Given up for euthanasia at 10 years old, because of undiagnosed medical problems, Gerdy took Chewie in and had him fully vetted. He was diagnosed with diabetes and is doing amazing now on his twice daily insulin. Secondary to the diabetes Chewie is pretty well blind but quickly learns to find his way. He is a champ with a wonderful nature—sweet, gentle and loving ! He is so easy to care for and a pleasure to have around.

Chewie especially loves mealtime and actually sings for his supper. He gets along great with all other dogs and loves to roam in the garden.

He can stay alone for hours with his canine friends in his foster home. We truly believe that Chewie is grateful for his new lease on life and is a very happy camper.

We would love Chewie to find a family with another dog, a secured garden for him in which to roam safely and children must be 12 plus.

He is sterilized, vaccinated and ready to go.