From Maddie’s foster mom:

This beautiful girl is a three year old black shepherd mix. I’ve had the pleasure of fostering her for a couple months while she recovered from surgery on both knees for arthritis. After many weeks of crate rest, Maddie is doing great! Her mobility has drastically improved, she’s up to thirty-five to forty minute walks three times a day, sometimes more, and she has no limping or soreness.

Maddie loves the colder weather, she has a thick, healthy, shiny coat of fur and tough pads on her paws that work great in the snow. She is strongly leash reactive to other dogs, cars, buses, garbage trucks, some people, small animals, basically most things in an active, busy neighbourhood. She never leaves home without her toy (a Kong “Wubba”), which she will shake and chew in times of stress, on her walks. This has been a great tool for redirecting her reactive behaviour, she does not bark or growl as long as she has her toy, and it helps calm her. We are still working on perfecting her leash skills, but she makes progress every week, and she definitely enjoys walking.

Maddie loves training; she’s bright, intelligent and engaged. She definitely likes treats, but she will only take a treat from you if she’s calm and happy. When she’s stressed she has no interest in food, and will get frustrated quickly if pressured to take a treat when she doesn’t want one.

Maddie loves pets, cuddles and scratches. She’s a very affectionate dog, and her loving, cuddly nature is one of the best things about her. She’s happy to be poked and prodded all over as well, and she will let you examine her as much as you need. She loves her toys, and is always up for an indoor game of tug or fetch. We’ve been working on her self control, and she’s gotten really good at listening to when you’re done playing.

She has a large crate that she treats like her bedroom, she keeps her toys there and will put herself to bed at night or when she wants a nap. She is happy to be put in her crate and left alone for a few hours, and has no separation anxiety. She’s been really good with Ripley, my three year old cat. They even play sometimes!

She’s funny, silly, playful and smart. She has comforted me when I’ve been sad, and lifted my spirits trying to get me to play. She has so much potential to give the right person her trust and loyalty, and bring joy to their life for the remainder of hers.

Maddie would do well in an adult home, with a fenced yard in a quiet neighbourhood, as she loves to run freely but would not fare well in a dog park. An adopter with flexible hours and no other dogs in the home svp. A dog-riendly cat would work.

Maddie is sterilized, vaccinated and heartworm tested.