Maddie, a stunning 3 year old, female German Shepherd mix came to Gerdy’s from a couple who had her for only 3 months. She had never been to a vet and her former owners hadn’t noticed that her back knees were a bit wonky. After a complete vet exam and xrays we discovered that even though she was so young, arthritis had already started in her knees, one more advanced than the other. The vet suspects this is the result of an old, never treated injury or a genetic problem. Gerdy’s Rescue will be doing surgery to repair her knees and to make her perfect. Her hip xrays and general health exams are A-1.

Despite the arthritis, she is super energetic and active. She loves to retrieve balls and sticks and can play in the yard for hours. She is super smart and behaves like a typical working breed dog that needs both physical and mental stimulation to be happy. An adopter with previous experience with working breed dogs would be ideal.

She is affectionate and bonds easily to her humans. Maddie is not destructive, can stay alone in the house, is cat-friendly and house-trained. She is a bit fearful when meeting new people but warms up in a few minutes, especially with treats. She is also fearful of other dogs when meeting them on the street but has come around these last few months with hard work from her current foster parents.

Maddie would be best in home with no other dogs and no young children ( dog savvy teens 16 plus would be ok). A house with a good size fenced in yard is 100% required.

Maddie is sterilized and up to date on vaccines.

What we are looking for is a new foster family for Maddie who can take care of her during her convalescence from surgery (6-8 weeks of rest) and hopefully fall in love with this girl and eventually adopt her.

It’s a big request but the pay-off will be great. Maddie has tremendous potential if given the chance.

Interested in helping Maddie?

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.