June 30, 1993 – March 31, 2004

Sargent was the lighthearted, light-faced shepherd everyone always wanted. He was beautiful, majestic, photogenic, caring, soft and sweet and the love he brought to us was of the unconditional kind. Sargent was our brother, son, and more than either, the greatest friend we could have ever asked for.

When I think of my dog… When I think of Sargent…one word comes to mind. It’s majestic; my big, beautiful, majestic puppy dog. I think back to all the times I wasn’t allright and I know he was always there. He always listened and definitely gave the best advice. He was a great hugger too. His lively nature…he lived his entire life at its peak. We loved him dearly and always will. He meant everything to me, and I will always treasure his memories. I told him that I loved him before I went to bed every single night. ..I feared he’d go away and would forget how I felt for him. ..but now that he is gone, I’m confident he knows how we all feel about him. He was our dog, truly our son and brother respectively. He’ll be missed dearly.


Linda, David, Adam, Tracey and Jamie