home in our winters.

Rest well, Charlot, the ache in your body and bones gone, your heart strong for the chase, your face filled with the eager joy of play, and run the hills of Heaven with boundless energy—live there, Friend, the life you missed on earth and deserved to have. Your pawprints are on our hearts forever.


Cindy was my baby who I loved for 14 precious years. She came into my life at 2 years of age, abused, and needing all my attention and love. She was a sweet Lhasa Apso.

The ache in my heart is great, but I would not have missed the wonderful years we shared together. 

Remembered forever, Joyce

  Gentle Ben  

My dearest Gentle Ben,

I hope you knew that I loved you so completely.  I hope you knew that in my eyes and so many others, that you had the biggest heart that ever existed.  I hope you knew that you were my life and that of your human sister Lia.  We love you now as we did then – nothing has changed except I wish you were still here so that I could tell you again, again and again.

It was a year ago since I last touched you, kissed you, held you tightly and smelt your neck.  Since your passing things have changed a little Ben.  There has been a tremendous void in my life and I wanted so much to find someone just like you.  I have not found anyone to date, so I know that you would approve of what’s been going on in my life.  Firstly, I realize that it will be impossible to find another just like you – it would just not be fair to expect that. 

I feel foolish now for wanting you back this way so I found a way that would make me feel a little more useful and a lot less selfish.  I now try to help any animal that is in need of a safe place until a family could be found – after all, this is how we met.  So this past year there have been many animals that I have cared for.  I have seen them flourish and then find great new beginnings.  It has been hard, because there have been occasions where I wanted to keep them, but I knew the timing was wrong.  I think you would have approved of them all.

Interestingly enough there have been similar characteristics that you possessed – so I found comfort in that.   One day, when I am stronger I will find maybe not a Ben, but maybe a Bentley, Boris or Betty – who knows.  I can promise you one thing though my friend there will only be one Ben…only one.

Thinking of you always my dearest friend, and loving you with the same intensity.  Love Mom, Lia, Nana, Grandpa, Auntie Jewel, Uncle Craig, Amber and Zak!  Big, Big, hug and kiss, until we meet again.  RIP



In loving memory of our GOLDIE

She lived a wonderful life and was loved and spoiled to the very end when she suddenly and unexpectedly passed away due to Renal Failure. 

Goldie was 16 years old and was loved by everyone who met her and she gave as much love back in return.  She will always be in our hearts.



In memory of Kitana

A beautiful cat who enchanted the whole family for over 10 wonderful years. We will all miss you.

With Love,

The Farkas, Bolla and Howard family

  Bacardi "Nummy Nuts" Gagnier  

August 31, 1995 - February 17, 2008

Dear Friends,

The house is empty - the silence deafening. He's not at the door to  greet us- tail wagging and so proudly carrying around a shoe or two. He's not here to wake us up at the crack of dawn - grunting with joy, tail beating happily against the side of the bed. "Wake up, wake up - Mom - it's a brand new day - isn't it wonderful".

I can't dwell on the last few days - my heart hurts too much. The memories come flooding back through the tears for a wonderful friend who made us smile from the very first moment. There he was all of  6 weeks old - so chubby his big paws seemed to sprout from his chest. Those beautiful brown eyes lit with joy, his ears as soft as velvet and that wonderful puppy smell. It  was love at first sight.

From the very first he was self assured. There was Bacardi's way - then there was Bacardi's way!!!! I'd say "come" - he'd go. I'd say "goodbye" - he'd bloody well come when he pleased. The louder I was the less he seemed to notice- nose to the ground he run on oblivious to my "queenly commands". But just let me whisper the word "cookie" - he was after all a "Lab" - four legs, an empty  stomach, and heart as big as the great outdoors filled with love to spare.

There was Bacardi's routine; breakfast by 7:30am, lunch 12:30pm, dinner (not one second later than) 6:00pm, bedtime snack (a carrot) by 9:00pm. We always knew what time it was.

One didn't take Bacardi (or Nummy Nuts as he was affectionately known to his friends) for a walk - he took you and for him it was an adventure of the senses. That beautiful brown nose worked it's magic. He never seemed to look where he was going - head down and going as fast as those little brown legs could carry him - why he didn't run into a tree I'll never know. We absolutely had to be in the woods by 10:00am - his friends; Washington (yellow Lab) and Sunny (Belgium Shepard) were waiting. Greetings all around (especially the nether regions) and off we'd go. Three happy friends off into whatever Adventure their noses would take them, and every mud puddle they could find.

