Dobermans have been given a bad rap. Unless people are Dobie lovers, they are often fearful of them and cross the street when they see them coming. In fact, “a well-socialized and properly trained Doberman is a loyal, gentle, and affectionate pet. Dobermans are protective and have a strong instinct to defend their family, but they are not indiscriminately aggressive.”

Eva is a lovely representative of her breed. She is friendly and super affectionate with all humans she meets, including young children. So far Eva is good with all cats and most dogs. She is high energy but settles down nicely once comfortable in her environment. She walks well on the leash, has great recall and can be left alone for several hours. She doesn’t bark without reason but will let you know when someone is at the door.She is still young, we figure about 1 ½ years old. She will need some work on her puppy mouthing (mostly to garner attention), and jumping for joy when her person comes home. She loves attention and may just want to devour all of it that you offer. Although well housetrained she still has some overnight pee accidents and will need some work in that area.

Eva is petite at 45 lbs, is vaccinated, microchipped and will be spayed in a few weeks. A house with kids 10 plus, a fenced yard (fenced pool as well), someone home part of the day is required. Another easy, laid back male dog in the home is possible, but being the one and only is preferred. Cats seem to be OK.

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