Meet Mr. Gorgeous. He’s been engaged a few times but has never made it to the altar. Beau BO is a pretty nice guy who needs to know that someone has his back. He has been in the wrong home a few times now and needs the next one to be his last one, for better or for worse! His current home was meant simply as a landing place until the right person/people appear.

Once you get passed the great looks and the glad-to-meet-you smile, there is a super smart herding dog in there. He is an affectionate, happy boy and a great companion. Given his breed mix (Collie, Aussie, maybe some GSD), Bo has a strong prey drive so cats are a no-no. BO loves a playdate with a compatible dog (he picks and chooses) to horse around with in the yard, just remove all toys or he will let it be known that he doesn’t share. He loves to be outdoors whether it’s a long walk, a long car ride, or just hanging out sniffing the air in the yard.

He needs work on his leash walking as he may harass squirrels, or try to herd bikers whisking by. He will benefit from some training with a proper harness and a confident experienced person at the end of the leash. He is super treat-motivated.

BO would thrive as your one and only pet. He needs commitment and will pay back with being the best companion (think BFF) on the planet. BO’s dream would be an experienced, adult only family in a house in a quiet suburban or rural neighbourhood with a fenced-in safe area for him where he can frolic outdoors or accompany you on long walks in the woods.

BO is 7 years old, is housetrained, vaccinated, and neutered. He can stay alone in the house for 3-4 hours.

Address all inquiries for BO to: info@gerdysrescue.org