If you would like to pay tribute to the memory of your late pet, or those of family, friends or colleagues, please provide a short message and/or photo suitable for posting on the website. Or if preferred, you may also arrange for a personal card to be mailed in a pet’s memory. A small contribution to help offset associated expenses would be welcome. We retain the right to edit copy for length and content.

A Very Special Thank You To Averil Robinson of PET FRIENDS

Sometimes a dog or cat we try to save passes away before being able to be helped or it is too late to save him or her. Averil very kindly and compassionately has the body cremated at her Pet Friends, and scatters the ashes respectfully and reverently on this lovely special piece of land on her property, for Gerdy as a voluntary favor.

This is a special resting place for the Gerdy’s Rescues animals, a lovely peaceful lake of protected wetlands. Gerdy has never had the body of an unloved or unwanted dog or cat disposed of. Every life is sacred, we at Gerdy’s see that no animal in our care leaves this world alone, unwanted, and unloved and without a friend at the end of life.

And because of Averil, their dignity is preserved even in death, sometimes the only kind and decent thing they have ever had done for them. Our gratitude Averil and also that of the sweet angels you have memorialized for us.

Bacardi “Nummy Nuts” Gagnier

August 31, 1995 – February 17, 2008 Dear Friends, The house is empty – the silence deafening. He’s not at the door to greet us- tail wagging and so proudly carrying around a shoe or two. He’s not here to wake us up at the crack of dawn – grunting with joy, tail beating happily…


1987 – 2008 My noble redcat, who passed away in January, at age 21 years. He was a fine fella and a noble spirit, he will always be remembered. Ellen Jacobs


It is with great sadness that Gerdy’s Rescue announces that dear Nikita, Compassionate Placement to Josee, has passed away. Josee plans to write us about her experiences with Nikita, who though elderly, was a wonderful companion to her and her children. See Nikita’s rescue story in Tales to Tell. Josee took on an old dog…


TOM, the little black kitten, son of Little Mama that’s currently up for Adoption, passed away peacefully in his sleep. He was not sick, just called over the Rainbow Bridge early. Now a little angel, he has his Happy Home at last. Very missed by all of us at Gerdy’s Rescues, and Dina who fostered…


“In memory of Milly my little girl and my best friend, you are always in my heart.” Mike