Found wandering on the road in terrible condition, this cutie got lucky and was picked up by someone who knew Gerdy from years ago.

He had conjunctivitis in both of his eyes, a mass on his tail and one on his abdomen and was missing many of his teeth.

Clearly suffering, Gerdy rushed to pick him up and whisked him off to a vet. He was checked from head to toe, his eyes were treated, the masses removed and he has just received a clean bill of health!

The vets estimate his age at 7-8 years and he looks to us like a Shih Tzu x.

His foster mom says that he is fully housetrained and an all around good guy. He has a medium energy level, can be playful, is generally good with other dogs and walks nicely on the leash. Although a pretty calm, zen boy now, this may change once he is settled.

He likes cuddles and can be affectionate, but will bark to say he’s had enough. To date we think that he can live in an apartment. We are being reserved about children as we have no history so kids 14 plus. And we think that he may be ok with another easy going, small breed dog.

Dusty is up to date on his vaccines and is neutered.