Papi is 4 lbs of happiness. Six years young and full of beans, Papi likes to be “top dog” when with other dogs—he is used to sharing his space with 3 other dogs and this tiny guy had to vie for his place. He is super affectionate with humans and loves to snuggle right into your shoulder.

He is a quick learner and is tackling the art of housetraining in his foster home, especially when there is a treat in it for him. A secure, fenced in yard and gate, so that he can have quick access to the outside, will speed up the process.

Although great with kids we are asking for 12+ because of his small size.

Papi is vaccinated, neutered and healthy, despite the snorting (his way of talking) and the need for some human tear gel to keep those big, wide eyes lubricated.

He can live with another small breed dog as long as he remains king.