Richie was recently abandoned at a vet clinic by his owners. The vet called Gerdy to come to his rescue.

He is an adorable 3 year old Lhasa/Yorkie mix. We had one of our experienced fosters take him home to see if Richie had any big issues behaviour-wise, because medically he was sound.

Yes he is a bit nervous when meeting new people but after a short introduction he is wonderful. He gets along well with dogs of different sizes and is a little too curious when he first meets cats.

Richie is smart, affectionate-a love bug and well-behaved. He loves his toys and although when he first arrived he was a bit possessive of his toys, after a few weeks he is now sharing and much more relaxed!

Richie loves his walks and running in the yard with his foster siblings. His perfect match would be an adult home, with kids no younger than 16. A house vs. an apartment for Richie as he can be a barker IF another dog initiates and his bark is on the loud side. For the most part though, he is quiet.

Richie needs a patient family who will let him find his way and not demand too much of him until he is comfortable in his new surroundings.

He is housetrained, neutered and up to date on his vaccines.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.