Snooky (7 years old) and Mackenzie (6 years old) definitely have a love affair. Our wish is that they be adopted together. Although not from the same litter, they are both rescues from city shelters and they have been living together for almost 5 years. They are a team-they sleep together and kiss each other constantly.

Snooky is the more confident one, he is super playful, he loves all people dogs and cats and especially loves car rides. He walks nicely on the leash, loves food and will follow his person around the house always in the hope of a treat or scraps falling from the kitchen counter-a real gourmand! He barks at the doorbell but has been known to greet the caller with a toy or slipper in his mouth expressing his joy at seeing them.

Mackenzie aka known as Bouboula is super smart. He actually speaks and will bark to answer familiar questions and will seal a deal with a “high five”. He is a real cuddler, who loves to be hugged and pet. He adores his walks, likes the car, walks nicely on the leash and is ok with dogs once he gets to know and can live with a cat but doesn’t love them. He LOVES the outdoors!

Mackenzie can be stubborn, if he is reprimanded, and on command will go for a time out and lie down in his bed. He can be protective and a guarder of a toy. They both get jealous if attention is paid more to one than the other, and both are explorers and can be runners.
They are both overweight and are currently on diets at their foster “spa”.

They are great at staying alone together and a joy to be around. They are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped.

Interested? SVP Adult families only, houses with fenced yards and no in-ground swimming pools. Children must be 16 plus! No apartments or condos.

Because of the large volume of emails received, only matches for the dogs will be replied to.