Jackie is a sweet happy and healthy girl with LOTS of energy! Unfortunately Jackie’s owner can no longer provide her with the time and care she needs, and it’s with a very heavy heart that he decided to find her a new home.

Jackie is a 3 years old, HIGH energy, 70 pounds Akita lab mix. She is looking for an experienced family that will be able to help her channel her energy with lots of exercise and stimulation. With a little training she would make a great running buddy! Jackie adores other dogs, and would thrive in a home with a big fenced yard and another playful dog. She loves every human and dogs she meets, and once her energy is spent, she calms down and transforms into the best cuddle buddy. There is not a mean bone in her body and she is very affectionate. As she is not aware of her size, and can get VERY excited really fast, she shouldn’t live with kids under 12. Jackie knows her basic commands, but with training she could learn a lot. She is one smart cookie, and would be a great candidate for agility classes!

If you have the experience and the time to bring this sweet girl on a new adventure, please contact Sophie,