Already tall and majestic like his famous namesake, growing Denali is only 8 months old. He is a Swiss Shepherd, a working breed who is active and energetic and needs to be kept busy, stimulated and exercised. His beginning was tough on him, not for a lack of love and caring but Denali was just in the wrong place. Adolescent Denali became increasingly frustrated and anxious and it manifested in mouthing and nipping.

Denali is super intelligent and highly motivated. Working dog experience (Shepherds, Huskies, Collies, etc.) is a must. Be ready to work with our trainers (on us) to make him your dream dog. Denali loves his long daily walks full of physical and mental stimulation. His life is loaded with a variety of enrichment, slow feeders, frozen kongs and search and find games. Denali is a joy to train and work with. At the end of the day the cuddles are exactly what is needed.

His luxurious, dense double coat allows him to brave even the coldest winter days. A rural or rural suburban home with a variety of walking routes or trails would be ideal.

Absolute requirements:

-an adult household in a quiet rural or suburban neighbourhood -experience with large breed dogs -no other dogs in the home but he can socialize with other dogs -no cats -you love to walk, hike, exercise -you have time and are patient and love the training process -if you have a pool it must be fenced separately; if a yard fence must be minimum 6 feet

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.