This 1 year old, 80 lb. Giant Schnauzer has a lot of life in her years. Unfortunately she never had the opportunity to be a puppy and looking into her eyes, it is evident that she has seen too much—too much neglect, too much abuse and too much sadness. PI was surrendered to us by a kind person who had saved her but unfortunately couldn’t keep her because of health issues.

Now she is on her way to knowing happiness with a caring foster home, where she is making huge strides toward becoming a normal dog. She is learning to play, to be silly and to trust humans.

She still has a long way to go but with baby steps is starting to walk nicely on the leash, starting to play with toys and is quickly becoming house trained. She has found security in her crate and can even be left alone now for short periods of time.

PI needs a family who will go slow with her and let her blossom on her terms. She will do best as the only pet in the home, as she adores one-on-one attention.

A fenced-in yard for her is a necessity. She is vaccinated and spayed.