It is with great sadness that Gerdy’s Rescue announces that dear Nikita, Compassionate Placement to Josee, has passed away.

Josee plans to write us about her experiences with Nikita, who though elderly, was a wonderful companion to her and her children. See Nikita’s rescue story in Tales to Tell.

Josee took on an old dog knowing this day would come. But Josee never thought about the end of Nikita’s life, only day to day which she made so happy for Nikita. We are grateful to Josee for her generosity of spirit because she never once regretted taking on Nikita, but did everything to make Nikita happy, safe, and loved. What dog could ask for more.

We received this message from Josee and we wish her and her children comfort at this difficult time:

“It is now one week after the passing of my dear friend Nikita. I wanted to thank you for your support and thoughts. Each time I washed the dishes at the kitchen sink, I was reminded of Nikita’s faithfulness and friendship.

Out in the snow, there remained two sets of prints, my own and those of Nikita who followed me around on one of her last days here on earth. I will be forever grateful to Carol for contacting you regarding these 2 beautiful souls and to you Gerdy and Judy for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of their lives. Your support and guidance went well beyond your “call of duty”.

I truly beleive that blessings will be returned to you ten fold for the work you continue to devote yourselves to.

Thanks again,”