(surrendered to Gerdy’s after he ate a mitten, Ben
needed emergency surgery.)

This Christmas, this gorgeous one-year-old black lab ate a mitten and urgent surgery was required to remove the item from his intestines. He was brought to an emergency hospital by his owners and abandoned there. Gerdy’s was called to take over his file and to cover the expenses.

Ben is now recovering from the ordeal and is looking for a family that will become his forever one, through thick and through thin. The sadness in his eyes is a combo of post-operation blues and the horrible feeling of abandonment.

We are looking for a foster family for Ben, ideally a ”foster-to-adopt” family. We don’t know a heck of a lot about Ben. His post-op “quiet” stage is over and he is a full-fledged, rambunctious, adolescent Lab. A bit uncertain of strangers at first, but soon after meeting people, this tall big 83-lb.pup, can be in your face jumping up to greet. He is smart, knows his basic commands, but is also stubborn and will need training asap. Freshly neutered, it will take a couple of months until we see the “real Ben”.

We would like an adult family only! A securely fenced yard, if a pool, there must be a security fence around it. We prefer a presence in the home, people that work from home or have flexible schedules.

For now, no other pets in the home.

Please note that if you do not match all of the requirements, do not send an inquiry.