Dec. 18, 1992 – June 19, 2006

Our beloved “Big Black Dog” came to us at 7 ¼ pounds, weighed in a mixing bowl. She was one of a rescued, unwanted litter of 10. Mama was a Golden Retriever and Daddy was a Newfoundland “traveling salesman.”

Meg became a gentle giant, kind to the various cats and hounds who joined her in our household. She particularly enjoyed her self-appointed job as bodyguard for Charlie – our adopted, frightened little rescued Basset Hound. Meg walked beside him on leash so Charlie could relax and enjoy his walks, knowing she’d defend him if need be.

Many years later, she watched over Charlie as the ultimate kindness ended his life in the comfort of his home. Meg managed well the additional two more rescue Bassets to which Gerdy recommended our home. It was an odd site, Meg leading the three Bassets, her motley pack. If she felt embarrassment, it never showed! Jamie will miss the nightly walks.

Roger and Judy, in Meg’s memory, ask that you consider an all-black dog when you next adopt. They are the most difficult to place as they tend to be ignored and therefore passed over and euthanized.

We would have all missed so much had we never let this Big Black Dog have a chance. Thank you, “Gooey Girl” for nearly 14 years of mutual devotion. The time went by too fast!

Roger, Judy and Jamie Cameron