Chester’s mom was hospitalized with pneumonia and never came home; everyone’s nightmare since the pandemic, including the pets that are left behind. You see, Chester is 12+ years old, somewhat deaf and with low vision. His world was turned upside down a few weeks ago. When Gerdy’s got the call that he needed immediate help we took him under our wings and placed him in a caring foster home. 

His first week was one of bewilderment, with no identifiable smells or sounds and no familiar lap or arms to cuddle in. He missed his mom! At first Chester was slow to trust but with patience and allowing him to come around on his terms, he is becoming a changed man. Once he lets you into his bubble he is sweet and although not yet ready for super snuggling, he enjoys being petted and even brushed! He is very quiet, especially loves napping and just this week he began exploring the apartment that he is living in. We just discovered that he loves his walks and has successfully met a few dogs on leash.

Chester has had some skin allergies and eats a hypoallergenic vet diet and gets an allergy shot every few months. His age and deteriorating hearing and vision make him a special case, not for everyone we realize, but we are confident that Chester has an angel waiting to scoop him up and love him for the rest of his years.

Chester is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He can live with a dog-friendly cat or another quiet senior dog. Adults home only and a one-floor living space.

Did we mention that he is adorable?

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