Poucette was a stray who was lucky enough to have found a wonderful foster home and love during the last weeks of her life. Most likely hit by a car, she was found and cared for by Anne, who also sought medical care for her. She appeared to be recovering, but she developed complications from her accident and died yesterday. Anne, who had taken her in, told us:

“I got to know Poucette and grew attached to her. In essence, Poucette was an extremely smart cat who was very good with children but a bit scared of other cats. As soon as I would talk to her she would start purring. She wanted to participate in our life like a dog. When she was at the vet, the doctor told me that she really wanted to live. I feel that she paid with her life because of the lack of compassion shown by the human beings who originally abandoned her. Until I rescued Poucette, I had not realized the extent of the problem of stray cats.”

Thank you Anne for caring. You made a difference to Poucette.