Sadly, not all dogs are lucky enough to spend their life with one loving owner. Charlie, an 8 year old Pom/ Cocker x was saved at the age of two by a kind man who found him in a park. For 6 years, they only had each other. But as Charlie’s dad got older and sicker, he often found himself alone for several days while his dad was in hospital. Ultimately the police found the elderly owner dead…

He was brought to a city pound where he was transferred to Gerdys Rescue and is currently living with a young couple and Theo, their 8-year-old Pug. He has found happiness and security, for the short term. He gets along with their dog and likes his company but is not yet engaging in play. For 6 years Charlie spent so much time alone that he is under-socialized. So, at first meeting he is anxious around new people and in new circumstances but with all the love and attention he’s been receiving he is showing progress every day!

Once he trusts, Charlie is very loving and affectionate. After just one week he is following his foster parents everywhere. His fave things to do are sleeping, eating, smiling, getting patted, going for walks, car rides and playing in the snow. He is house trained and a quick learner. Although he cries when left alone, he does settle after a few minutes and is not at all destructive.

Charlie would be best with an adult family, with previous experience training timid dogs with positive reinforcement methods. Being placed with people with a flexible schedule, who work from home or who are retired is a must. He needs patience, kindness, love and a family who is willing to work with him to build his trust and let him blossom. He is so worth it!

He is vaccinated and sterilized.