On July 3rd 2007, my beloved dog, Zaira, was killed after being run over by a car twice before the woman drove away. Zaira was such a loved dog in my neighbourhood, adored by children and adults alike. She was gentle and kind and was my best friend. There is a cross now on Delmar in Pointe Claire, QC that has become a memorial for her, children who knew her bring flowers every day and remember their canine friend. A 14 year old girl named Ashley like me, wrote these beautiful words and placed it on her cross, what Zaira would have said had she been able at the end of her life.

Zaira’s words of comfort

From the day we met, there was no doubt we both knew what it was all about. Love and joy with trust were there, and day after day the best of care. I hope you know how much I cared for you and the life we daily shared. No more of you could I expect or ask, but sadly for you there was one more task. The day has come when we must part, a time I knew would break your heart. If I could, I’d help you decide, but your love for me will be your guide. Please don’t let me linger when my time has come and there’s nothing more that can be done. Let me go to my final rest, knowing as always you’ve done your best.

Zaira has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven, if ever a dog deserved to be there it was her. But it was too soon for me for her to be an angel. Ever loved, missed, and remembered by her soulmate,