This 2 year old, Husky/Golden Retriever mix was first abandoned when her owner took off down the 401 to Toronto forever and left her to rot in the apartment. Luckily a neighbour took her in, but not exactly “in”, as he didn’t believe that dogs should live inside the house. He built her a wooden box and she was confined there, on his balcony, for 7 months! He said that he took her out once in a while. Finally he realized that this was no life for her and he surrendered her to Gerdys.

Tammie is beautiful, charming, happy, friendly, affectionate, social and full of beans. But she is not without issues. She can be mistrustful, she can be protective of the one she’s with and has food possession around her food bowl—all manageable. Tammie needs an adopter who is willing to put in the time and training required for her to continue to blossom into a great dog.

Our wish is a home with an experienced person, who will go slow and work with rewards-based training to help in her education. She walks beautifully on the leash, loves to play fetch and drops the ball on command. She is fast learner, and very smart. To-date we have introduced her to a few dogs and cats and she was good, and she is actually living with one of each in her foster home.

Kids 14 plus and preferably a secure, fenced yard. She is sterilized and vaccinated.