Phoebe is a little 2 month old tornado! This mixed breed girl is curious and not afraid of anything. She’s an explorer and everything she finds, she considers a new toy. Everything in her path : socks, handkerchiefs, books. Although it may make one smile at her mischievousness, one must be very vigilant, because Phoebe chews and swallows everything. Her foster family had to be very careful when selecting toys for her, to ensure her safety. Phoebe is also food obsessed and her meals are served in a labyrinth-style bowl which forces Phoebe to slow down the pace and avoid regurgitation.

Phoebe is slowly discovering the outdoors and loves to walk on leash. She is still a novice at it and will need more practice. Phoebe needs someone gentle, but also firm. She is slowly learning basic obedience, but puppy classes for her are imperative ! Phoebe is looking for a family that will be investing time in her education. Almost housetrained, she still needs work in this area. In the foster home, Phoebe has access to all the rooms in the house and is no longer using a crate.

Phoebe is not used to being alone and will whine and cry. She is very close to her foster mom and looks for her when she disappears from her field of vision. Phoebe’s future family will have to have a significant presence at home. Currently in her foster family, Phoebe is surrounded by dogs and cats and she loves it !!! Her new home should have at least another well-trained, confident dog to teach her the ropes.

Phoebe is looking for a gentle, patient and responsible family that has the time and is willing to make a commitment to her training and future well-being. People who enjoy outdoor activities and who love to bring their dogs with them to share in the fun.

We wish for a stable environment where Phoebe will be loved and cherished until her senior years. Phoebe will be a large breed size when full grown. A house with a securely fenced yard would
be ideal. Children aged 13 and over.

Sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped.

She will grow to be a large breed dog, over 50 lbs.

I am currently in foster care if you are interested in adopting, please contact : phoebe_adoption@hotmail.com