Bacardi had more than a little affection for blonds. "Canelle" (a yellow Lab mix) was his heart's desire. Mind you a good looking "Golden" could turn his head too. Actually when I come to think of it - white is sort of  blond ....but then again so is beige!!!! Let's put it this way - if it  looked sort of blond - Bacardi was more than willing to accommodate her every  wish and then a desire or two of his own! He didn't bark until he was more than a year old. Nonetheless - he had his own very personal greeting for each and everyone who came to our door. One simply couldn't have avoided it. Sooner or later he was sure to say "hi". That cold, wet, brown nose never missed an opportunity! In fact his cats just gave up after  awhile and figured he was just doing them a favour!

Bacardi loved the water - he was in before the ice was off the lake in the Spring and last out in the Fall before the ice took hold for the Winter. Whatever the reason - it was good enough for a quickie swim. He felt compelled  to save his "Mom" whenever she was stupid enough to venture into the water. He'd run around the edge of the pool trying desperately to get closer - when that failed he'd simply jump in. For the sake of preservation - I learned to duck and  swim under water really well!  But I wasn't getting off the hook that easily and once back on dry land he'd wrap his legs around mine and nibble me -as though he'd found a flea. All the time his tail wagging, body wriggling and  making little grunting noise for the utter joy he was feeling because we were  playing one of his favourite games.

Bacardi's heart was big and generous - there wasn't a jealous or mean bone in his beautiful square body. 70 pounds of wriggling happiness.  He made friends where ever he went and even brought a few home. "Summer" was only a kitten when he appeared at our back door. "Misha" &  "Nana" came from an abusive home. "Oh Sama Bin" & "Friend" just needed a  home. Bacardi even welcomed "Beau Boule" (a husky mix) whose owner had  died. He shared his home, his bed and even his kibble with his buddies. Like people - animals are givers and takers - Bacardi was a giver. He simply only ever stole our hearts.

Our wonderful, brown puppy has gone off on a new adventure. What joy, what a lust for life and what happiness he brought us. We are heart broken but we are so glad to have had the privilege of having had him in our  lives.

Honoured Caregivers - Dan & Heather



1987 - 2008

My noble redcat, who passed away in January, at age 21 years.  He was a fine fella and a noble spirit, he will always be remembered.

Ellen Jacobs


It is with great sadness that Gerdy’s Rescue announces that dear Nikita, Compassionate Placement to Josee, has passed away.

Josee plans to write us about her experiences with Nikita, who though elderly, was a wonderful companion to her and her children.  See Nikita’s rescue story in Tales to Tell.

Josee took on an old dog knowing this day would come.  But Josee never thought about the end of Nikita’s life, only day to day which she made so happy for Nikita.  We are grateful to Josee for her generosity of spirit because she never once regretted taking on Nikita, but did everything to make Nikita happy, safe, and loved.  What dog could ask for more.

We received this message from Josee and we wish her and her children comfort at this difficult time:

"It is now one week after the passing of my dear friend Nikita. I wanted to thank you for your support and thoughts. Each time I washed the dishes at the kitchen sink, I was reminded of Nikita's faithfulness and friendship.

Out in the snow, there remained two sets of prints, my own and those of Nikita who followed me around on one of her last days here on earth. I will be forever grateful to Carol for contacting you regarding these 2 beautiful souls and to you Gerdy and Judy for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of their lives. Your support and guidance went well beyond your "call of duty".

I truly beleive that blessings will be returned to you ten fold for the work you continue to devote yourselves to.

Thanks again,"



TOM, the little black kitten,  son of Little Mama that's currently up for Adoption, passed away peacefully in his sleep.  He was not sick, just called over the Rainbow Bridge early. Now a little angel, he has his Happy Home at last.

Very missed by all of us at Gerdy’s Rescues, and Dina who fostered him for us.

“There is a place that kittens go, to play and run in a golden glow.  ‘Tis Heaven there, you see, where they all play eternally.”



"In memory of Milly my little girl and my best friend, you are always in my heart."



On July 3rd 2007, my beloved dog, Zaira, was killed after being run over by a car twice before the woman drove away. Zaira was such a loved dog in my neighbourhood, adored by children and adults alike.  She was gentle and kind and was my best friend.  There is a cross now on Delmar in Pointe Claire, QC that has become a memorial for her, children who knew her bring flowers every day and remember their canine friend. A 14 year old girl named Ashley like me, wrote these beautiful words and placed it on her cross, what Zaira would have said had she been able at the end of her life.

