Willy is a 2+ year old (D.O.B. May 2015) male, Labrador Retriever. He is a big boy who weighs about 105 lbs. and is currently on a weight loss regime. His target weight is 90 lbs. But, despite his size, he is very gentle with all people and with kids (he loves them!).

Willy is very relaxed, and when he sees people young and old he’s happy and wants to get close to greet them. He likes attention, cuddles and to be pet. He is not much of a barker, unless of course the doorbell rings and sometimes he will bark randomly at someone in the street that he doesn’t know. For the most part he is good with other dogs, his foster home has 2. He lived with a rabbit but hasn’t yet met cats.

He pulls on the leash until he pees, but is capable of heeling on command. He knows the commands sit, down, start eating, leave the room, come over or go away-in both French and English. He can be left alone in the house with no destruction and doesn’t need to be crated.

He is neutered and up to date on his vaccines.

Oddly enough Willy is a Lab who is not fond of the water.

Willy has recently recovered from surgery for a torn cruciate ligament and has been a stellar patient. He has survived his 8 weeks of cage rest and is now slowly getting back to regular activity.