This handsome 7 1/2 year old Shi Poo, sadly, lived a quiet life with his former owner, under-socialized and not exposed to much.

He is very sensitive to loud noises, and to the sounds of trucks, trains and buses. He is afraid to walk in new places, and unsure of new people. And, although Toto can be super loving and affectionate, he can also be skittish and mistrustful. He is not unpredictable but needs an experienced partner who know how to read his signals when he feels threatened.

He cherishes his alone time and would probably do best with a single female living a quiet life, who would have low expectations of Toto until he bonds. He is super smart and a champ with sit, stay, down and rollover. He has his favourite toys, beds and blankets and feels secure around his “stuff”.

He responds well to positive reinforcement with treats and is quite obedient. He does eventually bond with one person.

When meeting new dogs, he will never be aggressive but is not very interested. He should be the only pet in the household.

A woman experienced with scared, small breeds and living alone in a house (no appts or condos) with a secure fenced yard for him to romp in, is what is would be best for Toto.