My name is Patch, I am a 3 year, 12lbs, male Chihuahua

I was brought here from California by my family to save me from euthanasia in a high kill pound, sadly my family did not anticipate that their dog would absolutely hate me. We did not get along whatsoever and it was totally not my fault so the family reached out to CAA Rescue and I joined them in foster care.

In foster care I do live with two large breeds dogs and I can tell ya I am not too happy about that but I do bark at them all day long bossing them around and that is kinda fun!
I have had an accident in the home since joining foster care but I think I am house trained. I do very much love going out and exploring on my walks with my foster dad! All this snow is a BLAST and while I should be wearing a jacket there is no way my foster dad is getting one on me without a big fight! I don’t wanna wear clothes like the other silly chihuahaus I want to be like the other dogs in the home, they DON’T wear jackets so neither will I.

My previous family did say that I showed signs of possession when you try to take my food or treats away from me… but why would anyone do that anyway? Didn’t your mom tell you when growing up to leave the dog alone while he is eating? Well that applies to me and for that reason I should not be in a home with young children. I would not want to confuse something that is not mine and snap at a child who tried to take it from me… then I would find myself homeless once again no doubt.

I am crate trained and enjoy being in there. When I am loose in the house I am you’re A-Typical ChiBaby and will bark happily just cause I can. So I think apartment life might be out of the question for me unless you have VERY understanding neighbors.

If you come to meet me please know NOW that you will have to be patient and let me come to you. Do not reach out to just pet me or pick me up, this causes anxiety in me with people I do not know and can easily snap. I guess it would be the same for you if some random stranger just walked up to you and picked you up, I bet you would be upset too. Same thing goes for me. But once we become best friends I will LOVE you for always … I suggest you bring some yummy treats to the meeting. Quickest way to this man’s heart is through my stomach 🙂

Ideally I would love a home with a back yard because I absolutely love to zip around running and playing but I do enjoy my walks 2 to 3 times a day as well. I think I would really like to have a buddy my size to play around with, I like other dogs my size a lot!

I have not been tested with cats

My next family has to be my FOR ALWAYS family no matter what! I think I have had enough abandonment to last a life time, I need someone patient who is willing to work with me and continue my training and help me gain confidence. You will have to be a very special person because I am just nervous with new people and places and things, I need my best friend to show me that I am always safe and very much loved.

If serious about adoption please email