Molly was a little poodle mix when she came to us 3 years ago, a worn-out producer of puppies at a backyard puppy mill til age 8 years. She was so auto-immune that she was allergic to all dog foods as well as a bevy of environmental allergies. She was deaf from not having her ears treated years ago when they were swollen with allergy symptoms. Molly was covered in age warts. She was old and worn out before her time.

But Molly had an interest in life still. She wanted to do the things other dogs took for granted. She never had walked on grass. She never had doggy treats or slept on a cosy bed. She never had space to run and enjoy herself. She had never had anyone play with her. Molly had never experienced love.

That is until a wonderful foster mum came into Molly’s life, wanting to bring her as normal a life as possible for the short time she had left of her life. Betty Cowan cooked for Molly’s special requirements in food, diligently administered medications as needed, and was just there for Molly in every way.

Not far from the end of Molly’s life, Betty adopted her so that Molly would know she at last had a real home. Betty has fond memories of Molly in the fenced in big back yard chasing squirrels to her heart’s content, her ears flapping happily as she bounded hopefully after them. She only caught them in her dreams, but that was enough for Betty; that Molly had the freedom at the end of her life that she never had before.

Molly enjoyed her walks with Betty near the lake. Molly had litter after litter of pups almost her whole life, and what Betty gave to her was the feeling of a safe and secure retirement after her years of misery serving the pet shops profits.

Betty was with her at the beginning of her freedom and was with Molly as she left this life. Molly knew she had been loved before she crossed the Bridge. Gerdy’s Rescues wishes to publicly thank Betty for her dedicated foster care to Molly.
The world needs more people like Betty, it would be a much better place. The Compassionate Care that Betty gave Molly was truly from the heart.

Rest in peace at last, Molly, we won’t forget you and we pray for the day there will be no more puppy mill prisoners like you were.