Benny has a permanent smile on his face. He is no trouble ever and goes with the flow, fitting in to whatever new scenario he is introduced to. Benny doesn’t ask for much but gives a lot.

Used to being the top dog in a house of seniors, he was happy to live a lazy life, eating food from the table, exercising very little and getting affection and attention at his will. This chubby boy is now on a diet, getting many walks a day and starting to act like the young, handsome buck that he is. He actually loves his walks, exploring in nature and eating “spa” food.

Benny needs a quiet home, kids 12 plus, with someone at home a good part of the day as he is used to having humans around 24/7.

Benny is a 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.