We have a brother and sister who will be sterilized this Thursday August 17th, have received all the kitten vaccines and Revolution. NOT DECLAWED.

They are now 18 weeks old (4 1/2 months).

If possible, prefer to have both adopted together.

Darcy is very playful and friendly. Likes to be petted and brushed, talks and purrs often.

Sarah is still somewhat shy but also likes to play. This is why we’d like them to stay together as she often watches him when we pet and brush him.

They were rescued from the street at approx. 8 weeks old, along with their mom and 2 other sisters. If they take after their mom, they will be very calm cats as she is very calm, no aggression shown at all, even towards our 14 year old male cat.

After weeks of work socializing the babies, they have come a long way – at first we could not touch them at all.

Minimal fee requested for veterinary coast.

Preferably looking for a serious person (s) with cat experience, no small children or dogs please,