This past year has been traumatic for Bo. He suddenly found himself alone for too many hours after his litter mate and best buddy passed away last November and his owner returned to work full time. Bo got into a funk missing his pal and was assuaged only with extra treats and free feeding from the bowl they used to share. But don’t judge this book by its cover. This sweet, affectionate and lovable boy may need to shed a few lbs. but he is ready for a new chapter in his book, one replete with time spent outdoors, frequent walks, naps on the grass, fun car rides, a healthy food regime and someone around for belly rubs.

Bo is quiet and his small voice is heard only when he is picked up suddenly. He emits a charming but alarming high-frequency squeal, indicating that he needed more of a warning. His big bro was his bodyguard on walks and barked away any scary threats to Bo, like great big dogs bounding towards him. He is fine with dogs if they are laid-back and not rambunctious.Same with people, slow intros work for him.

A quiet adult household, someone who works from home and possibly a chill, small older dog would be his best bet for his forever placement. No history with cats.Bo is 7 years old, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and in good health and currently weighs 16+ lbs.

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