The yin to our yang

Sometimes, you don’t get the recue dog you expect. Take Bowie, a hyperactive Doodle who previously bounced off walls, pounced on food and chewed on anything within reach. His extra energy meant Bowie was surrendered by two families before he landed at Gerdy’s — at 11 months old. But we had a hunch about Bowie. We thought a calm, structured home with two long walks per day would change his behavior. While he still requires additional training, Bowie is much better. He can even be trusted around unattended food. He’s loving and listens well. And he’s the right companion for our 9-year-old, grumpy Standard Poodle, Juneau. While we’ve only had Bowie for four months, it’s clear the wide age gap between our dogs is the winning condition both pets need to thrive. Bowie is the yin to Juneau’s yang. Juneau calms Bowie, while Bowie prevents Juneau from becoming an old man too soon. Our daily walks have also calmed Bowie so he no longer levitates. Our family is happier for Bowie’s joyful energy. Not a day passes that he doesn’t make us laugh. This Bowie isn’t facing any more changes — he’s home to stay.

The Wong-Desjardins Family Photo caption: Juneau, the black poodle, with Bowie, the blond doodle.