May 1991 – February, 2006

We will be known forever by the tracks we leave (Dakota Proverb)

Smokey was so much more than a cat and beloved pet. He was part of a family that relied on his wisdom, grace, and selflessness. Smokey was a very best friend and confidante who listened intently and always seemed to know exactly when he was needed. His passing left a hole that’s slowly being filled by precious memories and loving thoughts of a magnificent and courageous lion who fought and won many battles against overwhelming odds. Smokey was the runt who nobody wanted and had numerous medical problems, but, despite all of that, he lived for 15 wondrous years. The heaviness in our hearts is lessened by the knowledge that our beautiful Smokey was unhampered by age or frailty at the end.

Smokey passed over peacefully, without struggle, at home in the arms of his loving family. Those who knew Smokey would not be surprised by the dignified manner with which he left this world. Smokey left his huge paw prints in the memories of all that he met, whether human or fellow creature, furry or winged.

Smokey, those who were left behind will never forget you. We all know that there is a furry angel at our sides. With this knowledge our bodies feel lighter, our souls shine brightly, and we can take peaceful strides knowing that you are there watching us.

Until we see each other again.

The Pride (Sweetie, Ham-Grizzly, Mommy, and Daddy)