Coco, so named by her foster mother because she is elegant, beautiful and courageous. She is about two years old and has long grey hair and big green eyes. She loves to be brushed and groomed and always tries to look her best!

This brave little cat was abandoned and found wandering around houses by the lake in Hudson looking for a home. She had clearly been a domesticated pet and somehow she fended for herself outdoors for five months. When winter approached the kind person who had been feeding her found her a temporary foster home where she presently resides. Because Coco had to look after herself outside for so long she sometimes becomes frightened as night approaches and tries to run and hide. However, she has made great progress and is less timid, very curious and loves to curl up on a blanket and watch television. She is clean in the house, gets along with an elderly dog, has a good appetite, is playful and sometimes likes to sing!

Coco is ready for her forever home and needs a kind person in a quiet environment who will give her the love and understanding she needs and deserves so she can feel safe, loved and confident.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.