Zaira's words of comfort

From the day we met, there was no doubt we both knew what it was all about.  Love and joy with trust were there, and day after day the best of care. I hope you know how much I cared for you and the life we daily shared.  No more of you could I expect or ask, but sadly for you there was one more task.  The day has come when we must part, a time I knew would break your heart.  If I could, I'd help you decide, but your love for me will be your guide.  Please don't let me linger when my time has come and there's nothing more that can be done.  Let me go to my final rest, knowing as always you've done your best.

Zaira has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven, if ever a dog deserved to be there it was her. But it was too soon for me for her to be an angel.  Ever loved, missed, and remembered by her soulmate,



At age 17,  Denis left this life peacefully.  He was an elderly  Bichon/Poodle mix found wandering on a street downtown, his coat so filthy it looked black.  Gerdy was called and took him over.  He was cared for by Jocelyne very lovingly during his last year, still enjoying life but on a much slower pace.  Jocelyne tended him faithfully and Denis loved the attention and affection he received.

He will always be remembered by Lorie who was his devoted friend, and Gerdy who was always there for him when he needed help.  Denis was found alone, but he left his doggie footprints on the hearts of all who met him.  Across the Rainbow Bridge, Denis runs happily looking with a clear vision at the companions by his side with joy in his heart.  Rest in peace, dear friend.


Molly was a little poodle mix when she came to us 3 years ago, a worn-out producer of puppies at a backyard puppy mill til age 8 years. She was so auto-immune that she was allergic to all dog foods as well as a bevy of environmental allergies. She was deaf from not having her ears treated years ago when they were swollen with allergy symptoms. Molly was covered in age warts.  She was old and worn out before her time. 

But Molly had an interest in life still. She wanted to do the things other dogs took for granted. She never had walked on grass. She never had doggy treats or slept on a cosy bed. She never had space to run and enjoy herself. She had never had anyone play with her. Molly had never experienced love. 

That is until a wonderful foster mum came into Molly's life, wanting to bring her as normal a life as possible for the short time she had left of her life. Betty Cowan cooked for Molly's special requirements in food, diligently administered medications as needed, and was just there for Molly in every way.

Not far from the end of Molly's life, Betty adopted her so that Molly would know she at last had a real home. Betty has fond memories of Molly in the fenced in big back yard chasing squirrels to her heart's content, her ears flapping happily as she bounded hopefully after them. She only caught them in her dreams, but that was enough for Betty; that Molly had the freedom at the end of her life that she never had before.

Molly enjoyed her walks with Betty near the lake. Molly had litter after litter of pups almost her whole life, and what Betty gave to her was the feeling of  a safe and secure retirement after her years of misery serving the pet shops profits.

Betty was with her at the beginning of her freedom and was with Molly as she left this life. Molly knew she had been loved before she crossed the Bridge. Gerdy's Rescues wishes to publicly thank Betty for her dedicated foster care to Molly.

The world needs more people like Betty, it would be a much better place. The Compassionate Care that Betty gave Molly was truly from the heart.

Rest in peace at last, Molly, we won't forget you and we pray for the day there will be no more puppy mill prisoners like you were.


Mon petit Boudha, tu seras toujours dans nos coeurs. Nos vies etaient meilleures avec toi.

Avec amour et tendresse,

Ane et Felix



Dec. 18, 1992 – June 19, 2006

Our beloved “Big Black Dog” came to us at 7 pounds, weighed in a mixing bowl. She was one of a rescued, unwanted litter of 10. Mama was a Golden Retriever and Daddy was a Newfoundland “traveling salesman.”

Meg became a gentle giant, kind to the various cats and hounds who joined her in our household. She particularly enjoyed her self-appointed job as bodyguard for Charlie - our adopted, frightened little rescued Basset Hound. Meg walked beside him on leash so Charlie could relax and enjoy his walks, knowing she’d defend him if need be.

Many years later, she watched over Charlie as the ultimate kindness ended his life in the comfort of his home. Meg managed well the additional two more rescue Bassets to which Gerdy recommended our home. It was an odd site, Meg leading the three Bassets, her motley pack. If she felt embarrassment, it never showed! Jamie will miss the nightly walks.

Roger and Judy, in Meg’s memory, ask that you consider an all-black dog when you next adopt. They are the most difficult to place as they tend to be ignored and therefore passed over and euthanized.

We would have all missed so much had we never let this Big Black Dog have a chance. Thank you, “Gooey Girl” for nearly 14 years of mutual devotion. The time went by too fast!

