Foxxy’s owner passed away a few weeks ago and although Foxxy took it hard at first, with the change of environment, people and her routine, she has settled in really well in her foster home.  

At 8 1/2 years old, she is up for new beginnings and is emerging as the sweetest, happiest girl. She loves her toys and is up for play. She is living in harmony with 2 foster siblings.

Foxxy is used to being at the bedside of her late owner and she shows great promise as a work-from-home companion, albeit on who will sleep on the job under the desk curled up in her little bed and blankie! 

The days are now too cold for her to be out for too long, but midday when the sun is out, she is starting to explore the yard and in no time will most probably be curious and outdoorsy as her breed dictates. 

Her best home would be someone who knows and loves the Beagle breed and the quirks that are inherent in them (do your research). The adopters must have a very secure fenced-in yard with someone home a good part of the day. Another dog in the house is possible and maybe a dog-friendly cat. Children must be 12 plus.

Foxxy is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.

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