On occasion, Gerdy’s Rescues receives update letters from families who have adopted. Listed below are the most recent forever home letters we have received. To view more, please check our Tales to Tell Archive: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11


De temps à autres, Rescapés dedan Gerdy reçoit des lettres de familles qui ont adopté un animal. Ci-dessous, sont les plus récentes lettres que nous avons reçues de « foyers à vie ». Pour en voir d’autres, aller à Archive d’histoires à raconter: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11


Saved from a pound in Outaouais where this handsome brute was a stray, Indy is happy, high spirited and ready for a good time.

If you like to hike, run, play ball, Indy is your man. Not just a pretty face, his looks and sweet personality are a metaphor for an all round great dog. And he’s no wimp, he is a strong, active, thinking boy.

His perfect match would be dog-experienced family or a single person, in a house with a fenced in yard. Kids 15+. Possibly another dog, flexible hours.

Indy is 7 years young. sterilized, up to date on vaccines and weighs 55 lbs. Revised 25 May 2016


Hello to everyone at Gerdy's!

Just wanted to show you how happy this boy is. It's almost been a year that Becks (formerly INDY) has been home with me and things are going really well. He's also a Montreal celebrity now.







Beautiful and sweet MAYA is 13 1/2years old, her owner passed away and  she needs a new forever home!  She still has a lot of love to give. 

She appears to be a Golden Retriever/Husky Mix, spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, a very sweet girl looking for a peaceful retirement home. 

Because of her age NO other dogs or cats in the home, NO small children—she is a senior in great shape but is retired now wanting peace & quiet. 

Poor Maya lived her entire life with badly infected ears that were never treated and gradually her frequent ear shaking resulted in her ears curling up on the ends permanently. 

Gerdy had her ears treated but the curly effect will always be there now.  She has time left, would LOVE a new home!  Is your heart big enough for Maya?


Hi Gerdy,

Here are some pictures of Maya. I will send you some more photos in the near future.

Thank You so much! We love her with all our hearts. For her age I can't believe how much more spunk she has than my 9 year old Golden.

C. Beaver



  Sammy, Oliver & Jackson  


All 3 are Gerdy dogs adopted at different times!  Thanks Diana for giving all 3 a GREAT loving and forever home!!  Did our hearts good to see these photos! 

Sammy (aka Cutie)

Cutie is an absolute sweetheart!  She is 6 months old and is a black Mini Poodle. Beautifully behaved, a real lady, she loves to cuddle and be carried around securely. A real lap dog, she has so much affection to give, and a wonderful disposition to match. There were problems in the home that had nothing to do with her, but she was entrusted to us to place into a very deserving new home where she would be loved for the rest of her life. 

Cutie would get along with another dog her size and probably a cat as well.  Cutie is up to date on her shots and will be spayed soon.  A gentle home is what we seek for Cutie.


Oliver (aka Freckles)

This handsome, dappled  mini Teckel (Dachshund)  is the friendliest male who loves to cuddle and would, if allowed, sleep at your feet under the covers!  This 4 year old gentleman also LOVES to be dressed up in dog outfits, which he enjoys so much.  A real doggy baby! 

Surrendered to us as a result of divorce, he seeks a loving  permanent home.  He has great temperament, but MIGHT bark if left alone so would not be suited to an apartment or  condo that has to be kept quiet.  He loves walks!  Very sociable with strangers too!  Not snappy or unpredictable.  Neutered, vaccines to date Max 5 & Rabies, Bordatella. 

Heartworm tested negative, on heartworm prevention, dewormed and no fleas, Freckles is good to go!  He is an EXCEPTIONAL dog who loves to be picked up and lovied.


Jackson (aka Happy)

Happy, a little male Springer Spaniel,  5 months of age and 18 pounds, was left at a vet clinic with a broken leg after apparently being hit by a car. 

The people who brought him in claimed it was not their dog but left a medical booklet for him at the counter as he was handed over. 

Gerdy’s was asked to take over his case as otherwise he’d have been euthanized.  So now HAPPY is recovering nicely in his foster home where he is being adopted. 

Happy will be neutered by Gerdy’s, is vaccinated, dewormed.  A jolly pup, Happy is indeed a very sweet boy and delightful to have around.  He is living up to his name Gerdy gave him!


"Hello Gerdy,

I am back from my vacation  and thought that you might like to know that Cutie (I renamed her Sammy) is doing very well. She is very playful, a real puppy chasing the cats tearing things and bouncing around. I adore her but Buddy and Thai are having a burn out.

I am sending you a few pictures from Nun's Island and Baie D'Urfé. Later on I will send you pictures from Cape Cod. She's already been. Although she is very cute I am calling her Sammy which she responds to. Better than Paris.

See you,



"Hello Gerdy,

I hope all is well with you. I thought that you may want a little update on Sammy (Cutie). It will be a year on June 17 that Sammy came in to my life and what a year.

She is very playful and quite a handful when she chases Buddy and Thai (they lost weight) around. Many of my favourite objects have had to be thrown out. 2 pairs of designer shoes, 1 purse, 3 pairs of sandals, the moulding in the entrance and the list goes on. Most of this has fazed out and she moved on to other adventures.

I have figured her out. Sammy is very smart and the good side of that is that she learns quickly. I have a great time with her both in Nun's Island and Baie D'Urfé although she prefers running in the fenced yard. I am enclosing pictures of her with  two different haircuts.



"Hello once again Gerdy and Judy,

I thought that you might want a little update on the little man. Freckles just fit right in with Sammy (the boss), Roxy (15 yrs) and the cats. He loves chasing the cats, wrestling with Sammy and food. He is learning not to leap into bowls especially not the other dogs.

Sammy was so snappy with him in the beginning that I thought for a while he was going to start looking like a Pug. Today, they cuddle, wrestle and create major traffic jams in the house. Great fun and hope to see you soon.



"Dear Gerdy,

Just to let you know that Jackson is enjoying his first summer…. with Oliver and Sammy. His leg has completely healed and I am wondering if it is bionic. This guy jumps so high. Sammy rules and Oliver hunts (I put a bell on him). They are having a great time as are we.

Gerdy, I hope you come for a garden cocktail with Yvette and Judy this summer. Your babies would love to see you… me included … lol



"Hello Ladies,

Just a few words to say that we are so happy for all the tireless work that you do. The 3 musketeers are living happy as a family and are grateful to you.....Sammy, Oliver and Jackson....

As you can see on the left, Oliver wants his pork cutlet lol.



Hi Gerdy,

A little update ... Sammy (Cutie), Oliver (Freckles) and Jackson (Happy) are doing very well. The calm after the storm after playing and eating snow they are cozy, comfy and happy.

These photos where taken on March 16, 2017 the day after the big snowstorm.

Thank you for all you do for our animals


  Mattise (aka Maddix)  

Maddix was going to be euthanized at a gassing pound, his owner did not want him so dumped him there to get rid of him. He was saved from euthanasia and made his way to Gerdy’s Rescues.

He's a cheerful BIG boy at 89 pounds. He is a male German Shepherd X, brindle in color. Born January 29, 2011 he is neutered, heartworm tested negative, dewormed, vaccinated. He does not like to be crated, we believe he had a bad experience with that.

Maddix is good in the car, loves to go for a drive! He needs obedience training as he is so large, but is a handsome and big hearted guy. A dog for older teens 16+, not young kids. When Maddix gets trained, he is going to be a fantastic dog.

He thinks he's a lapdog! Affectionate, HOUSETRAINED, Insecure but friendly, he gets over his shyness quickly. Loves to play fetch. No food aggression, outgoing personality interested in everything.


Bonjour Gerdy,

J’espère que vous allez bien.

Ceci pour vous donner des nouvelles de Maddix. On l’appelle maintenant Matisse comme le peintre.

Matisse a pris du poids et est toujours aussi gardien.
Je joins 2 photos pour illustrer le gain de poids, la première : Matisse à son arrivée à la maison. La deuxième : Matisse aujourd’hui, il a prix quelques 20 livres. Il va falloir faire attention.

Les autres photos ont été prises au chalet.

· Matisse est fou de sa balle. Il l’a presque toujours dans la gueule. Il en a maintenant plusieurs modèles à la maison.

· Matisse dans l’eau qui mange les bestioles à la surface. Il passe des heures dans l’eau sans se lasser. Nous lui avons aménagé un enclos (à l’aide de petits flotteurs) où il a le droit d’aller lui-même. Il est toujours rendu là.

Dans l’ensemble Gerdy, Matisse est un très bon chien… mis à part son intolérance envers les autres chiens. Mais on travaille là-dessus. On essaie de le socialiser. Je prends des cours avec lui en présence d’autres chiens mais ce n’est pas facile. Je vais au Centre canin de la Vallée du Richelieu : http://www.centrecaninvalleedurichelieu.com/

Je travaille avec Martine, elle est très bien.

Merci et Joyeuses Fêtes



Hello Gerdy,

Some news of Maddix.

Maddix is a big boy now. Gained weight now being 140 lbs. He is on a diet but it will take time. He’s been with us for almost 2 years now. Still can’t stand other dogs but real nice with people and children.

He loves snow as much as he loves water.

Thank you.





A strapping big boy, Toby is 91 pounds, a Mastiff/Lab Mix with a very sweet friendly nature, loves people. Born September 28, 2012. FULLY HOUSETRAINED and VERY GENTLE, he had to be given up by his owner because of the owner’s illness. A handsome brindle color, Toby loves affection and cuddling! Toby is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative and vet checked. His expressive face will steal your heart!


Hi Gerdy,

My name is Toby. I was adopted 2 yrs ago. It took some time to adapt to my new home. They said I was not cat friendly but now I am; my buddy "kitten" shares my same fur Colors!

I love the snow, just yesterday I went out for my daily walk and chose to just sit in the snow and chill.

I also love the water, I live very near the st Laurent lake and go swimming regularly in the summer ( note that I walk in the water. I shy away from actual swimming if I don't feel the bottom I turn back!!) lol

My momma calls me bear coz I look a lot like a bear:)

Gerdy, thank you for placing me with my new family.

I'm spoiled rotten;)


Toby and THANK YOU from Tania



  Sono, Ricky and Bailey  


I am an adorable wee YORKSHIRE TERRIER and I am 8 years old, I was born on May 31, 2007. I am a grey and beige male, neutered and vaccinated. I am a very affectionate boy and I give kisses. My owner gave me up because of travelling a lot and didn't have time for me, but wanted me to have more of a life. I am an adorable boy, sweet natured, and ready to be loved again! Revised 30 Apr 2016



This 9 year old male Yorkie was found wandering in the streets and never claimed. He is a charming boy who loves to sit on your lap and be cuddled. He is great with other dogs and cats too.
Ricky loves going for walks and can use the exercise as he weighs in on the chubby side. He also adores car rides and will accompany you everywhere.
He would be a great choice for an adult family with other pets or for someone retired looking for a constant companion.

  Adopted Separately  

Hi Judy, Mila and Gerdy !

Sono is doing so well with us... He is such a sweet little doggie boy. He is gentle and playful with Bailey who shares everything with him with no issues. He is smart and quick as a whip.They back each other up if any unknown dog or human comes too close... The other will join in the bark to get rid of the nuisance... They support each other at a moments notice.They sleep in each other's beds all the time, share water dishes, each has their own feeding dish but will nonetheless go check the others dish just to see if anything was left behind ... No jealousy issuesAbove is a picture of Bailey (yellow) blanket and Sono (blue blanket). They both can snore (too cute). This is after an afternoon visit to Grandma's (by car) which both seem to LOVE. They are so adorable together. Sono is truly a great dog... As if he has done all this before and still enjoys it. Grandma
(my mom) thinks Sono is "the perfect dog".We are truly grateful to everyone at Gerdy's Rescue ...and we are especially grateful to Mila who sure took excellent care of Sono as his foster mom. Sono is so well behaved and sweet.. No aggression whatsoever. May be a little nervous at 1st but then he comes around and is such a dreamboat. We are ready to adopt Sono for life. I will call Gerdy after this weekend to see about the next steps. We are so happy... furkids too !!!