Roger, Judy and Jamie Cameron


What can one say about a most wonderful little doggy, except that she was all those things. She was the little girl with the big heart – in more ways than one! We were so blessed to have had her with us for 12 wonderful years. She was good with all people, children and animals and will never be forgotten.

How lucky we were to have her and she will always be incredibly missed. Until we meet again.

Valerie A.

  Smokey Kitty  


May 1991 - February, 2006

We will be known forever by the tracks we leave (Dakota Proverb)

Smokey was so much more than a cat and beloved pet. He was part of a family that relied on his wisdom, grace, and selflessness. Smokey was a very best friend and confidante who listened intently and always seemed to know exactly when he was needed. His passing left a hole that's slowly being filled by precious memories and loving thoughts of a magnificent and courageous lion who fought and won many battles against overwhelming odds. Smokey was the runt who nobody wanted and had numerous medical problems, but, despite all of that, he lived for 15 wondrous years. The heaviness in our hearts is lessened by the knowledge that our beautiful Smokey was unhampered by age or frailty at the end.

Smokey passed over peacefully, without struggle, at home in the arms of his loving family. Those who knew Smokey would not be surprised by the dignified manner with which he left this world. Smokey left his huge paw prints in the memories of all that he met, whether human or fellow creature, furry or winged.

Smokey, those who were left behind will never forget you. We all know that there is a furry angel at our sides. With this knowledge our bodies feel lighter, our souls shine brightly, and we can take peaceful strides knowing that you are there watching us.

Until we see each other again.

The Pride (Sweetie, Ham-Grizzly, Mommy, and Daddy)


A very special cat who is greatly missed.




A much loved friend and loyal companion.



In memory of a saucy, but loving, feline who came to us through Gerdy's Rescues at the age of 7. Even though we only had three years together, her spirit and presence will long be remembered and missed.

Valerie A.

  Poucette (Priscilla)  

Poucette was a stray who was lucky enough to have found a wonderful foster home and love during the last weeks of her life. Most likely hit by a car, she was found and cared for by Anne, who also sought medical care for her. She appeared to be recovering, but she developed complications from her accident and died yesterday. Anne, who had taken her in, told us:

"I got to know Poucette and grew attached to her. In essence, Poucette was an extremely smart cat who was very good with children but a bit scared of other cats. As soon as I would talk to her she would start purring. She wanted to participate in our life like a dog. When she was at the vet, the doctor told me that she really wanted to live. I feel that she paid with her life because of the lack of compassion shown by the human beings who originally abandoned her. Until I rescued Poucette, I had not realized the extent of the problem of stray cats."

Thank you Anne for caring. You made a difference to Poucette.


"Despite everyone's best efforts, we could not save Tiger from the diabetes that ravaged him this past summer. He went on to join my mother in heaven. I took care of Tiger for three years, after he and I both lost my mother, Rose.

Now they are back together..."




Charlie (1991 - 2005)

Beloved Basset Hound member of our family, Charlie began his new life with us in 1993, having been abandoned at the age of 1. As a result, Charlie was frightened and unsure about people for most of his life. He loved his new family from the start and tolerated all visitors for years from his vantage point behind the sofa, peeking out, wanting to be petted, but afraid. To be accepted as a friend by Charlie was considered quite a complement! Charlie never understood the concept of play, but he loved his walks and sharing sofa and bed with his people. How he loved to be cuddled! Our resident Newfie-Retriever Meg appointed herself Charlie’s official bodyguard when she realized he was fearful on walks; she’d walk beside him observing any possible threat to him, ready to defend him, but the need never arose. In the last three years, Charlie stood and waited patiently for his twice-daily insulin shots. We think he knew they were to help him, as he had always been fearful of his regular shots. He lost most of his sight, but never his dignity. At age 13, we said our last goodbye as he was failing rapidly in mind and body. Dear little Charlie, we helped you when you needed it and were repaid beyond measure. Thank you.


Moffatt (1989 - 2005)

Dear little tabby girl with ‘squirrel paws’, companion of Spike. She enjoyed her weekly skirmishes with Frankie and imaged herself to be Moffat of the Serengeti in the basement hunting spiders. Much missed by her family. We’d also like to express appreciation to Dr. Joanne Katz for easing her spirit on its way, at home with love and dignity.

