It is with a broken heart that I must tell you that our beautiful boy had to leave us on December 26th (just shy of his 13th birthday).
He came into our lives in 2009. You named him Cole–we called him Colie.
He was a cross between a giant schnauzer and a collie. I called him my rockstar because of his dishevelled  look. He was absolutely gorgeous.
He was a gentle soul and cuddled close to anyone who wanted to stroke his ears. 
His favourite playtime was whenever I sat down with a cup of coffee.
He loved when I play the piano (no high notes please) and I knew that I found the right music when he would let out a huge sigh and fall asleep as I played.
He was pampered, coddled and truly loved–always by my side or under my desk as I worked.
I am truly lost and heartbroken without him. My beautiful boy.
Thank you for letting us welcome him into our family. I can honestly tell you that we gave him a great home.
 ~Ursula A