Thank you so much for your big hearts and valuable time.

Fern and Jo-Anne, Bailey and Sono


Dear Gerdy & Judy & Milla,

We are so pleased to become fur parents for SONO. Jo-Anne and I have already fallen in love with this sweet little doggie soul. We assure you that he will be cuddled, loved, and well taken care of for as long as his little heart beats beside us. Our Bailey (morkie) has become such a good sister to him, too. They are a joy to watch and have together. THANK YOU ...GOD BLESS the work you do! Jo-Anne & Fern xo


Hi Judy, Gerdy and Mila,

I hope my email finds you well.

Sono is doing great with us... He is so precious. It is simply adorable to watch him and Bailey interact together.

Much Love, Fern, Jo-Anne, Bailey and Sono

Above Left: Sono is gray with his gray teddy and Bailey is tan with her tan teddy. Above Right: Typical car ride with both furkids. Both dash for the car when we mention "car ride" and jump onto their respective seats to get buckled up. They love an open window. Left: Bailey is keeping watch while Sono grabs a few Zzz's.


... More pictures of our Sono with his sister Bailey. Sono is officially part of our family and he knows it. He started now playing with toys which is a delight to see. He picks one and sneaks away to bed and plays until he falls asleep with it. That's when Bailey sneaks over and retrieves it ... well, just because...Sono has also learned important words in English (car, treat, walk, come, stop... Kisses) in addition to his vast French vocabulary. Bailey in turn is learning French because of Sono... :) We are a happy bunch indeed.


Fern + family



Hi Gerdy & Judy,

Here are a few more pictures of Sono with his sister Bailey this summer. Our furkids travel a lot with us and love it.

People always stop us to talk baby-talk to them.




Hi Judy here's some more pictures of Sono in his new home since May.

Sono is on the left (orange lifejacket) and Bailey's on the right (in yellow). The forgets are getting ready to go on their first boat trip this past August... Both behaved exceptionally well and enjoyed the water spray under faces.



Here is Sono taking a snooze a small pillow. Perfect fit.


Sono (blue) and Bailey (pink).... They don't mind dressing up for photos ... both are so very cooperative... They are very much loved, cuddled, and belly-rubbed.... Please show Mila and tell her she was a wonderful foster-mom to Sono...



Both furkids are observing an intruder in the back yard....great security alarm backup system.

Fern and family


Hi Judy,

Life is pretty good for us... We are in complete love with our furkids including Sono that came from Gerdy.

Sono recently had dental work done... He needed it and so it got done. He now grabs and actually chews toys ... Very cute to watch him gnaw at a toy that never gets ruined but once Bailey gets hold of it, it no longer looks the same.


  RICKY JOINS THE GROUP March 10, 2016  

Hi Judy, Gerdy, Marilyn and Chris!

Ricky has been with us since Feb. 14th 2016... And he has stolen our hearts. He is fitting in like a perfect puzzle-piece... right where he belongs. He has such a good friendly doggie soul... Gets along with everyone. Bailey and Sono have accepted him into our Wolfpack ... The humans are outnumbered !!! Our family has grown and now our home is filled with unconditional love by 3 x furkids in total. God bless the work Gerdy's Rescue does and thank-you to all the wonderful and extremely caring volunteers. ~ Cheers, Fern and family



So I get upstairs after letting the furkids out, and cleaning up after supper, doggie dishes included, and this is what I stumble onto.

They look guilty of something ... But I looked around and everything seems fine.

Wait, wait... I hear something now... "Zz zz zzz zz" from Ricky and Sono. They all do love their "dens" ...



Here is another picture of Ricky with his new siblings (Bailey and Sono). Sono also thankfully came from Gerdy's rescue and he has blossomed into a perfectly little family member, we just adore him. Ricky is home safe and sound with us now, and we adore him to bits! All 3 furkids have so much in common... All love "walks" , "car rides", "getting toys", "giving bizous", and play-time (I am gonna catch you)! etc. Tails go wild when their coats come out of the closet, when their ceramic dishes bump each other, when the other human arrives at home, when their toys come out of the dryer, and when their nite-nite toy is handed to them just before getting into bed for "doe-doe" time.




An ordinary sunny day...

It is official... Ricky is a SOCIAL butterfly who loves to go up to new dogs and greet them. He is amazing!

Everyone and every dog who met him today was hypnotized by his friendly demeanour ... What a joy to watch Ricky in the park with his siblings (Bailey and Sono). Everyone had a fantastic time.



Hi Marilyn & Christopher, Mila & Judy,

Here are some pics of the furkids... These bundles of fur are very much loved and cuddled, it doesn't get much better than this...lol.

Fern and family



Ricky and siblings... Thursday while Fern works at home


"Hi Gerdy,

Here is an update of a few pictures of the boys (Ricky and Sono) in their forever home with Bailey on Canada Day 2016.

All the furbabies get along and love their water-float and can swim for sure.

We have been blessed to receive Sono and Ricky into our little family and cherish our time together.

We seem to be giggling and smiling all the time ... Life is so much more with furbabies around.

Gerdy, keep up the great work... When times are hard I hope you remember that a lot of good comes out of what you and your team does ��.

Thank you so much ... Sono and Ricky are well taken care of and dearly loved.

More water-doggie pictures to come.


Fern and Jo-Anne

Bailey, Sono & Ricky"




Just a few pics of the furkids on the first windy day of September !

Everyone is doing great ... We are getting ready to go visit grandma on Sunday afternoon and aunty too next door. Ricky loves dressing up!

Life is beautiful.


Fern and Family"


Hi Gerdy,

Here are a few pics of the furkids at the 1st Montréal Dog Fest. We had a GREAT time... furkids fell asleep on car ride home... can't wait for next year!

Sono in blue, Ricky in black and Bailey in pink... including a pic with their Fern (human staff) and Ricky with Foster-Daddy Chris!




Halloween Family Picture from us all

Jo-Anne, Ricky (Pinkachu), Sono (Superman), Fern and Bailey (doctor) Wishing everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Hi Gerdy and Team,

Here we are again...

Bailey : "We are all posting our candidature for Santa's Little Helpers 2016 ! We have "rezoomayze". Pass the word !"

Ricky : "Can we eat now ?"

Sono : "We are showered, shaved, and ready to go... but I wouldn't say no to a treat either !"


Fern and family


Hi Gerdy,

Just saying "Hi" from Ricky (orange tie) and Sono (white shirt) formerly from Gerdy's Rescue care.

We are doing great with sister Bailey (red bow tie).

Life is pretty good... God bless all.

Bailey, Sono and Ricky, Fern and Jo-Anne


Hi Gerdy,

Just want to share some pics of our Gerdy boys Sono and Ricky... before and after blessing our lives.

We are in love with all of them. Bailey, their little sister bosses them around and the boys LOVE following her... She's the one who gets them started and in trouble all the time because they take her lead.... Bailey is absolutely fearless... too cute.

Regards to all,

Fern and family





Gentle, sweet, and affectionate is our Finn! Finn is a Collie/Golden Retriever mix who was born September 10 2014. He is 49 pounds of dear, dear dog. He is vaccinated and neutered, heartworm tested negative.

Finn would be one special dog for a family, and has inherited the best traits of both breeds. Finn will make you smile and feel good in his presence.


Hi Gerdy,

Hope you are keeping well. I just wanted to send you a picture of Koby aka Finn, so you can see how he is growing up. He's a handsome fellow, sometimes with a mind of his own, but we love him anyways.




  Whisky (AKA Troy)  

Seven months old and 54 pounds of love, this sweet natured LAB MIX puppy is clean at night, sterilized and vaccinated. 

Abandoned by his owner out of province, he found Gerdy and now is seeking the wonderful home he truly deserves.  Could that home be YOURS?


Bonjour, voici des photos de Troy, nous l'avons adopté depuis le 3 décembre. Comme vous pouvez voir sur la vidéo, nous avons changé som pour Whisky. 







Holly's is a classic sad story, she was bought as a Christmas present "for the kids" and by springtime was an unwanted addition to the household. An animal loving neighbour took charge and convinced the family that they were not cut out to have a dog in their home at this time as they had no time, patience or love to giver her.

Holly's is looking for a family who will keep her forever and give her the love, time, structure and training that she has never had. Ideally Holly will go to an experienced home and/or to people willing to take this pup to obedience classes.

She is a 1 year old old, Shih-Tzu mix (maybe with King Charles Spaniel or Jack Russell), she is sweet, loving and very smart. Since Holly isn’t too happy about being left alone, we insist on a house vs. an apt. or condo as she will initially bark or whine, as well as a family with a flexible schedule or with someone who works from home. 

She has lived with children, we prefer 12 plus and gets along with some other dogs (best with a confident dog). She is in good health, vaccinated and sterilized. She weighs approximately 11 lbs.


Thank you Gerdy's,

On January 21st 2017 you brought this beautiful ray of sunshine into my life!  Holly had been placed a few times since her birth, but I honestly believe she was waiting for us to find each other!  

She's is loved so much by all her new family, especially her Mom!  Thank you Marilyn!  She truly is a fantastic dog!  

Much love,





My name is Stitch and I am a beautiful Shih Tzu male, approximately 6 years of age.  I was abandoned at a shelter where I sat day after day waiting for someone to save me – no one even asked my name.  One bright day a lady named Gerdy opened my cage door, took me in her arms and gently whispered that I will be loved once again.  Finally I felt hope! 

Gerdy immediately noticed that I had not lived a good life, in fact it had been filled with pain due to severe neglect.  Gerdy’s vet says I had been suffering with ear, eye, and skin infection for quite some time.  After good vet care I am now fit and ready for adoption as a normal, healthy dog! 

I am gentle, affectionate and very loving to whomever I meet.  I have forgiven and I am ready to enjoy the rest of my life with my new forever family.  I am hoping that another guardian angel will take me into their home and heart, where I can live my life surrounded by unconditional love – both ways.

Stitch has been recently neutered, vaccines including Bordatella & Rabies, heartworm tested.  He is an extremely deserving old soul with depth & courage in a rejuvenated young body that is now ready to start a good life… finally.


Dear Gerdy:

First of all, long overdue, good wishes for healthy and happy days to you, Judy and the team and good homes for the animals in 2017.

Stitch is over 15 now and as cute as a button – he has given me so much joy – has a wonderful sense of humour.

And is as loyal as they come. Photo one as he was when I adopted him; photo two snoozing like a grandfather having 40 winks!

IOU big time.

XO Thanks for connecting us.





  Karusso & Chester  

Two rescues adopted by one loving family!


Meet Karusso, a handsome Siberian breed boy 1 ½ years old. A stunningly beautiful cat with an equally great character! He was given up only because his owner is facing medical problems, he was loved. He has always been an INDOOR cat and MUST remain so.

He does not get along with other cats but LOVES dogs! He has HAIR not fur and loves to be combed and petted. He is very docile and will keep up his side of the conversation if you are in a chatty mood!

He has been vaccinated and will shortly be neutered under Gerdy’s Rescues.



