Actually, a father and son duo, Chandler is dad to Joey. Although each has his own character this bonded pair shares many characteristics: super affectionate, social and friendly with dogs of all sizes, love to cuddle on the sofa and burrow in their blankets, are both foodies, love chilling, playing with their toys, love car rides, love zoomies around the house and especially love their humans. They adore car rides and snuggle together in one carrier and love the little pen that they share. They are super smart and learn fast. Chandler the brown one is older at 4+ years old and more reserved and Joey the black one is two years old and still has some puppy antics up his sleeve.

An ideal home for them would be a house vs an apartment or condo as they can be vocal when seeking each other’s attention, looking out the windows at squirrels or hearing noises in the hallway. They are tiny at 5 lbs. so we recommend kids 8+. Both are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped. They are pee pad trained.

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