Bursting with love this 5 lb., 5-year-old Chi wants nothing more than to be cuddled in your arms, snuggled on your lap, or staring into your eyes. He is the classic Velcro dog and his mini size will allow you to sneak in anywhere with him. Bobby is great with all humans, that is after he sniffs them and gives the OK to proceed with petting.

He gets along with calm dogs, but has no real interest in engaging with them as he is too preoccupied with looking for human interaction. He will allow cats to live in the same house as long as they are not in his face and he is cool with older kids.He can be vocal when his humans are present but oddly is relaxed when left alone in his crate with a cozy blanket. Bobby loves showers and will step in to join you if you leave the door open. He also loves blow dryers and the comforting heat they provide. Movie night, snuggling in front of the fire and unlimited treats are all up his alley. He is good in the car.

His best shot would be : An experienced person who “gets” Chis. Children 14+. A well-insulated apartment or a private home. A secure fence if a swimming pool. Someone with a flexible schedule or who works from home.Bobby is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped.

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