The adoption process

N.B. For the time being, Gerdy’s Rescues is limiting adoptions to Montreal and surrounding areas.

We are a small, Montreal-based grassroots group, founded and run by experienced animal rescue and placement people.

Our mission is to find new homes for the abandoned and homeless cats and dogs that find their way to us.

You can also download the PDF version of our pamphlet by clicking here.

Because we do not operate an animal shelter, we rely on a network of friends, volunteers, fosters, associates and contacts to successfully place our cats and dogs in loving and permanent homes.

Our cats and dogs are either compassionate surrenders, abandonments, or they have been rescued from bad situations. The success we’ve had to date in finding homes reflects our honest and open approach. What guides us is our desire to do “what’s best for the animals” at all times.

We offer full disclosure of any past, known, or continuing medical condition.

We are careful to place the right animal with the most compatible person possible. Therefore, an interview and home visit and foster-to-adopt trial period are necessary before any adoption is completed and we do a follow-up after placement. There is an adoption fee to help recover part of the costs incurred so that we can help the next animal in need.

We ask people to sign an Adoption Agreement before an animal is placed with them. If, in the future, the animal cannot be kept for any reason, we insist that the animal be returned to us.

Our dogs, in particular, are companion animals. They are expected to live indoors. They should never be allowed to run loose in the community or be left outside loose in the yard unsupervised or chained for more than 2 hours in extreme weather conditions.

Email questionnaire

The first step in our process is an email questionnaire. Once you write in to us at CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire. Include the name of the animal you are interested in. DON’T FORGET YOUR PHONE NUMBER so we can contact you if we deem it to be a good possible match.

We continue with an interview and follow up with a home visit.

IF we find you to be a match for the animal you requested you will get an answer by email to set up an interview.

We are run by a group of dedicated volunteers who receive and filter tons of emails every day. As a result of this, we answer only if we feel you are a potential match for the dog or cat that interests you.

Please continue to check our website and Facebook page for new arrivals.

If LONG DISTANCE: GERDY DOES NOT RETURN LONG DISTANCE CALLS OF INQUIRY. Answers are by email. Please email a long distance inquiry first, to: CONTACT US. You will get an answer by email.

Fees as of January 1, 2024

DOG: $625 *

Any size, purebred or not. Fee includes spay/neuter, heartworm test (if applicable), vaccines, vet exam, deworming, microchip. Dogs are on heartworm and Lyme disease preventatives during mosquito and tick season while in our care—we expect that to be continued!

* PUPPIES between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 months old are $700, because they need 3 vaccinations, 30 days apart at a vet cost to us, much greater than what is needed for older dogs.

*The fees for SENIOR dogs 10 years and older is $400

CAT: $200

Purebred or not, cat or kitten. Fee includes spay/neuter, FIV/FelV tested, basic vaccine, vet exam, dewormed & Revolution, microchipped. Vet checked.
We expect our cats to remain indoors at all times and that they never be declawed.