Jamie, Nina and the Cameron Family



June 30, 1993 - March 31, 2004

Sargent was the lighthearted, light-faced shepherd everyone always wanted. He was beautiful, majestic, photogenic, caring, soft and sweet and the love he brought to us was of the unconditional kind. Sargent was our brother, son, and more than either, the greatest friend we could have ever asked for.

When I think of my dog... When I think of Sargent...one word comes to mind. It's majestic; my big, beautiful, majestic puppy dog. I think back to all the times I wasn't allright and I know he was always there. He always listened and definitely gave the best advice. He was a great hugger too. His lively nature...he lived his entire life at its peak. We loved him dearly and always will. He meant everything to me, and I will always treasure his memories. I told him that I loved him before I went to bed every single night. ..I feared he'd go away and would forget how I felt for him. ..but now that he is gone, I'm confident he knows how we all feel about him. He was our dog, truly our son and brother respectively. He'll be missed dearly.


Linda, David, Adam, Tracey and Jamie


A kind black Lab mix who never met a food he didn't like, who welcomed foster dogs and cats into his home with generosity of spirit and who blissfully failed obedience classes but got his certificate for good attendance. He was master of all comfortable spots and a friend to all. Missed by Betty and all who knew him.


In memory of Carrie, a sweet, gentle and loving dog. Hers was a long happy life, lived graciously and serenely. I would like to think that she is now fishing with Kip, who generously shared his abundant confidence and love of life with her !

Patricia L.



In memory of Rory, who had come so far in the two short years I was privileged to have him. Each day was an adventure for him and a challenge willingly met by me. I only wish there could have been many more.

Patricia L.


Ginger (Spunky) died where he was happiest, in the country. He purred often and loudly, insisted I take afternoon naps with him, and put up with his brother Cedric's constant licking and cuddling. Though not yet two, he got to enjoy the last nine months of his life in a loving home with his brother and their master, as well as weekends running and racing around free in nature.



He was a beautiful black cat that one day walked into my life.  I found him at my front door one cold January evening.  He was there for almost the whole night, until I welcomed him in.  He stayed with us ever since.  He passed away not long ago, but he still lives in our hearts and memories.  He was very much loved!

Peter and Janice


"Gorgeous George" the Goldfish.

Survivor of the Ice Storm '98. Enjoyed providing cat TV in our household for seven years.

Roger and Judy C.

  Lucy & Degas  

In memory of my beloved dogs, Lucy and Degas.


À la mémoire de Lucy et Degas.




In memory of my beloved cat Toby, 18 wonderful years together.


À la douce mémoire de mon chat bien-aimé Toby, 18 années merveilleuses passées ensemble.



In loving memory of Brina, who came into our family as a frightened adult needing much loving care and left this world much wanted, much loved, and unforgettable to all those who knew her.

Brina was the elderly mentor to Scout, the Mascot of Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions. Scout gave Brina a new lease on life last fall when he joined the household in all his puppy enthusiasm for exploring everything in his world. Brina became young at heart and interested in life again, tutoring her young charge in doggy play, manners and basking in the joy of having her young friend around.

May Scout continue Brina's tradition of patiently waiting at the "cookie closet." She will be missed.

Janet, Jerry and Stephanie


We named the kitten Valentina, meaning "strong, vigorous, healthy", because we hoped it would give her the strength to survive and to be well again. She was in distress from the last stages of a difficult labour when found and rescued from a cold back lane – one of so many left to fend for themselves. Sadly, despite every effort to save her, she and her unborn kittens died. We would like to honour her short life, and have found comfort in knowing that she died in the arms of someone who cared.


Nous avons surnommé la petite chatte Valentina, qui signifie « forte, vigoureuse et en santé », car nous espérions que ce nom lui donnerait la force de survivre et de retrouver la santé. Elle était en détresse depuis les derniers stades d’un travail pénible lorsque nous l’avons trouvée et secourue dans une ruelle sombre et froide, ¾ une pauvre chatte parmi tant d’autres qui sont abandonnées à leur triste sort. Malheureusement, malgré tous les efforts que nous avons mis pour la sauver, Valentina et ses chattons pas encore nés sont décédés. Nous souhaitons rendre hommage à sa courte vie. Et nous nous consolons en pensant qu’elle est décédée dans les bras d’une personne aimante et qui lui a voulu du bien.



You were a very special soul. Your gentle spirit touched us deeply. We so much wanted to give you a chance to be cared for and loved. But it was not to be. Your heart began to fail and, sadly, it was time to let you go. We are grateful that you did not die alone and abandoned.

From all of us at Gerdy's Rescues