These 2 lab mixes come from the same litter and have been inseparable since birth. And, even though we know how hard it might be to get them adopted together, this is what is best for the dogs so we are trying. By adopting two, you are providing a playmate for your dog and company for when you are away from the house for longer periods.

They are 3 years old, both female and about 50 lbs each and until recently lived outdoors most of the time. They have adapted well to this change but will need continued work on their house training. They are super sweet, full of energy and they love to romp in the snow. They can be left alone in the house and are not destructive nor vocal. Keisha is a bit timid, but both are smart and curious and listen well.

They are sterilized and vaccinated.

A house in a suburb or rural area with a fenced in yard would allow them to play freely off-leash. They could also use some training with leash walking.

A double adoption fee will not apply, fee to be discussed.