Meet Winston, a gorgeous soft and snuggly 3 year-old who will melt your heart in exchange for a calm, peaceful and love-filled environment. He enjoys being cuddled, playing fetch, and going for long walks, but is the happiest when hanging out by your side. While we don’t have a full history on his past, it seems he fended for himself on the streets for a while, and has a tendency to be fearful at times. He bonds very intensely with his person, staying very close by and can at times exhibit some protective behaviour when someone he is less trusting of comes into the picture. The best home for him would be a quiet and serene one without children, preferably a single person or a couple who will work on making him feel more secure and confident.

Winston is house trained and is content to be left at home alone for a few hours.

Winston has IBD which is being treated with steroids and other medications. His digestion and appetite are well controlled and he tips the scale at nearly 17 lbs, which is a perfect weight for him. There is still some trial and error still to get through with his diet and medications, but with patience and in a relaxed environment, Winston will be less stressed and win your heart forever.

He is neutered, vaccinated and heartworm/lyme tested.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.