The owner of Mystie, a nine year old, 10 lb., Chinese Crested, adopted this boy 3 years ago because she loved the breed. Seized from a horrible puppy mill, Mystie was in very bad shape and needed medical intervention along with an introduction to love and caring from human beings. This tough little being is a survivor and has evolved into a loving and affectionate munchkin. His current family can no longer care for him, due to unfortunate circumstances and he finds himself looking for a new family to love and who will love him.

He is quiet, well-mannered and loves nothing more than following sunbeams around the house and basking in their rays. Outdoors of course because he is a hairless, he requires sunscreen as a protection. Not a big athlete, Mystie is happy to do a lot of things other than walk. Either he will hang out on the sofa with you, sleep in the laundry pile, or hide under a blanket on your bed. Car rides are a hit with Mystie, you can take him anywhere.

He does have a heart murmur but a recent echocardiogram and regular bloodwork concluded that he doesn’t need any medication for his heart. However, he does take glucosamine and has had some injections to reduce onset of arthritis.

His ideal placement would be in an adult family who have lots of time to spend loving him and making him the centre of their universe. Another crested as a pal would be wonderful.

If you would like to pursue Mystie, please CONTACT US.