This little dude was a “throw-away dog”, dumped on the street in Westmount hoping someone else would take care of him. He is now safe with Gerdy’s.

Clark is an 11 year old, 12 pound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is partially blind in one eye and has mature cataracts in the other, as well as being hard of hearing. He is adorable and a real charmer. He loves curling up on a human lap and to be cuddled. He follows his foster mom everywhere and if he can’t find her he ends up sleeping in the laundry basket until she finds him.

Clark is great with other dogs, and would be happy to live with another small breed friend. He can be left alone while you go out for a few hours, but not for a full work day. We prefer a house vs. an apartment for him, especially with a secure yard, so that he can improve his housetraining skills by getting out regularly.

He is neutered and his vaccines are up to date. If children 12 +.