GERDY’S RESCUES AND ADOPTIONS is a non-profit organization and registered charity (since 2004). It is a small but very active grassroots volunteer-based group founded by Gerdy Cox-Gouron.

Gerdy was a well-known name in Montreal and the West Island for her 25 years of compassion, dedication and success in providing abandoned and homeless cats and dogs in distress with new beginnings through adoption.

Because we do not operate an animal shelter, we rely on a network of experienced volunteers, friends, fosters, associates and contacts to help us successfully place our cats and dogs in loving and permanent homes.

The success we’ve had to date in finding homes reflects our honest and open approach. What guides us is our desire to do “what’s best for the animals” at all times. We offer full disclosure of any past, known, or continuing medical condition.

If Only They Could Talk

We have seen so much, been through so much,
Gentle hands have healed our pain
Loving hearts restored our faith in man
So our trust in this world remains
We hope to go on to a better life
Than the one we had before
Needing to be wanted, held, and loved
Grateful to those who rescued us
But ready to be loved again

– J.A.C. 2003