When Frankie came into the care of Gerdy’s a few months ago, this 11 year old bichon was in pretty rough shape. Having been neglected her whole life she needed some serious medical attention and was understandably fearful of humans. She was a tough nut to crack but after a mega dose of TLC, many vet visits and lots of patience, Frankie is starting to show the world her real, winning personality.

Despite having blown out her fair share of birthday cake candles, Frankie is full of beans and has the energy of a much younger dog. She loves to play fetch, even having mastered the « 2 toys at once » method (we think she never really had toys before so she’s playing catch up!). She really enjoys being outside in any weather, be it going on longer walks, going outside to sniff around in the garden, rolling around in the snow or napping in a warm, sunny spot. 

Shy at first, she’s still learning about the world that surrounds her, and can be startled by loud noises or sudden movements. This angel is finally ready for her forever home, and she deserves the crème de la crème! She will blossom in a calm and stable, but fun household where she can play with toys and nap in the sunshine. She will need an experienced and patient family that will embrace her quirks and help her stay on the positive and happy path she’s been on. Frankie is fine with cats and dogs as long and they’re on the low energy side and won’t mind sharing their toys with her. She is house trained and pee pad trained, but in a new environment may take a few steps backwards. She is not at all comfortable around kids, so an adult home only for her. Except for daily eye drops in her remaining eye and requiring hypoallergenic food, this fluff ball is extra healthy and ready to take on a new adventure.

Adopt a senior, it is so rewarding!


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