This is Chester, a 4 month old kitten, neutered, vaccinated and ready to be adopted.  He has a young calico mother who will be available in the next
week or two.

  Adopted Separately  

It was just meant to be….

We had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Oscar a few months ago. He had been with us for over 15 years. It was very upsetting for everyone and quite frankly it left us with a feeling of emptiness. 

We then saw Chester and it was love at first sight.  I quickly contacted Gerdy’s Rescue and adopted him without a second thought.  Chester – now known as Hugo – has slowly become one of the family. 

He has been accepted by our other senior cat Murphy as well as our Newfie Leo. Still though, something was missing.  Last week I got word that Karusso was looking for a forever home.  Again, I jumped at the chance to bring him home.  It was something in his eyes….

Karusso entered our home and began to look around.  He did not hide – he did not run – he walked right up to Leo and then headed to the kitchen.  He was home.

We joke that he is Oscar reincarnated.  His character and his habits are so similar to what Oscar was like… Could it be? I guess that we will never know.

The house seems full again.  The children are happy; my husband is content and me… I couldn’t be more pleased.



Karusso would like to say Happy New Year to everyone at Gerdy's Rescue!

Here he is celebrating with his peeps!




Oh, that Sam-I-am!!  That’s me. All 90 pounds of me, filled with love and goodwill!  I am a mélange of Blond Lab/German Shepherd/Husky who was found by a stranger along a highway.

I connected with Gerdy luckily for me after she saved me from the traffic.  I have a wonderful personality and get along with other dogs, untested with cats, but I might be ok with them. 

I LOVE to be brushed!  And I am SO GOOD in the car!  I am a tad overweight and since I am about 2 years old, I likely was not exercised.

I am neutered, heartworm tested negative, shots, Bordatella, flea and worm free and started on my heartworm preventative for the season.  Who will give a home to Sam I am?


Hi Gerdy and Judy,

Just to let you know that Sam is doing great. He had a super weekend at the farm wrestling and playing tug of war with my sister's ridgeback. We let them off in a paddock where he could not get away, and boy did they have fun. Sam plays really well. He also went for a little walk with my Mum, and was a complete gentleman, did not pull a bit she said.

Last night we went to the vet who was very impressed by his attitude and character. He did have a lepto shot, and he did not react at all. He also had a microchip put in. He still weighs 90 lbs however, as you said is a little skittish on the scale. With our long walks and his playing, he should start to slim down.

Everyone in the family and neighborhood are so pleased that he is staying as he is already a big hit.

Thanks again, and take care.

Marie Adèle


Hi Judy and Gerdy,

Sam continues to excel. He is doing so well on the leash, getting better with cats, still dreaming of catching a squirrel, and loving the farm. I am able to let him off the lead for supervised play, and he is getting very good at coming when called. My guess is that will be even better once obedience starts next week. I swear he is the friendliest dog in the neighborhood towards both humans and other dogs. Everyone loves him. My Mum is a huge fan, and he has her right where he wants her when we visit by using his big hound dog eyes.

He did have a yeast infection in his ears, but that has cleared up now. He was so great about having the drops in. His knees might be a little sore, so I have had him into the vet, but it is nothing too serious and will be closely monitored. He just needs to realise that he does not have to chase every ball, play every tug of war, and play tag with every dog like there is no tomorrow because there is a tomorrow for him, and I truly think he is begining to realize that. He seems to be settling in to a nice relaxed pace. He has also lost 5 kilos so the vet and I are very pleased with that progress.

His only challenge with feeling like he is home now is that he thinks he should have access to the furniture and that he needs a pillow on which to rest his weary head. Have you ever seen a more comfortable pup? Much to his chagrin, we are working on the "off" command.

Marie Adèle


Dear Gerdy and Judy,

I hope you are well.

Just to let you know that Sam passed his level one obedience. He did so well, especially as I had to be away the week before the exam, so he was not getting as much practice as he could have had. Besides that, he is down to 36 kg and is in great shape.

In fact, he is pretty high on himself, so we are working in settling down and having some quiet time in the evenings instead of playing non stop. He is just fabulous at the dog park, plays hard but keeps checking out where I am and comes extremely well when called.

Take care.

Marie Adèle


Dear Gerdy and Judy,

I thought I would send you a little update as to how I am doing given it is almost 6 months since you took such great care of me and found me my new home. Suffuce it to say that I am one happy dog. Let me tell you why.

For the past 10 days I have been at the family farm in the Eastern Townships doing all sorts of amazing things. I learned to snowshoe before all the snow went. I love it, it is so much fun tramping through the woods. Every day I go for three long walks with my friends, then I sleep the night away in front of the fire, waking up occasionally to eat a marrow bone. I am really excellent at coming (I never want to be lost again), so I get loads of off lead time. When called, I come with gusto, my lovely ears flying in the wind, and I look just like a harrier hound.

There were all sorts of family members here, and I was a very social boy. I think they all really like me becasue I try to be on my best behaviour inside all the time. If I need a little attention, I just put on my best hound dog face, and everyone melts around me. Jessica, one of the grand daughters, really took a shine to me and spent alot of time scratching me behind the ears - heaven. There are also 3 other dogs all of whom seem to like me, especially Juno, a 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback with whom I play and play.

When I go back to Ottawa next week, it will not be too bad as I have loads of friends there too, and get to walk 3 hours a day. You would not recognize me now, I am so fit and trim. I think that I resemble a canine version of George Clooney, handsome, rugged, with a twinkle in my eye. I think I mentioned that I passed obedience, and I do try to be good, but sometimes outside, especially on a windy day, I get a little too playful and need a doggie time out. I am really trying now. I did attend doggie day care for a little while (it is canceleld now for the winter), and it was so much fun.

There was even a pig there with whom I was friends. I am also very popular at the pet resort that I go to when my Mum has to travel for work. They send her pictures of me so she can see how well I am doing.

The other thing I should let you know is that I am seriously considering my future career options. I try alot of them out on our walks, in fact I am much better behaved if my mouth is full;

Lumberjack - I excel at bringing sticks home, great big ones

Environmental engineer - I pick up empty plastic bottles and bring them to the recycle bin

Professional toy tester - I have yet to meet a toy that I can not destroy

Companion - I think I am best at this

Here are some recent photos of me enjoying Christmas presents. Thanks again for all the wonderful care and help you gave to me and for finding me my new home. Mum put a check in the mail to help with all the wonderful work you do. Happy 2009, and I hope to see you soon so you can admire the new svelte me.

All the best, Sam


Dear Gerdy and Judy,

I hope you are both well. Just a quick Sam update

Sam has now completed his training to become an executive assistant. Please see the attached photo. He can answer the phone, send faxes, and do short paw dictation. He is looking for an entry level position at Nylabone, hoping to move into a testing role in the future.

He also wanted me to tell you the he was complemented by a former Prime Minister a short time ago. We were walking by the individual's home, and he was out on the front step, and commented that Sam and his friend, Nico, were really good looking. I , of course, said thank you all the while keeping a tight hold on Sam's leash just in case he tried to run over and steal the former Prime Minister's gloves, a favourite winter past time.

Take care,

Marie Adèle


Dear Gerdy and Judy,

I hope you are both well.

Just a quick update. My handsome Sam ruptured his left knee ligament and had a TPLO last week from which he is recovering very well. The vet says that underneath all this thick fur, Sam is bow legged (a cowboy in a previous life perhaps), and the wear and tear, esp in the snow, caused the ligament to go.

The prognosis for a return to full actvity is excellent and is why I chose the more lasting procedure. As I said, he is a very good patient, lots of his friends come by to wish him well. By summer, the ground hogs better be ready as he should be back to his old self. Here is a pictire from last fall of Sam and my mum's new dog, Chester.

Take care

Marie Adèle


Hi Gerdy and Judy,
I hope you are doing well. Just a quick update - Sam has finally started as a therapy dog, and he is a super star. He visits the mental health unit at the local community hospital and brings such joy to the patients.

Yesterday, a woman who had not left her room in 2 weeks came and visited for half a hour with him. I am so very proud of him.
The other great news is that his Progressive retinal atrophy seems to have stabilized, and he still has excellent day vision. I am giving him vitamin E at the advice of the world's leading expert on PRA. Let's just hope that it all holds.
My annual contribution to your great work will be coming soon.
Take care.
Marie Adèle


Dear Judy and Gerdy,

I hope you are both well and that your families are as well.

I thought that you would enjoy seeing Sam’s year end review. As you can see it has been a great year.

On the health side, his eyesight is very poor with cataracts complicating his progressive retinal atrophy. I bring him to the ophthalmologist every 4 months to make sure that there is nothing that can be done to help him and to make sure that he does not develop glaucoma which is another complication.

It seems like the PRA is severe enough that removing the cataracts would be of marginal benefit, and I do not want to put him through surgery if the benefit is so small. On a more positive side, his dental resorption has not progressed so he has had no more teeth removed . His knees have healed well and although there is perhaps a little more arthritis he is still walking 3 hours min a day.

The incredible thing about Sam is even with his physical challenges is that he remains the friendliest most gentle dog ever. The neighbourhood kids gather around him all the time and actually ring our door to ask if he can come out for a visit. It may sound like I am bragging, but everyone loves Sam.

Most important though is the fact that he is still the most amazing dog ever, so kind, smart, and compassionate. He is a therapy star, and I continue to marvel at how he can figure out how to help his patients.

He has different approaches for different patients and can communicate with them in a way humans cannot grasp. The mental health team adore him as he can provide therapy that is beyond them. I am so incredibly proud of him and the great work he does.

Thank you again for matching me with my boy. He so makes me a better person

Have merry Christmases, happy holidays, and all the best for 2016


Dear Gerdy and Judy,

It was 8 years ago today that thanks to you I met the most incredible, wise, loyal, and brave soul, Sam. I can never thank you enough for saving my boy and pairing us up. He is so special not only to me but to all the people he reaches out to on a daily basis.

Thank you so much.

PS Here is a new picture of Sam hanging out with Her Excellency Rosie Johnston, the Governor General’s dog. Sam was being a demo dog for Ottawa Therapy Dogs and Rosie came to hang out with her trainer and to get comfortable in groups of people

Marie Adèle


Dear Gerdy and Judy,

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017. I have sent Sam's official 2016 card by mail. We both want to thank you for all you do for animals.

I have attached a photo of Sam in the water treadmill. This winter we are going twice a week to physio to make sure he stays fit and trim. He loves it, he goes right in and trots along wagging his tail.

Once the days are short, Sam finds it more difficult to go for long walks with his eyesight. From what I can tell he can still see when it's day vs. Night, but I think he has very little if any ability to define objects and obstacles. He still does amazing though.‎ So I wanted to complement his walks with the treadmill amd messages.

He is still visiting the hospital and is an absolutely‎ champion therapy dog. I am so proud of him.

Have very good holidays


Marie Adèle



  Daisy (AKA McKenzie)  

What a darling girl, great in the car, loves a car ride! McKenzie is 1 ½ years old, and is an AIREDALE. She loves other animals and is a gentle girl. Airedales need a securely fenced yard and YOU to play with them to exercise. Love to run! Leash walks she welcomes and for as long as possible!

She would be an ideal second dog particularly to another of her breed. Only Airedale- familiar people will be considered. A WONDERFUL girl, and an ideal family dog we feel.

Spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, vaccinated, vet checked and on Revolution heartworm prevention after testing heartworm negative.

A fun loving girl, she has a very affectionate heart!



Bonjour, nous aimons beaucoup McKenzie, très bon chien.

Merci encore,



Merci beaucoup pour ce bon et beau chien, adoptée (McKenzie -> Daisy) il y'a deux ans et demie à Pointe Fortune.

On adore notre belle Daisy



  Bridie (AKA Tony)  

A sweet natured male beige Golden Retriever, Tony is under 4 years old, birth date being 17 September 2010. Tony is allergic to chicken. 

He likes playing ball, neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, dewormed, Tony is all set to go to his new forever home!


Hi Gerdy!

Just wanted to send you a photo of Bridie (aka Tony) who I adopted from you August 3rd, 2014. I came to see him and 2 other Goldens and fell in
love with him and the rest is history. He is the sweetest, most loving little guy I have ever had and so faithful.

We will be starting dog obedience classes in 2 weeks to socialize Bridie as he doesn't know how to act around dogs and is a little aggressive but we
will work on this. Thank-you Gerdy for rescuing him and filling a hole in my heart. I had just put down my Golden Sam at 15 1/2 years old and was so sad.

By the way Bridie is the name of a Scottish meat pie.

Best of luck, thanks again




Hi Gerdy & Judy,

Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to adopt Bridie two years ago (Aka Tony). He is a terrific dog and so loving!

Cheri Cameron




This BLUE EYED boy is a WONDERFUL and GENTLE dog, a male real mutt mix found as a stray, Barney is a year old and about 45 pounds. Not a mean bone in his handsome body, Barney is sterilized and vaccinated, heartworm negative, and is an IDEAL family dog.

Barney thinks he is a lap dog and loves to give kisses! He charms everyone he meets! Barney may get along with cats, he likes other nice dogs. He SO craves a loving home of his own, Barney is so special if you are looking for a real SOULMATE to complete your life, Barney could be the perfect boy for you!


I attached a photo of both Barney and Dasher hard at work !! hahahaha

Heather and Barb


Hi Gerdy,

Just wanted to let u know that Barney is doing great !  Him and Dasher are great friends and do not like to be separated from each other.  Meaning if we take one out, the other has to come too !  Even if it means going to the Vet..LOL..

Barney said to say a big Woof to grandma Gerdy for finding him a great home and a new little sister to play.  He even made friends with our cat Tippy..

Keep well…

Heather, Barb, Barney and Dasher


Just wanted to wish you (Grandma Gerdy) and your staff a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Attached of picture of Barney and Dasher waiting patiently for Santa Dog to arrive! ho ho ho!

All the best to you all,

Heather, Barbara, Barney and Dasher!!!



  Robbie & Prissy  

Special Courtesy Listing

Robbie & Prissy must go together

This is a SPECIAL Courtesy Listing for a pair of cats who MUST go together.  They are very close to each other, separating them would be cruel.  They are like an old married couple. The elderly owner is going to a senior residence.  They need to be placed as soon as possible, have until the end of September to find a new home.

Robbie (Grey)

Robbie is a male neutered 15 year old grey Siamese.  Years ago he came to her house, emaciated, starving, and freezing in the pouring rain soaked to the skin. She took him in and found Robbie to be the most affectionate cat in the world!  Robbie has his claws, and is a well behaved boy.

Prissy (Black)

Robbie’s partner in life is a DECLAWED and sterilized female completely black cat, very dainty with the sweetest personality.  She has the tiniest meow and is delicate in size.  She is 12 years old.  Prissy was found dumped on the lady’s doorstep when someone stopped a car and ran with her, tossing her towards the door and drove off.  The 2 cats have been companions for the past 11 years.  Both cats are very clean, and always use the litter box. It would break their hearts to be separated.

  Adopted Together  

This little soft cup-shaped bed is one of Prissy's favourite hangouts.


Here is darling Robbie, enjoying an early morning organic catnip trance.


Prissy likes to greet me at the Front door.



  Mr. Tucker & Charlie Brown  

Two rescues adopted by one loving family!


Howdy-do!!  I am a  Dalmatian with BROWN spots, going to be 4 years old in July,  and I need a new home.  You see there are 2 babies in the house now and I don’t go for the walks or exercise like I used to, and I’m feeling kinda low because I am not getting the needed attention that I did before.  Forgive me if I brag—but I am an AMAZING dog!  I listen very well and I am very affectionate. 

They say I am awesome with children, I never bit or snapped even when my ears or tail were pulled by kids.  I have no separation anxiety, in fact I used to spend the day from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm alone—never once did I destroy a thing even though I was loose in the house I could be trusted.   

I sent my family off to work at the door and was there to greet them when they got back home again, greeting with a wagging tail when they got back, no matter how long I’d been alone.  Hey, I do not jump up on people when I meet them, nor bark when the doorbell rings, or even when other dogs are around.   

Truthfully I’ve never been much of a barker anyhow! Now I DO pull on the leash when I see another dog (I am not QUITE  perfect, remember)—but only  to introduce myself AND at the dog park I schmooze quite well with the other dogs, even being submissive with the more dominant dogs!  Did I mention that is because we dogs too have a United Nations and I was Secretary General Tucker Mee Owt of ours? 

Hey, I am not even afraid of loud noises or thunderstorms, so you can come to me for protection!  Now — training — well I DO come when called, sit, come, and go but you will have to teach me heel, stay, and the others — well you have to teach me SOMETHING and not take all the credit for my genius! 

I used to have an old cat, I tried playing with him but he was an old grouch with no sense of humour, so we didn’t bother with each other.  I can be loose in the house, and I don’t have any health issues.  I have one habit, it is like a human chewing his nails—I chew on the end of my tail, but the vet said it was just a habit and harmless. 

I am NEUTERED, up to date on my vaccines — Intranasal Bordatella, Max 5, and Rabies.  I have been dewormed, and have no fleas.  Heartworm tested NEGATIVE, I will start my Revolution shortly.

Well, folks, now you know all about me.  Can we arrange to meet so I can give you a sniff or two so I can get to know you too?  I want a FOREVER home so I will be particular!!  Hey, maybe I could be your Assistant in your home office or at work where good dogs are allowed.  Or if you are retired we could go for long walks and buy an ice cream cone — the possibilities are endless!



This is Charlie Brown saying his prayers at the kitchen counter before bed. He's praying for a cookie.

~Mom Ali


Hi Gerdy, Judy and Roger,

It's me Mr. Tucker (aka.Tucker).  I just wanted to thank you for helping my first family find me a forever home. I love my new place. I get lots of attention and walks not to mention all the toys!  My new family said my previous family must have loved me very much to give me up: They say I am a great well-mannered boy and I'm on Santa's good-boy list!!!  Here are some recent photos.


Mom, Dad and me

Hi Judy Roger and Gerdy,

Remember us? Its Mr Tucker and Charlie just wanting to update you all.

Charlie has been a handfull to say the least but he is turning out to be a good boy. His deafness is a challenge at times but he gets most of the hand signals especially if food is involved.

Now, Mr Tucker is still the perfect Gentleman and puts up with CHARLIES ANTICS with great patience.They both love to go on walks together and enjoy a game of pulley from time to time.  Charlie will be 1  on Oct 2nd and is hoping for Toys and cake which I am sure he will get.

Love to all of you. Mr Tucker and Charlie


Mr Tucker (left) and Charlie Brown (right) just wanted to update everyone on how they are doing. They are really great boys. Tucker is the neighborhood gentleman and Charlie Brown is still into mischief every chance he gets.

They want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year. Here they are in their xmas hats which they didn't appreciate having to wear.

Best wishes to all.



Hi Gerdy,  

Its just  us, Mr Tucker and Charlie Brown. We wanted you to have our Xmas photos and to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Charlie was scared of Santa so he sat with our groomer Valerie. I'm a brave boy so I'm with Santa.

Happy holidays!

Love Mr Tucker and Charlie Brown.

  Ginger & Rodney  

Two rescues adopted by one loving family!


Ginger is a girl about 2 1/2 years old, abandoned by owner. She will be spayed shortly under Gerdy's Rescues. Ginger has been tested Heartworm
negative, updated vaccines, etc. She is friendly with other dogs and has a very sweet personality. She appears to have Saint Bernard in her, she is a tall girl, and quite thin, she needs to gain weight but you can help her with that, we have already started her on good food. She is now a happy dog and looks great!



Rodney is a FANTASTIC black Domestic Shorthair cat, vet estimated age born November 20, 2012. Rodney has been neutered and vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/FelV.

Rodney has 3 legs but gets around JUST FINE! We had amputation surgery done after he was found with a mangled leg, most likely he had been caught in a snare or leghold trap by someone trapping wild animals for fur to sell to the fur industry, but got a cat instead. It is getting quite common now with pets and strays finding traps and getting caught as well.

Rodney is a DEAR DEAR boy, very loving and friendly, cuddly, and LOVES people! Likely would be good with other cats, maybe a dog. Has his claws. One of the FRIENDLIEST cats EVER!
Please consider Rodney to be part of your life, you won’t regret it!


Hi Gerdy and Judy,

We had Ginger`s stitches removed yesterday and all is well. My vet will see her for her first full check up with him on July 29th. She loves her walks and when she wants her second am walk she gets her leash and drops it at my husband`s feet to remind him and that is just for a walk no urgent biological need. She is the neighborhood children`s favourite, she is so gentle and friendly. Walking her last night we met Becky a black mixed breed ( looks like some border collie) from your rescue 5 years ago in Ormstown. The man who adopted her is Dave.

Rodney and Ginger are still checking each other out, she acts a bit afraid of little old him but he is at least not hissing just growls once and awhile. We love them both but we just figure we need to give them both time with this forced marriage! The first pic sums it all up. Second is a recent one of Ginger. Third one of Rodney settling on my 97 year old father`s lap.

I will send you an update soon and more pics.

Thanks once again for two lovely additions to our family, Gerdy.



Ginger and Rodney this morning: Getting along better... they will actually sit within a foot or two of each other. Both are doing well and much loved.


Hi Gerdy and Judy,

Although Rodney clearly rules the roost, they are getting along better and together greet me when I come home after work. This is even though they are
never alone more than an hour as they have company of my Dad and husbandduring the day. Thanks again for rescuing both these sweet creatures.


It was on May 9th, 2015 that we drove out to Pte. Fortune to meet Rodney for the first time and we ended up adopting him on the spot. Our family of 4 has been blessed in the past by having 4 other feline family members throughout the years but Rodney is certainly the happiest and most affectionate of cats.

From the first day he arrived home he has notstopped purring and as soon as someone sits down he climbs in their lap to be cuddled and stroked. Rodney always wants to be surrounded by people, and during a recent birthday celebration he was equally affectionate to the guests and so gentle, he allowed others to pick him up and be petted.

Rodney has slowly been exploring our big old house and in spite of having only three legs he navigates the stairs so well. He often sleeps beside my son but is quick to make his way to the kitchen every am to greet the first one there and get a morning hug. We recently bought him a perch so he could easily look out the windows instead of jumping up to the ledge as he likes watching the birds in the garden.

We had recently lost our 15 year old cat and our 20 year old cat to illness and old age and we were not sure how easy it would be to accept a new feline family member. It is also the first time that we have adopted a cat instead of a kitten, Rodney is 2 1/2. But Rodney is so sweet and loving and he has fit in so well that it now feels like he has always been with us.

We would like to thank the people who fed Rodney when he was injured and contacted Gerdy's Rescue so he could get the medical treatment he badly needed. Thank you Gerdy for the great work you and your team do in saving these lovely creatures and and for giving us the pleasure of sharing our home with our Rodney.

Thank you so, so much!

Maureen & Family


Ginger and Rodney this morning: Getting along better...they will actually sit within a foot or two of each other.

Both are doing well and much loved.


Rodney and Ginger wish all at Gerdy's a happy and safe Christmas Season.

Thanks for rescuing us both, we are happy and get along but Rodney is still the boss!


Hi Judy and Gerdy,

It was nice to see you today at the garage sale. As promised here are pics of Rodney and Ginger taken today and yesterday.

Both are well and fill our lives with love every day. We are the lucky ones!

Keep up the good work!


Thanks again to Gerdy and Judy for finding us our forever home.

We are good friends now but Rodney still calls the shots at Home. Rodney is a sweet boy, very affectionate and gets around nimbly - being a tri- pawd does not hinder him one bit.

Ginger loves her walks and being outside even in the snow. She has several doggy friends and all the neighbourhood kids love her as we do.

We are no lucky to share our home with them both.




  Cathy & Jack  

Cathy & Jack

Littermates, playmates, and soulmates!

This duo was surrendered by an owner who is dying and who was promised that they would be adopted together.

Both 5 years old Cathy is a shihtzu/ poodle mix and Jack a shihtzu yorkie mix (one mom, 2 dads?) Cathy is a tiny 5 lb., sweet, delicate girl and Jack is sturdy, confident and curious and weighs 12 lbs. They have a wonderful synergy and are easy to care for.

They are both active and cuddly and love everything.
Kids 10+ Vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped and heartworm tested. Posted 23 June 2016.



I'd just like to thank you again for making it possible for me to adopt Cathy and Jack.  They are simply adorable and after losing Maggie, having them to care for is helping me move ahead.

Their personalities are different but as Marilyn said they truly are one dog. Jack always stays near his Mom and Cathy is in charge of security, keeping an eye on the street and making sure the squirrels behave in the yard.

Here's a recent picture of them when I had them groomed and I must say I was very proud of my furbabies:  they were so good.  Once again I'm so grateful to have found Gerdy's and I hope all pets get to find loving homes.  

Diane Molinari


  Max (AKA Minnie)  

I am a GORGEOUS and big female cat, a Domestic Shorthair and I LOVE to be cuddled & petted. I am DECLAWED. I am 2-3 years old, and STERILIZED. I have my vaccines.

I was found outside about a year ago by someone and found a home, but there is now an allergy to cats so I came to Gerdy’s. I am a WONDERFULLY good natured girl, and so beautiful they say. In fact, I am DELICIOUS aren’t I?

Can’t you see me in your home and devoted to you, and you devoted to me in return?



My name is Max and I've been in my forever-home for almost a year now...I love it here, and my person loves me too!

Before I came here, they called me Minnie...but that was because they didn't know I was such a big strong boy, and not a sissy little girl.

My person tells me that I have an engaging personality, and that it's instant infatuation for everyone who meets me. Maybe she's exaggerating, but I prefer to believe she's actually being modest. I've been told that I'm a clever little man, which is why it's so difficult to keep me in check.

If there's ever a door to be opened, I can find a way to open it! I love to play with my toys, and especially love trying to catch the little red 'moonbeam' which sometimes dances around the hallway. Sometimes my neighbour, Aunt Deirdre, plays with me in the hallway too. It's actually because of her that I found this cozy abode, and I'll let you in on a little secret...I think she's my fairy godmother, because she makes life so easy for us, and spoils me silly!

I had such a fantastic summer, "chilling out" on the balcony. I'm not sure if I'll be allowed such liberties once winter sets in, but I have my little toes crossed on all four paws. When I want attention, I try to let it be known by making a sweet little 'chirping' sound (if I can't get out to catch birds, I might as well make sounds like one, right?)

There used to be a dog in this house, but she went to heaven before I ever made my entrance. They say I'm about the closest thing to a dog, that a cat can be. Truth be told, I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. But my person has promised that I'll have a say in the matter, if another dog is being considered as an addition to our little family. She says I'm such wonderful company --- not too independent, nor too needy --- and that I'm a "balanced little character", whatever that means. Maybe it means I'll be king-of-this-castle forever.

Here are some photos of me...


  Lucky (AKA Lou)  

Meet Lou a gorgeous Golden Retriever born on the 4th of July (2011). Lou is a kind and gentle soul who loves to be loved. He is great with all people big and small and even loves parrots! Lou was a great friend to dogs as well but was attacked in the street by a large dog and since then is skittish.

He can be reactive to dogs outdoors. However, with a proper intro he can be just fine with some dogs and has even lived in a house with two other dogs. He likes his freedom, can be quite energetic but loves to do nothing and be a couch potato too.

He was a well-loved companion to a young man since he was a puppy, but with lifestyle changes Lou has been left alone too much and has been miserable.

The owner has been kind enough to let him go and did what’s best for Lou. So, if you love Goldens, live in a home with a fenced-in yard and want to make this guy happy, come and meet Lou.

He is sterilized, vaccinated and in good health.


Hello Gerdy,

Sorry it took so long to send these pictures of Lucky (formerly known as Lou). As you can see he has adapted well to our new family. Since my spouse is retired, he spent a lot of time training and dealing with the anxiety issues that Lucky had.

He is now a happy and content family dog with lots of space to run, swim and play. As a previous owner of a Golden, I know the potential these dogs have and we are fortunate to have found that in Lucky.

Keep up the great work that you do.


Lucky's family, Lorraine and Geoff


Hello Gerdy’s,

It has been a little over a year since we adopted Lucky and thought we would give you an update. It was a busy year of training and learning to deal with his anxiety issues.

A lot of progress has been made and he has settled in nicely. All our family and friends love Lucky as he is very well behaved and is so patient with our grandson. He is often seen on squirrel patrol and there are many on our large property.

He loves to relax at the cottage and is still attached to his bunny which he brought into our home. We are so pleased to have Lucky as part of our family.

Thank you for the great work you do.

From Lucky and his family.



  Castiel (AKA Casso)  

What a handsome boy CASSO is! He appears to be a mix of Black Shepherd and Labrador, he is VERY AFFECTIONATE, and weighs in at 60 pounds of thoroughly NICE dog!

Born July 20. 2013 (3 years old), he was abandoned by his owner and is looking for a loving person he can spend the rest of his life in the security that he so richly deserves.

Neutered and vaccinated and all set to go to his new HOME!


Casso now Castiel. Came to us from Gerdys in September and fit right in as part of the family. A happier more well behaved (But he is a bed hog) dog you will never meet.

Thank you so much to China, Jane and of course Gerdy for making our family complete.

Katrina, Jason, Niko, the cats and Castiel




Buster is a super affectionate large boy. He is part Terrier and possibly part Wolfhound or other large breed. He's a beautiful golden color with brown eyes, and has a wiry short coat and a little beard. He's one year-old. He's friendly and very smart.

He loves people and loves getting and asking for attention. He knows how to dance to music (he stands 5'1" on his hind legs) and gives hugs on command. He walks quite well on leash, sits, stays and comes most of the time, but does at times have a mind of his own. But don't you just love a guy who knows his own mind! He's housetrained, asks for the door and is used to having a back yard in which to do his business, as he rarely does it on walks.

Buster is a big boy, weighing in at around 110 lbs, so he does need space. We are looking for a family who is used to a big dog, kids 10+, a stay at home parent, a spacious back yard and another large dog for company, but no cats. This is a great dog!


We adopted Buster from you in December of 2006. He came to us at 77lbs and now weighs 95. Buster might be a large dog, but in the house, he's furniture. Such a docile boy. He really has come around to us and accepts us and loves us.

We take him to both the doggy park in St-Lazare and in Kirkland. And when we can find time, swimming in a lake in the Laurentians. This seemed like it was a new thing for him but it didn't take long for him to figure it out.

We just wanted to let you know how perfect everything worked out.

Feel free to contact us for anything,

Chris, Marjolaine & Buster

We got Buster from Gerdy's in December of 2006. He just turned 11 this past September. His health is still generally good with a few lumps and a mass on his side. Vet does not think it's dangerous.

Buster still goes to the dog park twice a week but doesn't move a quickly as he used to.

We are immensely thankful to Gerdy and the team for helping Buster find his forever home with us.

Chris, Marjo and Clara





Cookie is a delightful 7 year old Pomeranian boy born May 31, 2009. He is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative.

NO apartment for Cookie as he does bark a bit and only kids age 12+ as he is a little guy of 11 pounds. Cookie LOVES to be held & cuddled, and spoiled with affection!  He gets along with other friendly little dogs, playful and sociable, a charmer! 

Cookie could be held all day in fact, he is so affectionate!



Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you know Cookie has settled right in.



  Yummy (AKA Yumi)  


Yumi is a yummy 6 year old Beagle. She LOVES CHILDREN and is so happy to have them as playmates. Yumi is overweight at 38 pounds (she has gone without proper exercise for too long) so, human housemate(s) young and old who love to exercise and eat healthy would be perfect.

She is a delightful girl whose owner gave her up because she is moving into a small apartment. Yumi has a very pretty face, beautiful Beagle markings and expressive eyes. She is curious and independent,---a bit hard -headed.

A Beagle-familiar house is sought for Yumi and adopter must be willing to walk her safely on leash for regular exercise, or have her chase a ball or frisbee in a securely fenced yard as Beagles follow their nose if they get loose. She is spayed, vaccinated and heart worm tested negative. Revised 5 May 2016.


Yumi has been renamed Yummy due to a misunderstanding from our four year old. She does not seem bothered by the change. Yummy had a rough first week in her new home and was up every hour with tummy issues. I was honestly ready to give up, but not our youngest son!  Honestly, she was worse than a newborn! I was exhausted.

So glad we did not quit. What a perfect dog. She is simply an angel. No accidents or barking in the house. She loves her daily walks. She is still a bit uncertain at the dog park, but is finally getting the hang of playing with other dogs.

We were warned that she did not like the car and she proved that point by barking the entire ride home and pretty much covering our car with hair. We solved both problems. She rides perfectly with an open window and goes monthly to the groomer.

We all love her, but I think our youngest son James loves her the most. He even explained that he loves me, but loves Yummy more.

Thank you all so much for such a wonderful dog. I wanted an easy dog and we got exactly that.

  Cinta (Formerly Peppermint Paddy)  

Compassionate Placement

Well folks, I need a bit of compassion here—I recently had one of my front legs amputated because of unfixable damage, BUT  I am as good as NEW! 

Just WAIT until my beautiful long hair grows in again and covers the area, bet you will never notice, because I get around just GREAT in my foster home, I am truly an AMAZING boy! 

At a bit over 1 1/2 years, I am a Domestic Longhair Cat, as sweet in nature as you will ever find, and I get along FINE with the cats and dogs in my foster home, I am mobile but LOVE to get a good cuddle and I purr like a kitten!  Exceptionally loving, you will never regret making me your life partner! 

I am neutered, vaccinated, FIV/FelV tested negative, dewormed—good to GO!  Are YOU my Earth Angel?


"Hi Sandy & Judy!

I wanted to thank you for having rescued and nurtured our new family member.

We've renamed him 'Cinta' which means 'Love' in Balinese. It seems fitting for this little guy given how much he has to give!

He is absolutely AMAZING! He's truly just the best cat! He's affectionate beyond words, loves everyone, has taken to going nose-to-nose with the dog, already has his favourite spots in the house (the bed with views on leaping squirrels in the trees), the dining room wooden bench, a low chest that we put near the window in the 2nd bedroom...

He sleeps at the foot of the bed, purring contentedly, is eating beautifully, loves playing with the orange pom-pom toy that you brought.

The perfect cat! He's absolutely loved, worry not - he has a forever home!
I'll send better pictures than these ones taken on my phone, but in the meantime just wanted you to see him in his new home!

Again, thanks to both of you!


"Hello Sandy and Judy,

Wanted to send you a picture of Cinta (Peppermint Paddy) and Colby... As you'll see from it they are not getting along at all ;)!

Seriously, they are best of friends, follow each other around everywhere, and Cinta is turning into a dog-style cat in that he follows us around, is always looking for tummy rubs, overtakes the dogs bed on most occasions and only drinks from the dog's dish!

He's an absolute delight, and we're even more in love with him! He sleeps under the covers on our feet and is always climbing up on our shoulders for snuggles. He's found his favorite spots in the house (kitchen bay window, our bed, the patio door, the dogs cushion).

Thanks so much :)!"


I just had to share this picture of Cinta in his favourite morning spot.

After watching squirrels by the lake for the last hour, a much-deserved nap in the sun, laying on his back, all three-legs splayed out!

Have a great day!




"Hello Sandy, Judy and Gerdy

I wanted to again thank you for having brought Cinta (formerly Peppermint Paddy) into our lives in February of this year. He's our much-beloved 3-legged Maine Coon cat, though he obviously does not know he only has 3 legs. He's the biggest bundle of love, a riot to watch and has seduced even the most notorious non-cat people. To say he is adored is an understatement! Sandy and Judy, a huge thank you for that Saturday when you brought him to our home and into our lives!

I've attached a couple of pictures to show you how much he and Colby, our 7 year-old rescue Golden Retriever, hate each other :)!

With much love and many thanks,


Hi to both of you,

One of Cinta's favourite places, the inside of our just-emptied vegetable bag when we have returned from picking up our weekly farmer's vegetable basket from our family farmers...Look at those eyes :)!

Hugs, Alana



Hi Gerdy,

And a picture to make you smile... Do you think they like each other? All three of them piled on the same cushion :)!

Love them!




Hi Gerdy,

In case any doubts remained as to wether this pack gets along... How adorable are they together? Note Cinta's paw draped over the side of the cushion and his tail draped over Colby's nose!

Alana xx



  Simon (AKA Goliath)  

We are looking for a true Beagle lover for this dear boy! Goliath is 8 years old, was with the same family since he was 8 weeks old and was recently traded in for a newborn baby.

He's a sweet and very affectionate boy who would love attention and allthough he doesn’t mind other dogs outside on a walk he would prefer to be your one and only. Goliath adores children and loves to be petted and to snuggle with them.

Being a Beagle, Goliath is not suited for an apartment but would flourish in a house with a securely fenced-in yard. He has a moderate energy level and gets excited around people—he actually “talks” to them with conviction!

Goliath adores CAR RIDES and leash WALKS! He is an extremely handsome representative of his breed, and a happy, gentleman-dog. Revised 10 Apr 2016.


"Dear Marilyn and Gerdy,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for finding me my new family. I am so glad to be OFFICIALLY ADOPTED!!! I was starting to think I would never find a home but these guys are awesome - I even have another fur brother: a guinea pig named Sam (but I'm not allowed to play with him). My family take me everywhere. In the last two months I've been swimming lots, gone on car rides to cool places, parties and BBQ's, cottages and lakes - I even got to go on a pedalo boat.

My family love me so much & I love them just as much. They give me lots of attention and loads of kisses and cuddles. I love them too very much and am slowly getting comfortable giving them kisses (otherwise I just push my face into theirs to show them how much I love them). I love them so much, I've become their great protector! I protect the little one from getting in trouble as well as making sure the neighbour cat doesn't get too close. At night I make sure they're super safe by checking (& staying) under the bed covers for them.

I've been on my best behaviour and have been taken off my anti-anxiety meds. I've even stopped peeing in the house. When I saw Judy at the Beaconsfield Pet Fair, she was surprised that I was so quiet. I don't need to be so loud anymore but I'm still chatty when I'm happy to see someone (or when that darn cat goes by).

Thanks again for finding me my family. I will look after them furever!


Simon (formerly known as Goliath)"




This small, 8 lb Shitzu was brought to a local pound to be euthanized. The owner had said that she was having issues with her back legs, due possibly to a herniated disc. so Gerdys took her on.

After weeks of observation, lots of rest and an updated vet exam, this tiny girl is doing great, and has a clean bill of health. Molly’s foster home says that she is practically perfect.

She has learned to co-habitate with 2 cats, and stops to socialize with everyone she passes in the street. This little princess would do best as the only dog, unless there was a senior, less active, easy dog in the home. Kids 14 plus.


Molly with her new family.






Meet Barbuche, 10-12 year old Bichon with a very laid-back, easy-going personality. He greets new dogs of any age or size with a quick sniff, and he likes watching his foster brothers (a dog and a cat) play without wanting to get involved in the game. He would much rather goof around alone, rolling around on his back while making adorable snorts.

He is learning to play with humans, but has not shown any interest yet in joining in with other animals. Barbu (nickname) was left tied up outside a school, and eventually made his way to Gerdy's. He asks to be brought onto the bed at night, but has no trouble jumping out on his own.

Barbuche seems to be paper trained, but has 24/7 access to the outside world which he finds much more appealing. He loves to eat kibble, but doesn't want to have anything to do with wet food (table scraps don't count as they are always interesting no matter what!).

He likes exploring new environments, tasting everything as he goes, but is quite content just staying close while waiting for the next walk. He behaves well on leash, but likes to go at a very slow pace. This little guy is fantastic company.

Barbu is vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped and weighs approx. 11 lbs.


Barbuche with his new family.





Sadly Sushi has had a few recent, human losses. She is an 8 year old, 15 lb miniature poodle who has been well cared for. Shy at first, Sushi warms up pretty easily.

Right now she is looking for a secure home, with adults, and perhaps another dog. She likes to stay close to one person, someone she can count on who won’t disappear suddenly. Although we are just getting to know her, we suspect that this innocent and adorable sweetie will become a perfect and loyal companion.

She is living in a foster home right now with 2 senior dogs and a few cats—so far so good! Sushi is in good health, up to date on her shots and housetrained.


Sushi with her new family.



  Margarita (aka Leila)  

This Lhasa Apso X girl is about 2 years old.  She is a very sweet girl, and is heartworm tested negative, spayed, vaccinated Bordatella, Vanguard 5, Rabies. Dewormed, no fleas. 

Freshly groomed, she is all set to go!  Loves to walk on leash, does well in the car.  Loves to get dressed up!  This girl is all a dog lover could wish for! 

Abandoned by her owner, she is very trusting and innocent.  A DEAR girl!


"Dear all the Gerdys Rescue ladies !

I just wanted to give an update of how wonderfully little Margarita (formerly Leila) has fit into our lives.  From the first day we brought her home, it was as though she was there all along.

She is such a happy and loving dog. All she ever wants is a cuddle and we are more than happy to give it to her because she really is such a sweet and calm girl.

Part of our new family routine has been exploring the many trails on the Mont Royal, chasing squirrels at Parc Lafontaine, and making doggy friends in each and every park in between.

She has brought so much life and humanity into our home. She has also made us stop and enjoy a warm refreshing walk in the park… a good breather from life’s daily stresses.

Thank you so much for rescuing this little girl. We both really appreciate the work you do, and now all our friends know about you guys and will choose to adopt a dog.

All our best,

Natalia, Fábio and Margarita"

"Hi everyone at Gerdy’s Rescues,

It has been a while since I did an update on my lovely dog I adopted from you guys back in 2012. She is now 6 years old and still as curious and lively as a young pup!

She is so caring and sweet. It always amazes me how she is so good natured and well behaved. It just goes to show that the dogs you adopt can adapt very well to a new owner’s life (and vice versa!)

Thank you so much for all that you do. 

I am including some pictures from the last few months. Margarita went to the beach for the first time and LOVED it!

All my best,



  Hank (aka Hans)  

Hans (Now Hank)

Hans is looking for a real home. He was found abandoned on a country road. We have had Hans neutered, vaccinated, and heartworm tested negative. Hans is about 7 to 8 years old, and is a VERY kind, affectionate dog.

He is amazingly energetic, as is his breed, German Shorthair Pointer. A GOOD all around boy, eager to please. HOUSETRAINED, he LOVES the opportunity to lay on a rug. Very curious in the house but responds obediently to “ah ah!” when he checks out counter tops, etc.

He needs to exercise, so a house with a securely fenced spacious yard would be ideal, if you play with him of course there. He loves to run about. Lots of walks will keep him happy too. Not for city living, and no cats please.

We recommend a dog seat belt in the car as he would be up front with the driver in no time! He is very social & friendly! A jolly nature, Hans is the eternal optimist that he will find a home he so richly deserves! Revised 2 July 2016.


"Hi Gerdy,

We feel so blessed to have Hank (formerly known as Hans) in our lives.

He has become a part of our family and he has become a true brother to Ollie. 

The two of them spend the day playing together and nap together at night.  He has added so much to our lives and we truly can't imagine our family without him.

Thank you so much Gerdy for saving this handsome boy so we could have him join our family! 

If we could adopt 10 more we would but as you can see these 2 boys are already a handful!! 

Sending love and light to you all! 

With Gratitude,

Alexandra, Ryan, Ollie and Hank Smith"



RUBY is Miss Manners

There are a lot of wonderful things about Ruby. This Shepherd/Lab /your-guess-is-as-good-as-ours mix defies her 8 years of age. She is in great shape and she can still run like the wind! Ruby knows her commands and will hold a stay command until you tell her it’s ok to move.

She loves going for car rides and lies quietly on the back seat. She adores snuggling, giving kisses and works hard at pleasing her people. Ruby loves to swim and go for long walks-she heels beautifully on the leash. She has no interest in living with another animal, she has always been an only pet.

Ruby would love a house with a fenced-in yard to play fetch in. Kids 10+, no cats, no dogs. Vaccinated, spayed and in great health.


"Hi Gerdy,

I thought I would give you a little update on Ruby. 

Well Ruby has been with us just over three months now, and in many ways it seems like we have had her forever. She has fit in seamlessly and adapted extremely well. She is amazing and such a sweetheart. She is such a good dog and so easy to live with. She has no interest in getting on furniture and is a charm in the car. We recently went to visit family 3 1/2 hours away and she handled it like a trooper! 

She is quite funny too. This morning she spent probably 20 minutes mesmerized with a little yellow caterpillar and just watched it inch its way across the grass, without ever trying to hurt it. Hilarious! See pictures. When she is tired at the end of the day her lower lip hangs a bit and we can see her teeth. Too funny. See pic. In the evening she asks me to open her toy basket and then she proceeds to empty every toy out of it all over the floor. Great fun!

She is a real gem. Just like her name! ;) We are thrilled and feel so lucky to have found her. We love her to bits and can't even imagine life without her. I have included a few pictures of her on her adventures and daily life and just being cute!

Take care and thank you for caring for her until we found each other. xxx

Joanne, Wesley and Ruby :)"


  Buster Bear (aka Buster)  

Alfie and Buster (pictured here) are roly-poly Shepherd-looking pups, babies of Ellie May. These 2 little boys are both neutered with Puppy shots included in the adoption fee and have been defleaed & dewormed.

Alfie & Buster have just been weaned, and are around 2-3 months old.  Who knows what the family tree—but these are cute guys and must look like daddy.  Needs a home with someone there all day  with the time to housetrain and teach puppy manners.  They have been with their mum since they were all dropped off in the snow and cold on a country road, the good mum kept her babies warm under her rather than abandon them.

Now is the time to crate train too—you will be starting out with a clean slate and can have fun at puppy classes too.  We THINK these guys will be large dogs  when grown as they are burly boys now.

Great potential as family dogs!  For adoption separately.  Mum Ellie May is listed in ADOPTIONS as well and is a great girl!


"Hi Gerdy and Judy

Just wanted to let you know that Buster (or aka "Buster Bear") is doing great. Our first day was a small disaster with the housetraining but after he got the idea he has been great since. 

He has discovered his vocal chords and has decided that he has allot to say to me. The conversations are quite lengthy and include alot of tail wagging. Our cat Belle is starting to become more curious about him as they look each other over from behind baby gates.

He loves to bury half his body in the snowbanks in the backyard and then climb them like he is the king of the mountain. He is truly a handsome boy and is as smart as a whip. He sits on command and is starting to give a paw. While we are in the house he comes when he is called but outside he is distracted by the birds and all my evergreens. So much for my beautiful landscape! HA! HA!

We are truly blessed to have found him at a time when we were missing our 15 year old Lab/Sheppard mix (Tara). Buster has so much of her sweetness that he has filled a void.

Here are some pictures of our handsome fella.

Best regards,

Debbie, Joe, Shaun, Belle and Buster"


"Hi Gerdy,

These are Buster getting to be a big boy, he has a mind of his own sometimes and since we don’t speak puppy yet, he starts obedience training the 4th of March! 

Best regards,



"Hi Gerdy/Judy,

As promised I have attached a few recent pictures of Buster. He is growing like a weed right now and we can't seem to fill him up. No matter what we give him to chew he still prefers my trees in the backyard. 

We have had the opportunity to watch both Buster and Fudge grow as they are in the same puppy kindergarten. Fudge has become a beautifully calm dog and is developing a little faster than Buster. They are both turning into wonderful dogs.

I think Buster is going to be lost come the melting of the snow. Right now he thinks he lives in a domain of hills, but when it all melts, he will no longer be able to look over the 9 foot cedar hedges into our neighbors backyard (how boring is that). 

Our cat (Belle) is warming up to Buster slowly, but as we all know cats are fussy, one day they won't leave you alone and the next they want no part of you. Buster on the otherhand is learning to be patient, even though he gets hit on the head by the cat it doesn't seem to phase him. He keeps going back for more. I guess that old expression is "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again."

Well I will let you go for now but I will send more pictures later.

Best regards and keep up what you guys do best. The animals need you!

Debbie, Joe & Buster"


"Hi Gerdy/Judy,

As promised I have attached a few recent pictures of Buster. He is growing like a weed right now and we can't seem to fill him up. No matter what we give him to chew he still prefers my trees in the backyard. 

We have had the opportunity to watch both Buster and Fudge grow as they are in the same puppy kindergarten. Fudge has become a beautifully calm dog and is developing a little faster than Buster. They are both turning into wonderful dogs.

I think Buster is going to be lost come the melting of the snow. Right now he thinks he lives in a domain of hills, but when it all melts, he will no longer be able to look over the 9 foot cedar hedges into our neighbors backyard (how boring is that). 

Our cat (Belle) is warming up to Buster slowly, but as we all know cats are fussy, one day they won't leave you alone and the next they want no part of you. Buster on the otherhand is learning to be patient, even though he gets hit on the head by the cat it doesn't seem to phase him. He keeps going back for more. I guess that old expression is "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again."

Well I will let you go for now but I will send more pictures later.

Best regards and keep up what you guys do best. The animals need you!

Debbie, Joe & Buster"


"Hi Gerdy & Judy,

Here's a funny photo of Buster. He loves hiding in the bathtub cave.

Best regards,



"Hi Judy/Gerdy,

Here are some new pics of Buster!!



"Hi Judy/Gerdy and gang,

Just wanted to say hi and see how everyone was doing. Buster is growing by the day. He now weighs in at about 75lbs and has become very long. He absolutely loves his backyard but more than that he loves his walks and reminds me each morning.

When we first got Buster he was afraid of walks and I would pull him half way down the street before he would walk. Well... now he can't wait to go and is walking really well. We still have a few quirks to work out so we have decided to continue with Advanced Obedience classes that start next week. He got away from me one day last week and would not come back right away so he is back on a short leash again. Oh well he is still a puppy, we keep forgetting because he is so big!!!!

Anyways I have attached some new pictures of our BEAR and Belle.

Best regards,

Debbie & Joe (Belle & Buster)"


"Hi All,

Here are a few new pictures of me. Can you see how I have grown!!

I have to go for now. The snow is waiting....

Buster Bear"


"Hi Judy,

Here are some photos of the brats in love.



"Hi Gerdy,

Here's a new photo of Buster for your album. One of Kali to come. Both are thriving, and have turned into amazing additions to our family.

By the way, they love our grandson who will be 2 in August.

Lots of love from us to you

Debbie, Joe"


"Hi all,

Just a quick note. Busterbear is on the mend. He could not use the braces we had made for him, but he has adapted with the help of physio.

His activity level is limited but the will is there still to chase the occasional squirrel. He is still on Prednisone, but is on a "one day on, one day off" approach and he seems to be tolerating it.

We discovered that his Thyroid was not functioning well so we have put him on a thyroid medication with pain meds for his back.

As you can see the handsome bear is smiling again.

Kindest regards,

Debbie & Joe"




So here I was, relegated to the back deck, being yelled at for no reason, and just left there.  Someone noticed this happening day in and day out and finally talked the person into letting her get a new home for me instead.  So HERE I AM! 

I am a male JACK RUSSEL born July 17 2012, a year and 3 months old, and nearly 13 ½ pounds.  I was tested heartworm negative, been dewormed, vaccinated, and neutered.  I am a happy little chap, we Jacks are a optimistic breed and I am resilient! 

I just LOVE to be cuddled and fussed over, and I would LOVE nice long exercise walks with you.  A little dog coat suggested as it is getting cold outside! Maybe even boots for winter!   

If you have a securely fenced back yard we can play out there together!  But do not leave me alone there as nowadays there are predators who are after little guys like me, some human. 

I am VERY intelligent, you can put us in Agility training together, we Jacks LOVE that as we are exercise fanatics!  And it will do you good too!!  I am sooo lovable! 

How about a LONG life you & me together, you can train me to do all kinds of fun things as we Jacks are fast learners!


Good Day Gerdy and Judy and ALL the wonderful people at Gerdy's rescue

It's been awhile since i last wrote to you, it's ME! Winston!
I just wanted to let you know, i EXTREMELY love my NEW FAMILY ( even though i have been with them 2 years, theyre still the best family i have ever had) They do EVERYTHING with me, they don't even leave me alone, i go EVERYWHERE with my mommy ( did you know some places don't let people who look like me, in??? that's terrible)

My daddy found out my FAVORITE game to play is balloons ( DON'T WORRY, i know i'm not to eat them when they pop, i have had some serious BAD poops behind a balloon..NO WAY, NOT ME, NEVER AGAIN!!! )
We play Balloons 4 times a day for 30 minutes at a time..he's so awesome to play this game with me

My mommy, discovered i love to play with bubbles, we play that now and then, mommy said it's not good for us to play all the time, cause i poop bubbles ( hehe)

The 2 cats, NEVER LEFT! so i decided to become friends with them ( arghhhh!) the older one is a real b*&$^%# ! but the younger one ( his name is Papa) he's my buddy, the only thing i don't like about him is, he always wants to be on my mommy, why can't he see, that she is MY MOMMY?!??! ohhhh well, I think they call that sharing, i don't like sharing!!!

Today is my 4th Birthday, i can not wait to see what mommy and daddy are going to give me, i mean, not to toot my horn, i pretty much have everything a fur person could want!!!!!

I can go on for days, but i have a Birthday to celebrate over here, here's a little collage mommy made for me, in honor of my Birthday,
Hope you like it!

Thank you so much for keeping me, til my mommy and daddy could find me
I am INDEED the happiest dog in the WORLD!

I will talk to you soon( I promise)
Mommy and Daddy say Hi and thank you, too

(Revised 19 July 2016)


I am a 4 1/2 year old SWEETHEART of a 50 pound Basset girl!  EVERYONE loves me and I love everyone back.  I am trustworthy and used to children, I likely would be good with a cat as I am so gentle.  Clean in the house.  Spayed, vaccinated to date, vet examined and in good health. 

Well behaved, I love to walk on leash and don’t pull too bad, but you can train me to walk beside you. I have a good appetite.  I get along with other dogs and I am very sociable.  I was given up because they had a baby and I was the second dog, and not enough room or time for me, the home was too small, but I was loved while I was there, I was a very good girl. 

I have the usual overextension of a front foot that is common to Bassets and is not harmful nor causes pain, in fact you may not even notice it when I am walking along.

Content to sit on your lap at cuddle time or curl up beside you to watch TV. I also love car rides!

I need a securely fenced back yard with you in it to exercise me, I can’t be left loose or off leash because hounds tend to run or wander off as we are scent hounds and blindly follow our nose from one place to the next for MILES.  We need you to keep us safe by being sensible for us.  Maybe not the brightest bulbs but you will not have a dog more loving than a sensitive Basset! 
~I am so happy now that I have my very own PET ID. Let me tell you a bit about me~


I just love Christmas - don't you?

I like Winter too when it's not too cold

Relaxing with my brothers




My Dad made me my own table



I like to help out in the back yard
From the deck I can watch all around, especially for those pesky cats next door.

I know there's a cat hiding in there somewhere



I LOVE camping

Did I hear someone call me conehead?




Will this do for the Easter parade?




I look so regal, don't you agree?




When not too busy, I often help out in the kitchen




So....did you enjoy learning about me?



  Joy (now Lady Daisy Thunderhawk) & Buford  

37.2 lbs is our full grown little girl Joy! She is just SO happy she never stays still, but she listens very well, with just a bit of training from you she will be just about perfect. She does her best to please and means well! She was born June 13, 2015 and is a year old. Spayed, vaccinated, Joy is good with everyone! Joy is an enigma to guess what dogs are in her family tree! A one of a kind happy MUTT of many origins! And she is proud of her heritage! Revised 3 July 2016

  Buford T. Walsworth III  

Buford is my name and fun is my game!  I was originally  given to the pound to be euthanized, but I am such a good boy!! Thanks to a kind woman who saved me, I have a new leash on life!  Excuse the pun, but I have a great downhome sense of humour.  No one walks past me without a smile, I bring joy with me wherever I go! 

I am a HUGE 2 ½ year old Basset, not fat folks—just LONG—I go on forever, haw! haw! I am a young guy not interested in the girl dogs anymore other than just friends, I hear I was tutored, no, neutered -- that’s it!  

I am a Bassethound.  That means I follow my nose wherever it leads me and I don’t look up til I am lost real good, I have a better sense of smell than a bloodhound.  So you have to keep me real safe, NEVER let me on the loose, I will run as soon as I see something move—Bassets run FAST when they want to and do not listen, Bassets make the rules, and you live by them. 

Completely loyal and good humoured, a Basset is a great family dog for gentle children to grow up with.  We love kids! Most times -- cats, and they rule us.  I  also have had my vaccinations up to date, heartworm test (negative), now on heartworm preventative, and been treated for fleas and parasites just in case.  Now I’m ready for my forever home with you. I had a skin allergy but that's fine now that I'm on a food that's right for me.

I would really show my appreciation by making you laugh and be glad you took me into your home and heart!


"Hello Gerdy,

I thought that it was about time to touch base with you, in case you were wondering about Bufford the basset. Well, Bufford is doing very well. He is showing no signs at all of any food allergies. He has consumed lamb dog food and has had no reaction. Bufford has even had craps of chicken with no adverse side effects. Nevertheless we purchase only top quality foods like First Choice and Natural Balance because of the high protein/low filler content. You will be happy to know that his coat remains beautiful and shinny, and his skin is in excellent condition as well.

It is safe to say that he is enjoying his new home on the farm. He goes for long walks in the fields and enjoys exploring the forrest. Bufford has a very active sense of smell.

Bufford gets along famously with my son, and he is always keeping on eye on him hoping to get a treat or a scrap of food. Aiden is especially fond of petting Bufford, although we have to remind him to be gentle on occassion.

Thank you kindly for your good work at Gerdy's Rescue, it is greatly appreciated,


P.S When we get a digital camera, we will send you a picture of our beloved basset,Bufford T. Wallsworth III."

Buford T. Walsworth III and Lady Daisy Thunderhawk - June 26th, 2016

As promised some photos.

Buford is enjoying his well deserved retirement years. He has turned out to be a wonderful pet... We are grateful for him.

The boys have renamed Joy. She is a great dog. I don't foresee any problems training her. She already responds very well when called. Thank for helping us to connect with this fine young lady...

Thank you kindly

  Roey (formerly Rory)  

Born January 6, 2013 I am a very sweet ShihTzu boy, beige and white, 12 pounds of happiness! I am a VERY good boy, with a really sweet nature, who was abandoned by my owner. Neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested negative, all set to go to my new forever loving home with YOU!


Update on our terrific little boy! June 29, 2016 it will be one year since Roey came into our lives. The moment I saw him, I knew he had to become part of our family. He is delicious to say the least. He is patient, well behaved and a joy to live with. We can take him anywhere ( coffee shops, shopping centres etc ) and he behaves like a little gentleman! He does make quite a statement though near large dogs!!!
He is a great traveller, whether driving to Florida or flying home, he is never a problem. He is a happy, easy going pooch! Roey’s latest endeavour is pet therapy at Maimonides, for seniors with varying cognitive impairment. It’s wonderful to see the residents’ faces light up, with our weekly visits.
Roey is a delight and we are grateful to have him.
Thank you Gerdy and thanks for the great work the entire Gerdy team does in finding forever homes for all these beautiful animals.

Marilyn and Eddie

Posted 26 June 2016




MEET MR. HANDSOME! Rudy needs experienced German Shepherd people because he is VERY SMART and needs a strong leader of an owner who will balance discipline with love, and who is interested in working on his prey drive and working on socializing him with other dogs. Ideally by some private training lessons to start, someone strong, as he reacts when he sees other dogs while out walking or at the vet, it needs to be established whether it is excitement or an aggression. This 6 year old neutered & vaccinated German Shepherd, was found wandering around the Plateau, he was brought to the SPCA and never claimed. Gerdy’s has taken him under our wing. He would need to be the ONLY pet so he can have the love of the home completely to himself as he has so much love to give and would give lots of attention in return. Rudy needs someone ideally who works from home and is home often. He wants to be around his people, not shut in a crate that he will break out of in fright.. He loves to play fetch and soccer, loves his walks and needs a lot of exercise. He is a lover boy, who adores his cuddles. Having been abandoned he does suffer from separation anxiety at least at the beginning and would be happiest if his person/people spent a lot of time at home. He does not want to be relegated by himself to be alone in the back yard! A house with a fenced-in yard would be ideal. Kids 13+.. Rudy is neutered & vaccinated. Rudy’s PERSONALITY is that of a smart, sensitive dog. He is actually looking for that strong minded, confident, and loving owner who will balance discipline and love. Rudy is a PEOPLE PLEASER and REALLY wants to make his owners happy, so he is EASILY TRAINED and bad behaviours are easily adjusted. He wants to work hard! So loves his training sessions! Needs someone who will work consistently on his current skills (walking, sitting, staying, waiting, watch me (for his focus) and give him a shot at socialising and REALLY gets his prey drive under control—if that can be accomplished, someone is going to have THE PERFECT DOG!


Hi Gerdy

It seems I have a problem with simply boarding your beautiful booboos.
I always wanted to bring my pack to the magic number of 10, it would be great if Rudy became our 10th member. I certainly got attached and would like to join him to the pack. If you accept you would make 10 happy souls.
I am glad to report Rudy made great progress and no longer demonstrate aggressive behavior towards other dogs, mine or customer's.
Nothing like fresh air; regular exercise and some discipline to regulate unwanted behavior.




Found as a stray and never claimed, we named this spunky 9+ year old little guy, Happy. He has a young spirit and a great personality. Even after having had major dental surgery, with most of his teeth pulled (yikes!), Happy remained in good spirits.
He loves his short walks & will let you know when he’s had enough. This sweet dog is VERY affectionate & will love to snuggle up to you. So if you don’t like a dog sleeping on your bed with you, good luck with that; he will suck you in. He’s a real charmer - beware!
It should be mentioned that Happy is the type of dog that should not be left alone for long periods of time. In this respect, he may have some separation anxiety, so it’s best to have him in a house rather than an apartment. That being said, we’ve noticed that he’s quite receptive to training, so we’re optimistic that this separation issue can be resolved. Lastly, Happy has had absolutely no issues with other dogs & is great on-leash. Whoever adopts Happy will be rewarded with years of joy and yes…happiness.

Happy is a miniature poodle. Happy is neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested and weighs 14 lbs. Can live with another easy-going dog, kids 12 plus. Posted 11 Apr 2016

-- Revised 25 May 2016 --

Hi Gerdy, Marilyn & the rest of your wonderful team,

Here are some updated photos of our “happy” little boy, who just loves to come along on bike rides. We even got a comfy made- to-measure basket just for him! As we discovered, Happy is a real people watcher
He also enjoys snuggling with his favourite toutou & blanket for those many welcome naps (he’s no youngster after all). I guess he’s just a happy little guy - sorry about that, but he really is "happy".

Thanks for all the great work that you do!

xxLezli (aka Happy’s mom)




  Misha and Kiley  


Well what can we say about sweet, gentle Misha to get her the home she so deserves at 7 years young?

A Blond Lab female, she was the family dog since puppyhood until the baby developed an allergy and Misha had to go.  And what a family dog! 

Very calm and good with kids (was adored by a 7 year old!), did not bark at her old home, and SUPER AFFECTIONATE!  Misha is sterilized and has all her shots updated, heartworm tested negative.  She is a joyful girl who is HAPPY! 

Misha needs a weight reduction program of exercise and less food!  They did not have time for her needs being so busy, and she didn’t go for exercise or walks, so you can bond over walks by helping her regain her girlish figure (she is over 90 pounds right now!!). 

She is good in the car, and LOVES walks on leash  and just spending time being around those she loves.  She was very trustworthy around the 1 year old child in her old home.  She would also be the ideal dog with visiting kids. 

You cannot help but smile around Misha, she has such a HAPPY face and loves to get her belly rubbed!  She will give the paw, sit and lay down.  In good health, Misha is an exceptional gal!



Kiley is a bit on the shy side til she gets to know you, then she is delighted to give you her trust.  We can’t fault Kiley for this, you see she was kept in a garage because her owner was too busy to care for her!  So she spent all her time alone pretty much.  Finally she made her way to Gerdy’s.

Kiley is a 37 pound full -grown Border Collie mix, she is small for her 3 year old age, maybe there is Sheltie in there somewhere!   Best the only pet in the home, because Border Collies tend to “herd” as an instinct and most dogs and cats do not care to be herded in their own home!  We’d like to see her in an adult home that will work with her to reinforce her confidence, as right now she is still a bit skittish, tho will cling to you affectionately once getting acquainted.  Kiley enjoys a car ride, no problem getting her in a car! 

Will be spayed by Gerdy’s on Dec 4.  She is vaccinated, dewormed.  Kiley is VERY smart, like all BCs and would enjoy something like Agility to get her out of herself and gain confisence.  Kiley needs a loving home with patient people using soft-spoken training discipline and care.  She at heart is still apprehensive about the world, and is discovering it isn’t so scary after all, that not all humans lock away their best friends in a garage.


"Hi Gerdy and Judy and all the other folks who help do amazing work with homeless dogs,

I wanted to send you a little update from Misha, the 7 yr old lab that we adopted from you this summer!

A few pics are attached. I’m sure you’ll recognize her, even though she’s lost 12 pounds!! (So far! ~ 5 lbs to go!). Misha and her new “brother” Sam are getting along great. He’s 11, and he’s got a new spring in his step now that he’s got a friend in the house. They play-wrestle together at least once a day – only for 5 minutes because they’re no spring chickens, but they both have huge grins on their faces and the tails just don’t stop wagging the whole time.

She still loves treats, and waits for her morning Kong like it was God’s gift. She also loves rawhides and surprisingly, she chews them quite slowly and delicately. When chew-time is over, Sam’s is half gone and Misha’s is just getting started! Behaviourally and personality-wise, she’s mellowing nicely, and getting to be a more loveable dog every day! She now understands that TV time is when we all snuggle together on the couch. She now brings us her leash when its walk time, often playing tug of war leashes with Sam in the excitement of waiting for the door to open. She now knows which local stores give out dog biscuits. She even recognizes her new doggy neighbours when we pass them in the street – hardly does any more of the crazy barking and hyperventilating that she used to do whenever another dog passed.

At Thanksgiving, she had her first long car ride to London Ontario (2 hrs past Toronto). She loves the car, but we were a bit worried about the trip, because she doesn’t settle well. After bouts of panting, barking and restlessness all the way to Cornwall, she suddenly settled and was just an angel for the rest of the drive, snoozing and looking out the window, perfectly calm. So now we take her somewhere in the car at least once a week…getting her prepared for the long drive at Christmas ! This usually means walks at Parc Mont Royal, but she likes the ride even if the destination is just the Loblaws parking lot.

Anyway, thank you so much again for connecting us with Misha. We are loving having her as part of her family! I will send more “glamour shots” when she’s reached her svelte ideal weight ---- she’s just so pretty already that I couldn’t wait.

Thank you, thank you to all of you!!"


"Hi Gerdy’s folks,

I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of happy Gerdy dogs!

Hopefully you will recognize Kiley and Misha in some of the attached photos. They watched a little “doggy TV” recently while their owners enjoy a nice Easter lunch together. So cute!!!

Misha is looking so pretty now. She’s down 19 pounds – yes 19!! She’s looking good and very fit now, walking 10k no problem, wrestling with her “brother” Sam, and even jumping on the bed (which not actually encouraged, but since she was too fat to get up there before, it’s still nice to see :)

Thanks so much again for all the great work you do… wish we had room for another since I see a couple of handsome Labradors on your website!

All the best,





Hi Gerdy's team,
It's been three years since we adopted the lovely Misha from you, and I just wanted to share with you this photo from today. She'll be 10 years young next month, and is doing great. Her personality has just continued to mellow, and now she loves pretty much everyone she meets, even little white dogs (who used to raise her hackles for goodness knows what reason!! ) She has managed to keep off the 20 extra pounds she had when we got her and she's never had another hot spot - generally a healthy old gal who still loves a good walk, and taking a long nap afterwards! Thanks so much for connecting us, and for all the great work you do!!




-- Revised 14 May 2016 --

Hello Gerdy team,
Just sending a very quick hello from Misha, who we adopted from you about 5 years ago now. She's almost 12 but still looking so good in this "glamour shot" that I had to share with you. Thanks again for all you do!! Revised 14 May 2016





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