Hit by a car in Eastern Europe when she was a puppy, Foxy’s hind legs were left paralyzed. A group of good Samaritans who heard of her story rallied to bring her to Montreal. In a foster home, she currently spends most of her days resting, moving awkwardly from dog bed to dog bed. But, suprisingly she has found a way to run zoomies and chase her foster brother around the house using her two front legs. She loves big soft beds and big blankets and often, she will come say hi and steal a few kisses before lying down again.

She is super friendly, affectionate and pretty joyful despite her hardship. She has a wonderful temperament and can live with gentle kids, cats and dogs. Because of her paralysis Foxy is incontinent and will never be properly housetrained, but there are ways to control this with diapers changed every few hours or a space provided with a pee pad.

Once fitted with a wheelchair (wheels) Foxy will have the liberty and freedom to go for walks and live a more normal life. She desperately needs a commitment from a patient and caring family who can provide her shelter and love. Together the family can help her be the best that she can be. She is so worth it.

Financial help will be supplied by our rescue to get her started on her new chapter in life. Are you the family that will open your heart and your home to this innocent victim of a terrible mishap?

Foxy is approximately 2 years old, weighs 20 lbs. and is in good health otherwise. Foxy needs a house with minimal stairs, a fenced yard and someone home a good part of the day. Kids 10+. Another small gentle dog would be ideal!

Please inquire about Foxy at: