Charlie (1991 – 2005)

Beloved Basset Hound member of our family, Charlie began his new life with us in 1993, having been abandoned at the age of 1½. As a result, Charlie was frightened and unsure about people for most of his life. He loved his new family from the start and tolerated all visitors for years from his vantage point behind the sofa, peeking out, wanting to be petted, but afraid. To be accepted as a friend by Charlie was considered quite a complement! Charlie never understood the concept of play, but he loved his walks and sharing sofa and bed with his people. How he loved to be cuddled! Our resident Newfie-Retriever Meg appointed herself Charlie’s official bodyguard when she realized he was fearful on walks; she’d walk beside him observing any possible threat to him, ready to defend him, but the need never arose. In the last three years, Charlie stood and waited patiently for his twice-daily insulin shots. We think he knew they were to help him, as he had always been fearful of his regular shots. He lost most of his sight, but never his dignity. At age 13½, we said our last goodbye as he was failing rapidly in mind and body. Dear little Charlie, we helped you when you needed it and were repaid beyond measure. Thank you.